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Suite (Summer Garden) : For Two Guitars.
Publisher: Gendai Guitar Co.

Price: $32.10

Music by Sergio Assad / Thanos Mitsalas, Guitar. [CD]
Publisher: Clear Note Records

Contents: 3 Divertimentos -- Remembrance from Summer Garden Suite -- Sonata -- Farewell from Summer Garden Suite -- Dreams from Summer Garden Suite -- Valseana -- 3 Greek Letters.

Price: $16.98

The Music Of Ernesto Nazareth : For Solo Guitar / arranged by Sergio Assad.
Publisher: Doberman-Yppan
ISBN13: 9782895036555

A collection of 16 pieces originally composed for piano: Feitico -- Tenebroso -- Tango habanera -- Eponina -- Pinguim -- Ensimesmado -- Sarambeque -- Escorregando -- Brejeiro -- Mandinga -- Confidencias -- Elegantissima -- Batuque -- Celestial -- Turbilhao de Beijos -- Expansiva. With performance…

Price: $29.90

El Caminante / Odair Assad, Guitar.
Publisher: GHA Records

Leo Brouwer: Sonata del Caminante. Egberto Gismonti: Memoria e fado. Kevin Callahan: Red Fantasy. Sergio Assad: Seis Brevidades. Pixinguinha: Rosa. Agustin Barrios: Choro de Saudade. Sergio Assad: Valseana. Astor Piazzolla: Invierno Porteno.

Price: $18.98

Fuga Y Misterio / Odair Assad, Guitar. [CD]
Publisher: GHA Records

Contents: Escualo, by Piazzolla -- Duo Concertante, by Stepan Lucky -- Histoire du Tango, by Piazzolla -- Sonata, by Gnattali -- Escualo, by Piazzolla. With Sergio Assad, guitar; Edmond Carlier, cello; and Fernando Suarez Paz, violin.

Price: $18.98

Uarekena. [CD]
Publisher: Atma Classique

The Fandango Guitar Quartet performs music by Patrick Roux, Dusan Bogdanovic, Sergio Assad, Edvard Grieg, Leo Brouwer, and Jurg Kindle.

Price: $16.98

Valses Do Rio : Pour 2 Guitares.
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230977395

Clarice Assad is the daughter of guitarist Sergio Assad. This work is dedicated to the Robert Thompson and Mark Godwin Guitar Duo. The three movements are: Arcos da Lapa; Laranjeiras; and Central do Brasil.

Price: $26.10

Tropicale : Flute and Guitar Music Of Italy and Latin America. [CD]
Publisher: Clear Note Records

Flutist Jane Berkner and guitarist Stephen Aron perform music by Jose Lezcano, Ricardo Iznaola, Vincenzo Sorrentino, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Sergio Assad, Luiz Americano, and Marco Granados.

Price: $16.98

Laureate Series / Pavel Kukhta, Guitar. [CD]
Publisher: Naxos

Kukhta won the 2015 Heinsberg International Guitar Competition. Here, he performs music by Galina Gorelova, Leo Brouwer, Joaquin Rodrigo, Roberto Gerhard, Eduardo Morales-Caso, Sergio Assad, and Roland Dyens.

Price: $12.98

Zamorra : For Two Guitars (1996).
Publisher: Schirmer Rental Dept.

In one movement. Dedicated to Sergio and Odair Assad. A rhythmic and energetic piece to be played with great flourish. Custom print edition.

Price: $37.50

What He Said : For 2 Guitars.
Publisher: Doberman-Yppan
ISBN13: 9782895038030

In one movement. With a biographical note. Dedicated to Sergio and Odair Assad, and to the memory of Thomas Humphrey. Of advanced difficulty.

Price: $15.00

Master Anthology Of New Classic Guitar Solos, Vol. 1 / compiled by Stephen Rekas.
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN13: 9780786674565

This volume contains music by twenty-one contemporary composer/guitarists, including Muriel Anderson, Sergio Assad, Dimitri Diatchenko, Jorge Morel, Brad Richter, Andrew York and more. Includes composer biographies and notes on each piece. The CDs contain performances. With a foreword.

Price: $29.95

Toryanse / Dimitris Kotronakis, Guitar. [CD]
Publisher: Soundset Records

…Ourkouzounov: Toryanse Tales -- Stepan Rak: Karygorod, Balalaika -- Carlo Domeniconi: A Step To Paradise -- Toccata In Blue -- Thanassis Moraitis: Sketch No. 9 -- Sketch No. 1 -- Gerard Drozd: Adagio, Op. 44 -- Astor Piazzolla: Suite Troileana: Bandoneon, Zita -- Sergio Assad: Fantasia Carioca.

Price: $17.98

Obrigado Brazil [Remastered]. [CD]
Publisher: Sony Classical

…Cyro Baptista (Percussion), Paquito d'Rivera (Clarinet), Romero Lubambo (Guitar), Yo-Yo Ma (Cello). -- Menino / Sergio Assad. Performers: Odair Assad (Guitar), Sergio Assad (Guitar), Yo-Yo Ma (Cello). -- Samambaia (Dance of the Giant Fern), for choro ensemble / César Camargo Mariano. Performers:…

Price: $11.99

Sandy's Portrait : For Solo Guitar.
Publisher: Doberman-Yppan
ISBN13: 9782895035817

Contents: 1. Preludio -- 2. Passacaglia -- 3. Toccata. With program and biographical notes. This work was composed in honor of Sanford Sandy Bolton, at the request of Thomas Patterson and David Russell. Of advanced difficulty.

Price: $12.20

Seis Brevidades : For Solo Guitar (2008). Intermediaire.
Publisher: Doberman-Yppan
ISBN13: 9782895034759

1. Chuva. 2. Tarde. 3. Feliz. 4. Ginga. 5. Cantiga. 6. Saltitante. With biographical and program notes. Dedicated to Odair Assad. The pieces were composed in Chicago and Paris, and are based in different sources of Latin American music.

Price: $12.20

Jobiniana No. 2 : Pour Flute Et Guitare (2000).
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230977401

A contrapuntal yet dancing movement in which the flute and guitar are treated with equality. Of advanced difficulty.

Price: $24.20

Aquarelle : Pour Guitare.
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230953153

Contents: Divertimento -- Valseana -- Preludio e toccatina.

Price: $14.30

Jobiniana No. 3 : For Guitar.
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230965743

Price: $14.30

The Summer Garden - Solos : For Guitar.
Publisher: Metropolis
ISBN13: 9790365061280

Solos from the motion picture music for the Japanese film Natsu no niwa. Includes biographical information for Jan Depreter, in Dutch, English and French.

Price: $23.80

3 Greek Letters : For Guitar.
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230982139

Price: $14.30

Valsa De Outono : Pour Guitare Seule (2008).
Publisher: Doberman-Yppan
ISBN13: 9782895034308

This piece is dedicated to Byron Fogo. An unmetered intro leads into a lilting waltz. Of advanced difficulty. With a biographical note.

Price: $8.40

Jobiniana No. 4 : Pour Violoncelle Et Guitare (2002).
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230979764

A challenging, dancing work in one movement. The music changes tempo and mood often.

Price: $19.60

Tres Cenas Brasileiras : Pour Deux Guitares.
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230948500

Price: $17.70