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Ich Bin der Welt Abhanden Gekommen : Facsimile Edition of The Autograph Manuscripts.
Publisher: Kaplan Foundation
ISBN13: 9780974961392

Full-color reproduction of one of Mahler’s most popular and poignant songs, composed in 1901 with a text by Friedrich Rückert. It is one of the five independent songs in Mahler's Rückert-Lieder; Mahler himself conducted the first performance in 1905. Includes all pertinent sources (orchestra &…

Price: $100.00

Quellenstudien I; Gustav Mahler, Igor Strawinsky, Anton Webern, Frank Martin.
Publisher: Schott Music Distribution
ISBN13: 9783795703912

Studies about Mahler's performance markings, Stravinsky's law study, Webern's Rilke songs, Frank Martin's violin concerto sketches. Albi Rosenthal on facsi- mile as sources of mistakes. Appendix: Paul Sacher and 20th-century music. Music examples, facsimiles.

Price: $103.50

Symphonie Nr. 6 In Vier Sätzen : Für Grosses Orchester / edited by Reinhold Kubik.
Publisher: C. F. Peters
ISBN13: 9790014109790

With a preface and a foreword in German and English. Critical notes. Facsimile plates. This edition is based on recent research into this symphony, including a reassessment of the correct order of the movements. This edition supercedes the 1963 first edition in the Mahler Sämtliche Werke series.

Price: $200.75

Adagietto : Facsimile, Documentation, Recording / Facsimile and CD.
Publisher: Faber Music
ISBN13: 9780571513222

Price: $125.80

Symphonie Nr. 2 / edited by Renate Stark-Voit and Gilbert Kaplan.
Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702465926

Revised critical edition of Mahler's five-movement symphony for voices and orchestra. Volume 1 contains the music, as well as a foreword and facsimiles; Volume 2 contains historical essays and a critical report. All texts are in German and English. This edition draws upon numerous sources…

Price: $172.95

Symphonie Nr. 9 : Partiturentwurf der Ersten Drei Sätze / edited by Erwin Ratz.
Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702432485

A facsimile of Mahler's autograph manuscript of the first three movements of his Ninth Symphony. Includes a preface in German and English in a separate booklet.

Price: $78.95

Gustav Mahler I : Die Geistige Welt Gustav Mahlers In Systematischer Darstellung.
Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
ISBN13: 9783765102448

With a foreword, bibliography, facsimile plates, and portraits of Mahler.

Price: $28.60

Price: $22.90

Gustav Mahler III : Die Symphonien.
Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
ISBN13: 9783765102103

Analysis of the Mahler symphonies, with a bibliography, musical examples and facsimile plates.

Price: $20.00

Price: $16.00

Mahler Studies / Editor Stephen E. Hefling.
Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9780521471657

Ten essays. Previously inaccessible documents, sketches & family letters; Mahler and the "eternal feminine"; musical analysis; Adorno's Mahler criticism the first detailed study of the sketchbook for the Seventh Symphony, with many facsimiles and music examples. Requoted with more detail.

Price: $124.99

Symphonie Nr. 7 In Fünf Sätzen : Für Grosses Orchester / edited by Reinhold Kubik.
Publisher: Bote & Bock
ISBN13: 9790202522486

With a foreword in German and English. Facsimile plates. Critical commentary. Mahler composed this work between 1904 and 1906. The work was premiered in Prague, September 1908. This edition is based on sketches, the autograph score, and early publications.

Price: $130.00

Das Klagende Lied : Erstfassung In Drei Sätzen (1880) / edited by Reinhold Kubik.
Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702470258

With two prefaces and critical notes in German. Facsimile plates. This first version of Mahler's orchestral song cycle is scored for soloists, choir, orchestra and offstage orchestra. This edition incorporates information newly available since the first edition of 1997.

Price: $116.95

Knaben Wunderhorn : Gesaenge Für Eine Singstimme Mit Orchesterbegleitung.
Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9790008060137

With three facsimile plates; bibliography. Preface, notes on the edition. Critical commentary.

Price: $109.95

Listener's Companion : The Great Composers and Their Works / edited by Electra Yourke.
Publisher: Schirmer Books
ISBN13: 9780825672781

Slonimsky presents short but insightful looks at various specific pieces by composers including Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Brahms, Mahler, Debussy, Schoenberg, Bartok, Prokofiev, and others. With a foreword, prelude, glossary, b&w photos, musical examples, facsimile plates.

Price: $19.95

Symphonie Im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, Teil 2 : Stationen der Symphonik Seit 1900.
Publisher: Laaber Verlag
ISBN13: 9783890075426

Co-author Christoph von Blumröder. German-language survey of the symphony in the 20th century, including discussions of Scriabin, Strauss, Mahler, Sibelius, Schoenberg, Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Messiaen, Berio and more. With a bibliography, index, music examples and facsimile plates.

Price: $161.90

Klagendelied : Original Version (1880) In Three Movements.
Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9790008060663

Work in three movements: Waldmaerchen; Der Spielmann; and Hochzeitsstueck. Includes forward, facsimile plates, texts, instrument listing. Also notes on the edition, sources, and critical commentary.

Price: $109.95

Drei Pintos, Part 1 : Based On Sketches and Original Music Of Carl Maria Von Weber.
Publisher: A-R Editions
ISBN13: 9780895794239

Part I : Introduction, Libretto, Act 1, Entr'act. Edited by James L. Zychowicz. Libretto translated by Charlotte Brancaforte and Salvatore Calomino. With introduction, tables, facsimile plates.

Price: $185.00

Des Knaben Wunderhorn - Fünfzehn Lieder, Humoresken und Balladen : Für Singstimme und Klavierbegleitung.
Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702465483

Edited by Renate Stark-Voit. Includes five Humoresken from 1892, and ten Lieder, Humoresken and Balladen from 1893-1901. With introductory material and critical notes in German. Facsimile plates. This new edition provides changes and corrections to the first edition.

Price: $99.95

Des Knaben Wunderhorn : Gesänge Für Eine Singstimme Mit Orchesterbegleitung / Ed. Renate Stark-Voit.
Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702468194

Revised critical edition of this 14-song cycle for voice and orchestra. With a preface and critical notes. Two appendices. Facsimile plates. This edition incorporates research not available at the time of the first edition of 1998.

Price: $134.95

Symphony No. 4 In G Major.
Publisher: Eulenburg Editions
ISBN13: 9783795762049

Contents: Orchestration -- I. Genesis -- II. Programme -- III. Analysis -- IV. The textual Problem -- 2 Facsimile -- Bibliography -- Critical Commentary -- I. Bedächtig. Nicht eilen -- II. In gemächlicher Bewegung. Ohne Hast. III. Ruhevoll -- IV. Sehr behaglich.

Price: $20.95

Price: $16.80

Diaries 1898-1902 / Selected and translated by Antony Beaumont.
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN13: 9780801436543

…covers the years preceding her marriage to Mahler and clearly shows why this woman fascinated so many men in her life. It includes portraits of the leading figures in Vienna's cultural lifeand a picture of the music of____ period. Many photos & facsimiles of her drawings. List of her compositions.

Price: $73.50

Freeflight - Fanfares & Fantasy : For Orchestra.
Publisher: European American Music

…disc, in silk portfolio. Text vol., 109p. 26 photos, illus., facsims. Music examples. binl., discogr. Synopsis in French, German, Italian, Japanese. Facsimiles of the autograph fair copy & of the copy by Alma Mahler. Recording of the adagietto by Gilbert Kaplan & the London Sym.Orch. Lim.ed'n.

Price: $35.00

Price: $28.00

Bearbeitungen und Gelegenheitswerke Für Kammerensemble / Ed. Ulrich Krämer.
Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9783795794774

This volume contains chamber orchestra arrangements of music by other composers. Contents: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen / Gustav Mahler -- Ein romantische Suite, Op. 125 (fragment) / Max Reger -- Rosen aus dem Süden, Op. 388 / Johann Strauss Jr. -- Lagunen-Walzer, Op. 411 / Strauss --…

Price: $315.00

Bearbeitet und Gelegenheitswerke Für Kammerensemble.
Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9783795794750

…contains critical commentary for several arrangements by Schoenberg of the work of other composers. Contents: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen / Mahler -- Eine romantische Suite, Op. 125 (fragment) / Reger -- Rosen aus dem Süden, Op. 388 / Strauss Jr. -- Lagunen-Waler, Op. 411 / Strauss Jr. --…

Price: $325.00