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String Quartets : Complete Set In 12 Volumes.
Publisher: G. Henle

A complete set of Henle's study scores for all of Haydn's string quartets. The volumes are also available separately.

Price: $298.95

Complete Quartets Vol. 1.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Price: $91.50

Complete Quartets Vol. 2.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Price: $91.50

Complete Quartets Vol. 3.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Price: $97.50

Complete Quartets Vol. 4.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Price: $103.50

Complete String Quartets, Vol. 1. [CD]
Publisher: Chandos

The Doric String Quartet performs Haydn's Op. 20 quartets.

Price: $18.98

Complete String Quartets, Vol. 2. [CD]
Publisher: Chandos

The Doric String Quartet performs Haydn's Op. 76 quartets, first published in 1799.

Price: $18.98

String Quartets, Op. 17 (Complete) / edited by Wilhelm Altmann.
Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN13: 9780486413945

Haydn's six quartets op. 17 were composed in 1771 while at the court of Prince Esterhazy.

Price: $14.95

Price: $12.00

Easy Classical String Quartets.
Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest

Nine complete, unsimplified quartets by Albrechtsberger, Haydn, Boccherini, Hoffstetter, Mozart and Beethoven, for the student quartet. Extensive notes on performance style and on the individual pieces.

Price: $66.95

String Quartets, Book 10 : Erdödy Quartets Op. 76 / edited by Horst Walter.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201802145

The six quartets of Haydn's op. 76 were composed near the end of his life, and are his last complete set of quartets. They were commissioned by and dedicated to Count Joseph Erdödy. With a preface in German, English and French.

Price: $67.95

Collection Complete Des Quatuors, Vol. 4. [CD]
Publisher: Arcana Records

The Festetics Quartet performs Haydn's String Quartets Op. 33, Nos. 1-6; and String Quartet Op. 42. This is the last volume in this cycle of Haydn's quartets.

Price: $27.98

String Quartets, Book 11 : Lobkowitz-Quartets Op. 77 and Last Quartet Op. 103 / ed. Horst Walter.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201892153

This edition of Haydn's last three string quartets is based on volume 6, series 12 of the Haydn Complete Edition, which itself is based primarily on autograph manuscripts. With a preface and critical notes.

Price: $26.95

Price: $16.20

6 String Quartet,S Op. 76, Hob. III:75-80 / edited by Simon Rowland-Jones.
Publisher: C. F. Peters
ISBN13: 9790577086477

This set of quartets was commissioned in 1796 by Count Joseph Erdödy. They were the last complete set of quartets he composed. This edition is based on a manuscript copy by Haydn's colleague Johann Elssler, and two early print editions. With a preface and critical notes.

Price: $67.00

String Quartets Op. 9 and Op. 17 / Critical Commentary by Heide Volckmar-Waschk.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201853031

Critical notes for the Complete Haydn edition of the six quartets of Op. 9 (Hob. III:19-24) and Op. 17 (Hob. III:25-30). With an introduction and bibliography.

Price: $88.00

String Quartets, Book 2 : Op. 9 / edited by George Feder.
Publisher: G. Henle
ISBN13: 9790201892061

These six quartets most likely date from 1769-70. Little is known about their genesis, and the autograph does not survive. This edition is the Urtext of Series XII, Vol. 2 of the Haydn Complete Works Edition. With a preface and critical notes.

Price: $29.95

Sämtliche Streichquartette In 13 Bänden / Edited By Reginald Barrett-Ayres And H. C. Robbins Landon.
Publisher: Doblinger
ISBN13: 9783900695972

A set of 13 volumes presenting urtext editions of the complete string quartets of Haydn. Each volume reprints earlier Doblinger editions, with new commentary in German and English.

Price: $132.80

String Quintet No. 7 / Sextet / Potpourri. [CD]
Publisher: Naxos

The New Haydn Quartet performs three chamber works by Spohr. With violinist Attila Falvay, violist Sandor Papp and cellist Tamas Varga. Volume 4 of the Naxos Complete String Quartets of Spohr.

Price: $9.98

Zwei Saetze Für Streichquartett / Ergaenzt Von Erik Smith.
Publisher: Doblinger
ISBN13: 9790012402466

Allegretto B-Dur, KV.Anh.68(589a); Rondo A-Dur, KV.Anh.72(464a). Two quartet movements, most likely intended for the Haydn set, but rejected & left unfini- shed. Completed by Erik Smith. A pocket score is also available (SP573).

Price: $27.80