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Christian Lauba

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Cadence Du Concerto Pour Saxophone Et Orchestre à Cordes D'Alexandre Glazounov.

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046305221

An etude in the form of a cadenza for Glazunov's Concerto. Dedicated to Richard Ducros. Of advanced difficulty. Duration ca. 4 minutes. With a biographical note in French, English, German and Spanish.

Price: $14.20

Koryun Asatryan, Saxophone. [CD]

Publisher: Genuin Records

Works by Christian Lauba, Georges Aperghis, Francois Rosse, Etienne Rolin, Hiroyuki Itoh, and Hayden Chisholm.

Price: $18.98

Nine Etudes, Book 3 : For Saxophones.

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046290442

Born in Tunisia, Lauba studied at the Conservatory of Bordeaux where he was awarded First Prize for composition; he also won the SACEM Prize in 1983 and first prize in the Berlin Int'l Composition Competition. His works have been performed throughout the world.

Price: $32.75

Blue Raï - Suite : Cinq Etudes Pour Violoncelle Contemporain.

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046293948

Dedicated to Raphael Chretien, who premiered the work in Paris, January 1999. Five connected studies modeled after Bach's cello suites. Each piece highlights a particular technique or challenge. The music also draws upon Algerian influences. With a preface and biographical sketch.

Price: $41.30

Blue Stream : For Piano.

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046295805

The five movements of this work, which are strung together without interruption, pay homage to the composers Mendelssohn, Gershwin and Ligeti. Premiered in January 2002 by Ivo Janssen in Bordeaux. Of advanced difficulty. With program and biographical notes. Dur. ca. 10 min.

Price: $23.75

Etude No. 11 (Stan) : Pour Saxophone Baryton Et Synthetiseur Enregistre (Ou Piano).

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046295416

Commissioned by Pierre Choffe, and premiered in 2002 by Richard Ducros. This very challenging piece is a study in virtuosity without vibrato. The CD includes a synth track for performance, as well as study tracks. With performance notes and a biographical sketch.

Price: $58.20

Kwintus : Pour Violon Seul.

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046298622

Commissioned by the Festival International de Musiques d'Aujourd'hui. Dedicated to Benjamin Keith, who premiered the work in Marseilles, May 2001. A challenging, unmetered work in perpetual motion. The CD features a performance by Matthew Trusler. Biographical notes. Duration ca. 10 minutes.

Price: $39.30

Xyl (Balafon 2) : 12e Etude Pour Saxophone Alto.

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046298172

This non-metered etude is a study in circular breathing, as well as extreme registers, changes in dynamics, and more. The CD features a performance by Richard Ducros. The edition number of the CD is AL 30369. With a biographical note. Duration ca. 6 minutes.

Price: $31.10

Porgy Stride : Pour Deux Pianos.

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046306037

In one movement. With biographical notes in French, English, German and Spanish. Dedicated to Brigitte Engerer and Boris Berezovski. Of advanced difficulty. Duration ca. 6 minutes.

Price: $57.82

Brasil Sem Fim (Down With Minimalism!) : Pour Piano (1990).

Publisher: Fuzeau
ISBN13: 9790230647496

In one movement. With performance notes in French and English. Commissioned by and dedicated to Ivo Janssen. Premiered in Amsterdam, May 1992. The music is fast-paced and highly rhythmic. Of advanced difficulty.


Steady Boogie : Version Courte Pour Saxophone Alto / arranged by Philippe Geiss.

Publisher: Billaudot
ISBN13: 9790043091967

In one movement. With a foreword and performance notes in French and English. A shorter, lighter version of this piece for unaccompanied alto saxophone. Of moderate difficulty. Duration ca. 2 minutes.

Price: $10.50

Nov : For Mandolin.

Publisher: Productions D'oz
ISBN13: 9782897370480

In one movement. With program and biographical notes in French. Dedicated to Florentino Calvo. The music was inspired by the works of the Ars Nova of the 14th century. Of advanced difficulty.

Price: $10.30

Massai : 14e Etude Pour Saxophone Alto Et Clarinette Basse (Ou Saxophone Tenor).

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046306433

In one movement. With a biographical note in French, German, English, and Spanish. Dedicated to Richard Ducros and Olivier Sliepen. This very challenging study addresses issues of keeping the beat. The CD contains a complete recording of the music.

Price: $42.10

Kabuki : 16e Etude Pour Saxophone Soprano.

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046306440

In one movement. With a biographical note in French, German, English, and Spanish. Dedicated to Claude Delangle. This saxophone study addresses Eastern modes and melodic glissando. Of advanced difficulty. Duration ca. 6 minutes.

Price: $16.20

String Quartet No. 2, Morphing (1999).

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
ISBN13: 9790046292361

Commissioned by Alain Meunier for le premier Concours International de quatuor a cordes de Bordeaux-Evian. Dedicated to Gyorgy Ligeti. A virtuosic work which is sometimes rhythmic and sometimes atmospheric. With brief performance notes. Duration ca. 19 minutes.

Price: $129.40
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