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Guo Wenjing

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Drama - Trio, Op. 23 : For 3 Pairs Of Cymbals and Players' Voices (1996).
Publisher: Ricordi Milano
ISBN13: 9790041382441

Price: $34.50

Price: $31.00

Concerto, Op. 44 : For Erhu And Orchestra (2006).
Publisher: Ricordi Milano
ISBN13: 9790041397702

A single-movement concerto for traditional Western orchestra, with erhu soloist. Of advanced difficulty. With performance notes.

Price: $230.00

String Quartet No. 2, Op. 28 : For String Quartet and A Percussionist (1997-2003).
Publisher: Ricordi Milano
ISBN13: 9790041386492

Commissioned by the Kronos Quartet. This virtuoso work in three movements calls on a variety of Asian percussion, including several Chinese cymbals. With performance notes.

Price: $34.50

Parade, Op. 40 - Trio : For Six Beijing Opera Gongs (2003).
Publisher: Ricordi Milano
ISBN13: 9790041391571

Price: $69.00

Tea : Broken Silence. [DVD]
Publisher: Juxtapositions

This DVD contains two documentaries. Tea follows the creation of the opera of the same name by Tan Dun. Broken Silence profiles five Chinese composers, including Tan Dun, Chen Qigang, Guo Wenjing, Mo Wuping and Qu Xiasong.

Price: $24.98

Night Banquet : Opera Da Camera, Op. 30.
Publisher: Ricordi
ISBN13: 9790041381503

Price: $353.95

Overture, Op. 27 : For Orchestra and Band (1997).
Publisher: Ricordi Milano
ISBN13: 9790041382425

Price: $34.50

Fengyiting, Op. 41 : Chamber Opera (2004).
Publisher: Ricordi Milano
ISBN13: 9790041392189

This work calls for two characters: Diaochan, sung by a Sichuan Opera soprano; and Lübu, sung by a Beijing Opera tenor. The small orchestra combines Western and Chinese instruments. Printed from manuscript.

Price: $230.00

Concertino, Op. 26 : For Cello and Ensemble.
Publisher: Ricordi Milano
ISBN13: 9790041377360

Price: $34.50

Journeys, Op. 42 - Poems Of XI Chuan : For Soprano and Orchestra (2004).
Publisher: Ricordi Milano
ISBN13: 9790041393131

Price: $34.50