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Suite : For Symphonic Strings.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Price: $24.00

Price: $18.20

Symphony On G : For Large Orchestra.
Publisher: Peer International

Price: $30.00

Price: $24.00

Threnody For Carlos Chavez.
Publisher: American Gamelan

Price: $15.00

Songs And Toods : For The Lou Harrison National Guitar Or Conventionally Fretted Guitar.
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Contents: Tood - schneidertood; Song - Sweet Betsy from Pike; Song - Eskimo Lullaby; Tood - 85 Chords (The Historical Tuning Problem); Song - Dismission of Great I. With notes on each piece.

Price: $25.00

Harmonium #1 : For Lou Harrison.
Publisher: Smith Publications

Price: $22.00

Movement For Lou Harrison : For Just Bass Quartet (1976-88).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Just intonation is acheived via scordatura and natural harmonics. The piece is given in both staff and graphic notation. Preface by the composer. Duration circa twelve minutes.

Price: $15.00

For Jim, Ben and Lou : Three Pieces For Harp, Guitar and Percussion (1995).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Contents: --Preamble, for James Tenney --Resting Place, for Ben Johnston --The Ever-Widening Halfstep, for Lou Harrison. Dedicated to John Schneider and Just Strings. With performance notes for each piece.

Price: $18.00

Four Harrison Songs : For Voice and Accordion.
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Contents: No One Knows -- Underneath -- Spring -- Measures. With program notes. The music sets texts by Lou Harrison. Dedicated to John Duykers.

Price: $15.00

Die Natur der Klange : Neue Musik Für Harfe / Gabriele Emde, Harp.
Publisher: Edition Rz

…Hans Otte / Wassermann-Musik für Harfe (1984) / V -- Lou Harrison / Music for Harp (1978) a. From music for Bill and me -- Lou Harrison / Music for Harp (1978) b. Beverly's troubadour piece -- Lou Harrison / Music for Harp (1978) c. Avalokiteshvara -- Lou Harrison / Music for Harp (1978) d. Jahla.

Price: $21.98

B'Midbar (Numbers) : For Solo Piano (and Invited Speakers).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

…-- 3. D -- 4. another canon for farwell -- 5. Slowly (song). Part 2: 6. Song -- 7. Chorale -- 8. Dance (51 events) -- 9. no luck around the house -- 10. Stamp (for Lou Harrison) -- 11. Canon in 2 voices -- 12. Song (with whistler). Part 3: 13. an anti-war round -- 14. for piano left hand -- 15. 102…

Price: $20.00

Playing The Edge. [CD]
Publisher: Albany Records

Michael Daugherty: Lex. Lou Harrison: Concerto for Violin and Percussion. Craig Walsh: Pointing Out Your Ruse. Kevin Puts: And Legions Will Rise. With Mark Rush, violin; Norman Weinberg, percussion; Jerry Kirkbride, clarinet; and the Arizona Percussion Ensemble.

Price: $17.98

Just Dance : For Guitar (2005).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Originally composed for a steel guitar especially built to play the music of Lou Harrison, this edition presents a transposed version playable on a regular guitar. See Nag37 for the steel guitar version. With performance notes.

Price: $15.00

Encounters XI - The Demise Of Suriyodhaya : For English Horn and Percussion (1998).
Publisher: Theodore Presser Co.

Commissioned for the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group, and composed for Carolyn Hove and Raynor Carroll. Dedicated to Lou Harrison. This challenging work calls for Asian percussion instruments, and is inspired by Asian literary sources. With program and performance notes.

Price: $51.95

Just Dance : For The National Steel Guitar Specially Tuned In Just Intonation To Play The Music...
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

. . . of Lou Harrison. Composed in 2005 for guitarist John Schneider, this work was composed for a guitar built by the National Guitar company. Of advanced difficulty. Also available in a version for normal guitar - see Nag38. With performance notes.

Price: $15.00

American Mavericks. [CD]
Publisher: San Francisco Symphony

Contents: Synchrony / Henry Cowell -- Piano Concerto / Cowell -- Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra / Lou Harrison -- Ameriques / Edgard Varese. Featuring Jeremy Denk, piano; and Paul Jacobs, organ. Michael Tilson Thomas conducts the San Francisco Symphony.

Price: $24.98

Music For Harp / Karen Gottlieb, Harp. [CD]
Publisher: Innova Recordings

Gottlieb plays music by Lou Harrison, John Cage, Wayne Peterson, and Dan Reiter.

Price: $14.98

Suite For Piano.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Price: $27.00

Estampie For Susan Summerfield.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Price: $18.50

Sonata For Psaltery : For Psaltery Or Cheng (1961-62).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

In one movement. With performance notes. Dedicated to Professor Liang Tsai Ping. A brief Allegro for a zither-like instrument Printed from manuscript.

Price: $15.00

Music For Remy : For Oboe and Percussion (1998).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

A short piece for oboe and percussionist, inspired by a section of the book Him in Him by Remy Charlip. Printed from manuscript and can be a bit difficult to read at times.

Price: $15.00

Largo Ostinato : For Piano.
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

A slow and unmetered piece for piano, dedicated to John Dobson. The music floats along in three or four distinct lines. Printed from the autograph.

Price: $15.00

Triphony : For Keyboard Solo.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Composed in 1945, Triphony is the original version of a work that later became the String Trio, and in a further revised and enlarged form, a movement of the composer's Suite for Symphonic Strings.

Price: $15.50

Kvarts / Zeitbilder : For Percussion Quartet.
Publisher: Samfundet Til Udgivelse

Parts sets for the two percussion quartets by Hendze. The two works each have their own parts set. Zeitbilder is dedicated to Lou Harrison.

Price: $64.00