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Alternative Film Music To An Excerpt From The Grapes Of Wrath; Film Music To Hangmen Also Die.
Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
ISBN13: 9790004803301

…by Johannes C. Gall. With a preface and introduction in German and English. Facsimiles. Critical notes. The music from the Grapes of Wrath was composed as part of an experimental project of the Rockefeller Foundation, while the music for Hangmen Also Die was composed as a traditional film score.

Price: $138.00

Price: $110.40

Metropolis, Op. 29 : Musik Zum Fritz-Lang-Stummfilm Von 1925-26 / Arranged By Berndt Heller.
Publisher: Ries & Erler Musikverlag
ISBN13: 9790013511501

This is the first edition of Huppertz's music for the great silent film. Heller transcribed the music for a 2005 live performance with the film. With an introduction in German by Heller and Friedemann Beyer.

Price: $171.40

Film Music.
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN13: 9781861893413

The author traces the history of music and film, and examines the complex relationship between sound and picture in movies from Metropolis to Star Wars. With an introduction, references, bibliography, index, music examples and black & white photos.

Price: $35.00

Jazz On Film : Film Noir. [CD]
Publisher: Moochin' About

Five discs of soundtracks from classic films of the 1950s. Includes music by Alex North, Leith Stevens, Elmer Bernstein, Chico Hamilton, Henry Mancini, Duke Ellington, and John Lewis.

Price: $39.98

The American Film Musical.
Publisher: Indiana Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9780253205148

An indepth analysis of the American Film Musical.

Price: $35.00

Composing Music For Film.
Publisher: Jack Smalley
ISBN13: 9781599750316

Film composer Smalley offers discussion and examples for the composing of film scores. Includes sections on the basic elements -- writing melodies -- composing cues -- scales -- and 20th century techniques. Over 100 examples. With an index and glossary.

Price: $75.00

History Of Film Music.
Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9780521010481

A history of the use of music in film from the silent era into the 21st century. The author discusses not only Hollywood, but film music in other countries as well. With a preface, bibliography, indices, and black & white photos.

Price: $29.99

Famous Film Scores. [CD]
Publisher: Newton Classics

Three CDs of music from film scores by Max Steiner, Franz Waxman, Erich Korngold, Bernard Herrmann, and many others.

Price: $19.98

When Opera Meets Film.
Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9780521895750

…Style. Part II: Subjectivity. Part III: Desire. With an introduction, notes, bibliography, filmography, videography, and index. Figures. Four tables. Music examples. The intersection of opera and film are studied through films such as the Godfather trilogy, Aria, La Ceremonie, Moonstruck, and more.

Price: $109.99

John Williams's Film Music.
Publisher: Univ. Wisconsin Press
ISBN13: 9780299297343

Subtitled, Jaws, Star Wars, Raiders of the Los Ark, and the Return of the Classical Hollywood Music Style. The book examines three great film scores of Williams, and studies the composer's connection with the style of Hollywood's golden age (1933-58). With an introduction, glossary, notes,…

Price: $29.95

Films & Windows. [CD]
Publisher: Dial Records

Contents: The Opening Scene -- Marlen -- In Patagonia -- Films & Windows -- Etoile du midi -- Lucifer -- Kurama -- Angels at Night -- Har Sinai -- Creator (Final Call) -- Teenage Barb.

Price: $17.98

Discover Film Music. [CD]
Publisher: Naxos

A booklet and CD set outlining the history of film music. The discs include music by Korngold, Herrmann, Newman, Copland, Elfman, Morricone and others. The booklet is written by John Riley.

Price: $19.98

Classic Film Scores. [CD]
Publisher: Naxos

Music from All About Eve; The Hunchback of Notre Dame; and Beau Geste. Music restored and reconstructed by John Morgan and William Strombergt. With the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

Price: $12.98

Musiques De Films IV.
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantique

Price: $22.00

Musiques De Films II.
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantique

Price: $22.00

Musiques De Films III.
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantique

Price: $22.00

Art Of Film Music.
Publisher: Northeastern Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9781555532703

Price: $27.95

Music For Films. [CD]
Publisher: Asv White Line

Film Music. [CD]
Publisher: Asv White Line

Film Themes. [CD]
Publisher: Soho Records

Three discs of music contain 60 easy-listening classics. Various artists.

Price: $16.98

Classic Film Scores. [CD]
Publisher: Naxos

Contents: Otello Suite -- Battle of Stalingrad Suite. With the Skovak Radio Symphony Orchestra and Slovak Philharmonic Chorus.

Price: $12.98

Film Music Edition. [CD]
Publisher: Capriccio Records

Contents: The Story of the Unknown Actor Suite -- The Commissar Suite -- Clowns and Kids Suite -- The Waltz Suite -- The Glass Harmonica Suite -- The Ascent Suite -- The Fairytale of the Wanderings Suite -- Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Suite -- Sport, Sport, Sport Suite -- Adventures of a Dentist Suite. Frank…

Price: $23.98

Film Music. [CD]
Publisher: Naxos

The Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra performs music from movies scored by Alwyn, as arranged by Martin Ellerby.

Price: $12.98

Film Scores. [CD]
Publisher: Sub Rosa Records

Contents: In Jiro's Room -- Super8 Dream -- Wolf, Obscured by Snow -- Was There a Light? -- Driving in New York -- Answer Boldly -- Crashing Waves -- The Oak-Wood -- Friends, Neighbors -- Mighty Tacoma.

Price: $16.98