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Lou Harrison Guitar Book / edited and transcribed by David Tanenbaum.
Publisher: Columbia Music

With introduction and notes by David Tanenbaum. Recorded by the editor on New Albion records.

Price: $11.99

Por Gitaro : Works For Solo Guitar / edited by John Schneider.
Publisher: Peer International

Seven guitar pieces by Harrison: Sonata No. 1 (1943); Sonata No. 5 (1943); Serenado por Gitaro (1952); A Waltz for Evelyn Hinrichsen (1977); Tandy's Tango (1992); Plaint (1978); and Variations on Song of Palestine (1978). With editor's notes.

Price: $17.95

Concerto : For Organ.
Publisher: Peer International

Price: $29.95

Lou Harrison.
Publisher: Univ. Illinois Press
ISBN13: 9780252031205

Harrison was an important composer in the second part of the 20th century, writing innovative percussion music and bringing the influences of other cultures into play. This book discusses his life and music. With notes, bibliography, discography, index and CD of music.

Price: $44.00

Music Of Lou Harrison.
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN13: 9780810828872

With many music examples, chronology, catalogue, discography, bibliography.

Price: $84.00

Harmonium #1 : For Lou Harrison.
Publisher: Smith Publications

Price: $22.00

Composing A World : Lou Harrison, Musical Wayfarer.
Publisher: Univ. Illinois Press
ISBN13: 9780252071881

A new edition of this look at the life and music of Harrison, who passed away in 2003. Includes an updated works catalog and minor corrections to the previous edition. The CD includes a sampling of Harrison's works. With an introduction, notes, bibliography, index and black & white photos.

Price: $39.00

Movement For Lou Harrison : For Just Bass Quartet (1976-88).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Just intonation is acheived via scordatura and natural harmonics. The piece is given in both staff and graphic notation. Preface by the composer. Duration circa twelve minutes.

Price: $15.00

Songs And Toods : For The Lou Harrison National Guitar Or Conventionally Fretted Guitar.
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Contents: Tood - schneidertood; Song - Sweet Betsy from Pike; Song - Eskimo Lullaby; Tood - 85 Chords (The Historical Tuning Problem); Song - Dismission of Great I. With notes on each piece.

Price: $25.00

Four Harrison Songs : For Voice and Accordion.
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Contents: No One Knows -- Underneath -- Spring -- Measures. With program notes. The music sets texts by Lou Harrison. Dedicated to John Duykers.

Price: $15.00

For Jim, Ben and Lou : Three Pieces For Harp, Guitar and Percussion (1995).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Contents: --Preamble, for James Tenney --Resting Place, for Ben Johnston --The Ever-Widening Halfstep, for Lou Harrison. Dedicated to John Schneider and Just Strings. With performance notes for each piece.

Price: $18.00

Music For Harp / Karen Gottlieb, Harp. [CD]
Publisher: Innova Recordings

Gottlieb plays music by Lou Harrison, John Cage, Wayne Peterson, and Dan Reiter.

Price: $14.98

String Poetic : American Works - A 21st Century Perspective / Jennifer Koh, Violin. [CD]
Publisher: Cedille Records

Koh plays music by Jennifer Higdon, Lou Harrison, John Adams and Carl Ruggles. With Reiko Uchida, piano.

Price: $16.98

Smoke & Mirrors Percussion Ensemble. [CD]
Publisher: Yarlung Records

Smoke & Mirrors performs the music of Steve Reich, Lou Harrison, Eric Whitacre, Derek Tywoniuk, Toru Takemitsu, and Maurice Ravel.

Price: $19.98

Die Natur der Klange : Neue Musik Für Harfe / Gabriele Emde, Harp.
Publisher: Edition Rz

…Hans Otte / Wassermann-Musik für Harfe (1984) / V -- Lou Harrison / Music for Harp (1978) a. From music for Bill and me -- Lou Harrison / Music for Harp (1978) b. Beverly's troubadour piece -- Lou Harrison / Music for Harp (1978) c. Avalokiteshvara -- Lou Harrison / Music for Harp (1978) d. Jahla.

Price: $21.98

Lament, In Didymus Chromatic : For Just Harpsichord, Tack Piano Or Electronic Keyboard (2003-2006).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Dedicated to the memory of Lou Harrison. The texture resembles a Baroque invention, but with many odd time signatures. With a tuning schema.

Price: $15.00

Kvarts / Zeitbilder : For Percussion Quartet.
Publisher: Samfundet Til Udgivelse

Parts sets for the two percussion quartets by Hendze. The two works each have their own parts set. Zeitbilder is dedicated to Lou Harrison.

Price: $64.00

Gems. [CD]
Publisher: Pitch Records

Contents: Canticle #3, by Lou Harrison; U. S. Highball, by Harry Partch; Psalm #51, No. 2, by Mordecai Sandberg; Qoheleth, by Johnny Reinhard. Various artists.

Price: $15.98

A Bridge Of Dreams.
Publisher: Dacapo Records

Ars Nova Copenhagen performs music by Lou Harrison, Ross Edwards, Jack Body, Liu Sola, and Anne Boyd. With Andrew Lawrence-King. Conducted by Paul Hillier.

Price: $16.98

Zia. [CD]
Publisher: Sono Luminus

The Del Sol String Quartet performs music by contemporary composers, including Gabriela Lena Frank, Lou Harrison, Reza Vali, Jose Evangelista, and Elena Kats-Chernin.

Price: $16.98

Yitgadal : For Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar, Harp, Percussion And At Least Six Melody Instruments.
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

This work was composed in 2003-04 for David Rosenboom and the CalArts New Century Players. The music is made of two chorales, dedicated to the memories of Lou Harrison and Bill Colvig. With performance notes.

Price: $15.00

Symphony No. 20.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Cowell began this work in 1965, but was unable to complete it. Some of the music which appears in this edition was reconstructed from sketches by Lou Harrison in 1968. Printed from manuscript.

Price: $58.25

Coyote's Bones (Last Piece) : For Violin, Piano And Bass Marimba (2000-2001).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

This two movement work was composed in Veracruz for William Winant, who wanted something for his new bass marimba. The second movement is in memory of William Colvig, a collaborator with Lou Harrison. With program notes. Printed from manuscript.

Price: $15.00

American Pioneers : Ives To Cage and Beyond.
Publisher: Phaidon
ISBN13: 9780714831732

General introduction, chapters on Ives, Varese, Cowell, Cage, New Sources, New Sounds. (McPhee, Lou Harrison, Hovhaness, LaMonte Young, Partch, Babbitt, Luening, Subotnik). Many illustrations, works list, bibliography, discography, index.

Price: $29.95