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First Date.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN13: 9781480364523

Music from the 2014 Broadway musical. Contents: Allison's Theme #2 -- Allison's Theme #1 -- The Awkward Pause -- Bailout Song #1 -- The Check! -- First Impressions -- The Girl For You -- I'd Order Love -- In Love With You -- The One -- Safer -- Something That Will Last -- That's Why You Love Me --…

Price: $16.99

First Date [Original Broadway Cast]. [CD]

Publisher: Yellow Sound Records

Contents: The One (2:39) -- First Impressions (3:35) -- Bailout Song #1 (1:11) -- The Girl For You (5:06) -- The Awkward Pause (2:00) -- Allison's Theme #1 (:50) -- That's Why You Love Me (2:10) -- Bailout Song #2 (:21) -- Safer (3:17) -- I'd Order Love (3:28) -- Allison's Theme #2 (:48) -- The…

Price: $16.98

Not Your Normal Set Of Etudes : 10 Blind Dates For Solo Tuba / edited by Chris Combest.

Publisher: Potenza Music Publishing

Contents: 1. Nervous Anxiety/Eager Anticipation/Relaxed -- 2. Small Talk -- 3. So Much In Common -- 4. Fanfare for Nothing In Common -- 5. Love At First Sight -- 6. Chatty/Annoying -- 7. Reflecting, Revolving Spoon -- 8. Opposites Attract -- 9. Tons of Fun -- 10. Emergency Number Speed-Dial Rescue…

Price: $29.95

Variations On The First Noel : For Organ / edited by Bruce Gbur.

Publisher: Prairie Dawg Press

In one movement. With program notes. The piece dates from 1934. This first edition is based on two manuscripts by Creston: a complete one in two staves, and an incomplete one in three staves.

Price: $12.00

Consolations (First Version and Revised Version); Madrigal : For Piano Solo.

Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest
ISBN13: 9790080126974

…The main text of this edition is the revised version of Liszt's Consolations, which date from late 1849. An appendix includes the first versions of the pieces, from 1848-49, and the Madrigal which appears only in the first version of the set. With a preface in German and English. Critical notes.

Price: $17.95

On Hearing The Cuckoo For The First Time In Spring : For Piano / transcribed by Robert Threlfall.

Publisher: Thames Publishing

Even though a piano arrangement of the orchestral score published in 1914 followed shortly after this date, Threlfall transcribed a new, improved arrangement. With critical notes.

Price: $6.95

Mein Erstes Konzert = My First Concert : For Violoncello and Piano / edited by Katharina Deserno.

Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9783795745394

A collection of 25 easy concert pieces for cello, dating as far back as the 1500s. Includes music by Schaffrath, Reinagle, Gretchaninoff, Hindemith, and others. With a preface, notes on the composers and teaching notes in German and English. The CD contains performances of the pieces.

Price: $19.99

Journal Du Printemps, Vol. 2 : Suite Nos. 3-4 : For Strings / Practical Edition by Hans P. Eisenmann

Publisher: Edition Walhall
ISBN13: 9790500701231

This edition is based on the first print dated 1695. With biographical sketches and composition notes.Orchestral material available : EW 59.

Price: $22.10

Best Of Blink-182 : For Drums.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
Series: Drum Recorded Versions
ISBN13: 9780634060571

…dozen of blink-182's best, transcribed note for note, exactly as recorded. Songs: Adam's Song -- Aliens Exist -- All the Small Things -- Anthem Part II -- Dammit -- Don't Leave Me -- Dumpweed -- First Date -- Josie -- Pathetic -- The Rock Show -- Stay Together for the Kids -- What's My Age Again?.

Price: $17.95

String Quintet In C Major, Op. Post. 163, D 956 / edited by Egon Voss.

Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201898124

This work, dating from September 1828, is one of Schubert's final compositions. There is no autograph, and the first known edition dates from 1858. With a preface and critical notes.

Price: $12.00

Catalogo Tematico Delle Opere Di Ferdinando Carullo, Vol. II : Opere 121-366.

Publisher: Libreria Musicale Italiana
Series: Musicalia
, Vol. 2
ISBN13: 9788870960532

With 4 appendixes - including the plate numbers of first editions, arranged by publishers, with their dates; 8 indexes.

Price: $38.60

Sonata No. 3 : For Piano.

Publisher: Hildegard Music

In three movements, written in stages: the first movement, Serenade/Toccata dates from late 1996, and the other two movements, Interlude and Tango Fantastique, from the middle of 1999. Composed for Carol Lancaster, Los Angeles pianist and teacher.

Price: $36.50

Sonatas Op. 10, Nos. 3-5 : For Viola and Violoncello / edited by Wolfgang Sawodny.

Publisher: Amadeus Verlag
Series: Basso Amadeus
, No. 26
ISBN13: 9790015088506

Based on the reprint, dated 1738, of the first edition, which was published at the composer's expense in 1725, and is preserved in the Bibliothque Nationale in Paris.

Price: $16.80

Orchestral Studies For Timpani : Symphonies 1-6, 1812 Overture, Capriccio Italien, ...

Publisher: Simrock
ISBN13: 979021108296

...Manfred Syphonie, the Violin Concerto and the two Piano Concerti. Edited by Siegfried Fink. With chronological table, note by the editor. Char with composition dates, date and place of first performances, conductor if known, duration of work.

Price: $26.95

Grand Motets Lorrains Pour Louis XIV / edited by Jean Duron.

Publisher: Centre De Musique Baroque De Versailles
Series: Patrimoine Musical Francais, Monumentales
, V.2.4
ISBN13: 9790707034028

With general introduction, explaining the sources of the Grand Motets composed in Lorraine for Louis XIV, the dating and first performances of the motets, performance notes and editorial procedure. Seven facsimile plates. Critical commentary and appendix.

Price: $84.20

Cadenza For Piano Concerto No. 2 In B Flat Major, Op. 19 : For Piano / edited by Kenneth Cooper.

Publisher: International Music Co.

Cooper reconstructed this cadenza from sketches of Beethoven dating to 1793. This is the first publication of this cadenza. With an introduction.

Price: $10.50

Handbook To Bach's Sacred Cantata Texts.

Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN13: 9780810829794

…An interlinear Translation with Reference Guide to Biblical Quota- tions and Allusions. Bibliography, Alphabetical Index of Movement Summaries, of Chorale Stanzas, Index of Chorale Stanzas appearing more than once, of Li- brettists, of first performance dates, of Cantatas in chronological order, + 2

Price: $163.00

La Vega : For Piano.

Publisher: Lauren Publications
ISBN13: 9790580070302

This is the first piece from Albeniz's suite for piano titled The Alhambra. This is a reprint of a Mutuelle Edition dating from the first decade of the 20th century.

Price: $12.25

XII Sonate A Flauto E Basso / VI Sonate (la Villeggiatura) A Due Flauti.

Publisher: Studio Per Edizione Scelte
Series: Archivum Musicum - Collana Di Testi Rari
, Vol. 90
ISBN13: 9788872428108

These two sets of flute sonatas by Valentino survive in manuscript form in the Biblioteca Palatina di Parma. The music dates from the first part of the 18th century. With an introduction in Italian.

Price: $23.00

Quartet In E Flat Major, Op. 22/3 : For Flute, Violin, Viola And Violoncello.

Publisher: Edition Hh
ISBN13: 9781904229513

Edited by Jennifer Caesar. This work dates from the first decade of the 19th century. This edition is based on an early edition by Breitkopf & Härtel. With a preface in German and English.

Price: $26.70

Bassoon Bibliography.

Publisher: Musica Rara
ISBN13: 9782950064622

Lists 21,000 titles including 1,000 Concertos and 4,000 Wind Quintets. The information includes year of composition & of first performance, duration, publisher, publication date, plate number, location of manuscripts and rare editions, current editions.

Price: $52.80

Sonate Da Camera, Op. 7 : Per Violino E Basso Continuo / ed. Alessandro Bares & Giuseppe Fochesato.

Publisher: Musedita
Series: I Piaceri Del Violino
ISBN13: 9790501009312

A set of ten sonatas for violin and continuo. With brief editorial notes. This edition is based on the first printing, published in Amsterdam (date unknown). Cornetto Verlag imprint, CM984 [ISMN assigned by Cornetto].

Price: $23.00

Vignettes : For Piano.

Publisher: Ongaku No Tomo Sha
ISBN13: 9784276437951

Contents: 6 Vignettes, Op. 105 -- 4 Romances from Villon's Wife -- Blue Myths. The first two sets of pieces date from 2008-2011; Blue Myths was composed in 1970. With a biographical note in Japanese and English.

Price: $32.75
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German Poetry In Song : An Index Of Lieder.

Publisher: Fallen Leaf Press
Series: Fallen Leaf Reference Books In Music
, No. 30
ISBN13: 9780914913320

Index of 9,800 Lieder composed after 1770, arranged by poet. 7,450 poems by more than 1,100 poets set to music by 370 composers: first lines, composers, dates of composition, opus numbers, instrumentation, translators, cycles. Se- parate 200-page title, composer & first-line index, score sources…

Price: $98.45
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