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Beethovens Werke Für Klavier und Violoncello : Bericht Über Die Internationale Fachkonferenz Bonn.
Publisher: Beethoven Haus Bonn
ISBN13: 9783881880169

Papers from the conference held in June, 1998. Edited by Sieghard Brandenburg, Ingeborg Maass and Wolfgang Osthoff. With a foreword, introduction, index, music examples and plates.

Price: $44.80

Ludwig Van Beethoven : Interpretation Seiner Werke.
Publisher: Laaber Verlag
ISBN13: 9783890073040

Edited by Albert Riethmüller, Carl Dahlhaus and Alexander L. Ringer. This remarkable two-volume book presents analyses of every work composed by Beethoven. Volume 1 contains Op. 1 to Op. 85; Volume 2 contains Op. 86 to Op. 138, as well as works without opus number. With a preface, bibliography and…

Price: $199.90

Ludwig Van Beethoven, Die Werke Im Spiegel Seiner Zeit / Hrsg. von Stefan Kunze.
Publisher: Laaber Verlag
ISBN13: 9783890073378

Subtitle: Gesammelte Konzertberichte und Rezensionen bis 1830. Many music exam ples. The 1986 edition reissued at a greatly reduced price. The 335 reports an reviews from 23 music journals tell us how his contemporaries reacted to Beet- hoven's music.

Price: $73.40

Werk Beethovens : Thematisch-Bibliographisches Verzeichnis Seiner Saemtlichen Vollen-.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9783873280205

Written by Georg Kinsky, edited by Hans Halm. One volume only.

Price: $124.00

Ludwig Van Beethoven : Interpretationen Seiner Werke - 2nd Corrected Edition.
Publisher: Laaber Verlag
ISBN13: 9783890073347

Hrsg. von Carl Dahlhaus, Albrecht Riethmueller & Alexander L. Ringer. Many music examples. 70 musicologists & musicians interpret each of Beethoven's works - their characteristics, structure, style, etc. Bibliography, index.

Price: $187.20

Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart : Streifzug Durch Leben und Werk.
Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9783795755690

Price: $41.95

Werke Für Orchester.
Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
ISBN13: 9790004801352

Price: $105.80

Price: $84.60

Ausgewählte Werke Für Klavier.
Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9790001031431

Price: $12.95

Publisher: Baerenreiter
ISBN13: 9783761816219

This book with German text is divided into two sections; one on Beethoven's life, and the other on his music. Includes biographical synopsis, table of works, notes on sources, abbreviation listings, and foreword. Three illustrations. Also published by Metzler, ISBN 3-476-41039-0.

Price: $22.90

Werke Für Violine und Orchester.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201841021

Price: $117.00

Werke Für Violoncello und Klavier.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201841625

Price: $169.00

Werke Für Soloinstrumente und Orchester, Vol. 1.
Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
ISBN13: 9790004801345

Price: $69.00

Price: $55.20

Werke Für Soloinstrumente und Orchester, Vol. 2.
Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
ISBN13: 9790004801413

Price: $116.20

Price: $93.00

Werke Für Klavier und Violine I.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201841427

Price: $122.00

Werke Für Klavier und Violine II.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201841526

Price: $176.00

Werke Für Klavier Zu Vier Haenden.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201842325

Price: $97.00

Werke Für Violoncello und Klavier : Kritischer Bericht / edited by Jens Dufner.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201841632

Critical commentary volume to the Beethoven Werke editions of the Cello Sonatas, Op. 5; Sonata in A major, Op. 69; Cello Sonatas, Op. 102; 12 Variations, WoO 45; 12 Variations, Op. 66; and 7 Variations, WoO 46. In German only.

Price: $68.00

Price: $54.40

Original-Klavierauszuege Eigener Werke / edited by Willy Hess.
Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
ISBN13: 9790004801390

Music for piano two hands and four hands. With a foreword and notes.

Price: $138.00

Price: $110.40

Werke Für Violine und Orchester : Kritischer Bericht.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201841038

Edited by Ernst Herttrich.

Price: $59.00

Price: $47.20

Werke Für Chor und Orchester / Hrsg. Von Armin Raab.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201843725

With preface and critical commentary.

Price: $288.00

Political Beethoven.
Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9781107005891

Beethoven's overtly political compositions have been maligned for a long time, but the author argues that these works have much to teach us about the power of Beethoven's music. With an introduction, notes, bibliography and index. Illustrations. Music examples.

Price: $104.99

Werke Für Klavier und Ein Instrument : Horn (Cello), Flute (Vln), Mandolin.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201841656

Hrsg. v. Armin Raab. 2 facsim. plates. Preface. Critical commentary.

Price: $192.00

Werke Für Klavier und Violoncello / Young Chang Cho, Cello. [CD]
Publisher: Telos Records

Benedikt Koehlen, piano. Contents: Sonata in F major, Op. 5 No. 1; Sonata in G minor, Op. 5 No. 2; Sonata in A major, Op. 69; Sonata in C major, Op. 102 No. 1; Sonata in D major, Op. 102 No. 2; 12 Variations on Handel, WoO 45; 7 Variations, WoO 46; 12 Variations, Op. 66. On two CDs.

Price: $33.98

Werke Für Klavier Zu Vier Händen : Kritischer Bericht / Ed. Frank Buchstein and Hans Schmidt.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201842332

This volume contains critical commentaries for the following works: Sonate D-Dur, Op. 6 -- Acht Variationen über ein Thema des Grafen von Waldstein, WoO 67 -- Drei Märsche, Op. 45 -- Sechs Variationen, WoO 74 -- Grosse Fuge, Op. 134. With a preface.

Price: $89.00

Price: $71.20