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A Flowering Tree.
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
ISBN13: 9781476814315

An opera in two acts. With program notes. Commissioned by the Vienna Festival, The Barbican Centre, San Francisco Symphony, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and the Berlin Philharmonic. The opera is based on a folktale from the Kannada language of southern India as translated by A. K.…

Price: $85.00

A Flowering Tree : An Opera In 2 Acts.
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
ISBN13: 9781476814322

This opera is based on a South Indian folktale, as adapted by Adams and Peter Sellars. With a synopsis. Commissioned by the Vienna Festival, the Barbican Centre, San Francisco Symphony, Lincoln Center, and Berlin Philharmonic. Archive edition.

Price: $195.00

Sylvana : Music of The Forests, Flowers and Trees. [CD]
Publisher: Terpsichore Records

The vocal ensemble The Esoterics performs music by Eric Banks, Greg Bartholomew, Stephen Chatman, Heinrich Poos, Maurice Ravel, and Lars Johan Werle.

Price: $18.98

Hallelujah Junction - A Nonesuch Retrospective. [CD]
Publisher: Nonesuch

Contains: Harmonielehre, pt. 1; Nixon in China, 3 scenes from Act I; Shaker Loops, pt. 1; Chamber Symphony, movement 1. Also excerpts from: the Death of Klinghoffer, Violin Concerto, Flowering Tree, Dharma at Big Sur, Naïve and Sentimental music, Gnarly Buttons and more.

Price: $19.98

Piano Works, Vol. 1 / Joseph Tong, Piano. [CD]
Publisher: Quartz Records

Contents: Kyllikki, Op. 41 -- Five Pieces The Trees, Op. 75 -- Five Pieces The Flowers, Op. 85 -- Five Romantic Pieces, Op. 101 -- Five Esquisses, Op. 114 -- Two Rondinos, Op. 68 -- Finlandia, Op. 26.

Price: $16.98

Breaking Heaven. [CD]
Publisher: Albany Records

Contents: Bend -- Sword Flower -- Off Balance -- Three Trees -- Breaking Heaven. With Kenji Yamaguchi, shakuhachi; Tetsuya Nozawa, shamisen; Erina Matsumura, koto; Rohouzan Tachibana, shakuhachi; Yuuzan Tachibana, shakuhachi; Tetsuya Nozawa, shamisen; Seizan Sakata, shakuhachi; Akiko Sakurai, biwa;…

Price: $17.98

Songs & Ballads / Sally Silver, Soprano. [CD]
Publisher: Guild Records

…friends -- I’m a merry Zingara -- Le Crépuscule -- A merry little Savoyard -- Killarney -- Falling river -- Don’t let the roses listen -- The blighted flower -- The green trees whispered -- The Lonely Rose -- I’d rather be a village maid -- O take me to thy heart again. With Richard Bonynge, piano.

Price: $19.98

Fifty-Five Songs : For Low Voice and Piano / Transposed Ed., Engl. Transl. by Theo. Baker & Others.
Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.

Contents: Ah, Sweet As Any Flower -- Blondel's Song -- By Moonlight -- Clown's Song -- Dear Love, Lay Thy Hand -- Dedication (Lita Ford) -- E'er When I Hear Them Singing -- Earliest Green -- Evening Song -- Farewell -- He,The Best of All, the Noblest -- Help Me, Oh Sisters -- Here on My Bosom, Here…

Price: $19.99

Les Esprits Écoutent = The Spirits Are Listening.
Publisher: Buda Records

…song with Ungtu drum -- A song for picking berries -- A welcome song -- Disc Two: Shamanic song with drum -- The trunk of a powerfull tree -- The small white flowers on the white grass -- The sound of my country -- Osuokhaï round dance -- The song of the young maid about to be married -- Exceprt…

Price: $22.98

Silver Birch. [CD]
Publisher: Granadilla Music

Contents: Ushers Well -- Come by the Hills -- Daddy Fox -- Crazy Man Michael -- Dance Tunes -- Flower & Young Man -- Bells -- Lord Franklin -- Lyke Wake Dirge -- Wild Flying Dove -- Bold Reynold -- Orange Balloon -- Trees -- Glimpse of Heaven. Originally released in 1973.

Price: $15.98

Iowa : For Alto Saxophone, Marimba and Piano (2008).
Publisher: Toydog Music

Contents: I. Tree: Oak -- II. Bird: Eastern Goldfinch -- III. Rock: Geode -- IV. Flower: Wild Rose -- V. Motto -- VI. Flag. With program, biographical and performance notes. Commissioned by the Iowa Music Teachers Association. Each movement is based on one of Iowa's state emblems.

Price: $20.00

I Spill My Soul : For Medium Voice and Piano Accompaniment.
Publisher: Classical Vocal Reprints

Contents: 1. Thy fingers make early flowers of all things -- 2. this is the garden:colours come and go, -- 3. (sitting in a tree-) -- 4. O Thou to whom the musical white spring. With a biographical note. Texts by e. e. cummings.

Price: $15.00

Chinese Folk Songs, Vol. 2 : For Violin Duo, Trio Or Quartet / arranged by Albert Wang.
Publisher: Latham Music Enterprises
ISBN13: 9781628766165

Contents: 1. The Rain Drops on Banana Trees (Yu Da Ba Jiao) -- 2. Sen Ji De Ma -- 3. Love Song from Kangding (Kang Ding Qing Ge) -- 4. Tea Picking and Butterfly Capturing (Cai Cha Pu Die) -- 5. The Brilliant Red Shandandan Flowers (Shan Dan Dan Hua Kai Hong Yan Yan) -- 6. DuDar and Maria (Du Da Er…

Price: $32.95

Impressions : For Piano - 20 Pieces For Students.
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN13: 9780793561483

Contents: -- By A Quiet Stream -- Carefree Mood -- Desert Flowers -- A Gentle Thought -- Good Morning -- In Perpetual Motion -- Mechanical Toy -- Mimicry -- Miniature March -- The Out-Of-Tune Band -- Parade Of The Penguins -- A Piece Of Lace -- Polar Bear Dance -- Poodles -- Procession With Lanterns…

Price: $7.99

For Those Who Are, Still. [CD]
Publisher: Aum Fidelity

Contents: For Fannie Lou Hamer -- Vermeer -- Awash in the Midst of an Angel's Tears -- Essence -- Flower Song -- Just Feel -- Feet As Roses -- Gongs for Deaf Dreams -- Sweet Breeze -- Flower Song -- Disc -- Villages, Greetings and Prayer -- Souls Have Fallen Like Rain -- The Giraffe Dances -- Tour…

Price: $32.98

Easy Songs For The Beginning Soprano / edited by Joan Frey Boytim.
Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
ISBN13: 9780634019685

…Prindle Scott) -- The Lilac Tree (George Gartlin) -- The Little Sandman (Volks-Kinderlieder) -- The Nightingale (Alexander Alabieff) -- The Rosebush (Friedrich Heinrich Himmel) -- The Sweetest Flower That Blows (Charles B. Hawley) -- The Willow Song -- The Willow Tree -- The Winter It Is Past -- Two…

Price: $16.99

20th Century Art Songs : For Medium Voice.
Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
ISBN13: 9780793506859

Contents: Barber: Under the Willow Tree (Vanessa) – L. Bernstein: It Must Be Me (Candide) – Bliss: The Buckle – Bowles: Cabin – Creston: Psalm 23 – Dougherty: Across the Western Ocean -- The K'e -- A Minor Bird -- Thy Fingers Make Early Flowers – Duke: I Watched the Lady Caroline -- Silver – Gibbs:…

Price: $22.95

Cornflake Zoo, Episode Five. [CD]
Publisher: Particles Records

…(1968) -- Stoke Sect / Flower Children (1967) -- The Newcomers / Have You Seen My Baby Comin' (1968) -- The Lollipops / On My Way (1969) -- Test / If I Were A King (1968) -- Happie / Mary-Ann (1968) -- Los Pasos / I Was The Best (1968) -- After Tea / Lemon Coloured Honey Tree (1967) -- Les Baroques…

Price: $17.98

Songs Of John Jacob Niles : For Low Voice and Piano - Revised and Expanded Edition.
Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
ISBN13: 9780793523344

…-- Black is the color of my true love's hair -- The Blue Madonna -- Calm Is the Night -- Careless Love -- The Carol of the Bells -- Evening -- The Flower of Jesse -- Go 'way from my window -- I wonder as I wander -- Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head -- The Lass from the Low Countree -- Little Black Star…

Price: $19.99

Songs Of John Jacob Niles : For High Voice and Piano - Revised and Expanded Edition.
Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
ISBN13: 9780793525843

…-- Black is the color of my true love's hair -- The Blue Madonna -- Calm Is the Night -- Careless Love -- The Carol of the Bells -- Evening -- The Flower of Jesse -- Go 'way from my window -- I wonder as I wander -- Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head -- The Lass from the Low Countree -- Little Black Star…

Price: $19.99

Nacht und Träume = Night and Dreams : 36 Original Piano Pieces / edited by Monika Twelsiek.
Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9783795753993

…Lullaby, by Robert Fuchs -- Lullaby, by Satie -- Sleeping Beauty is Sleeping, by Karl-Heinz Pick -- Phantasmagoria, by Hermann Regner -- Evening Flower, by Barbara Heller -- When Paris Dreams, by George Nevada -- The Village Sleeps, by Joaquin Turina -- Sleep Well Blues, by Eduard Pütz -- Midnight…

Price: $16.95

Irish Folk Tunes For Recorder : 63 Traditional Pieces For Descant (Soprano) Recorder.
Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9781847613639

…Planxty George Brabazon (2nd Setting) -- Planxty O’Rourke -- Planxty Maggie Browne -- The Cutting of the Hay -- The Rakes of Mallow -- The Rose Tree -- Boil the Breakfast Early -- The Boys of Ballynahinch -- Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel(s) -- The Country Girl’s Fortune -- The Ewe with the Crooked…

Price: $19.99

Songs Of The 1970s.
Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN13: 9781495000348

…Oak Tree -- Time In A Bottle -- Tin Man -- Top Of The World -- 25 Or 6 To 4 -- Walk This Way -- The Way We Were -- We Are Family -- We Will Rock You -- We've Only Just Begun -- Wish You Were Here -- Y.M.C.A. -- You Are So Beautiful -- You Are The Sunshine Of My Life -- You Don't Bring Me Flowers --…

Price: $27.99