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Berliner Lautentabulaturen : Zwei Handschriften Aus der Mitte Des 17. Jahrhunderts.

Publisher: Schott

For lute and guitar. Concordances by Francois-Pierre Goy. Edited and with preface by Dieter Kirsch and Lenz Meierott.


Easy Lute Music, Vol. 1 - Music From Scotland : arranged For 6-Course Renaissance Lute.

Publisher: Seicento Edition

With an introduction. This volume contains 35 pieces from the 16th and 17th centuries. The edition draws on four sources: Straloch Manuscript; Skene Mandora Manuscript; Rowallen Lute Book; and Jane Pickeringe's Lute Booke. The music appears in tablature.


Recueil De Pièces De Luth En Tablature Italienne (XVIIe Siècle).

Publisher: Editions Culture Et Civilisation
Series: Thesaurus Musicus, Nova Series
, Ser. A/10

$28.00 $16.10

Intabolatura De Lauto, Libro Primo (Venetia1546).

Publisher: Seicento Edition

This collection consists of 52 pieces. The pieces are presented as lute tablature. Includes ricercari, canzoni francese, motetti, madrigali, padoane and salterelli.


Antologia Delle Intavolature Di Ottaviano Petrucci : Venezia, 1507-1508.

Publisher: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni

Edited and with preface by Paolo Cherici. Contains Joan Ambrosio Dalza's Intabulatura de Lauto Libro Quarto…, Venezia, 108 ; Francesco Spinacino's Intabolatura de lauto, Libro 1 et Libro 2, Venezia 1507. With sources and notes on performance; critical commentary.


O Passi Sparsi / Gabriele Palomba, Lute. [CD]

Publisher: Stradivarius Records

Lute music by De Rippe, who is also known as Alberto Da Mantova.


The Balcarres Lute Book / edited by Matthew Spring.

Publisher: Universities Of Glasgow & Aberdeen
Series: Music Of Scotland
, Vol. 2
ISBN13: 9780852618462

…Volume I. Introduction and Facsimle. Volume II. Transcription and Commentary. With a foreword, introduction and indices. The Balcarres lute-book contains 252 examples of British lute music. The book was compiled at the end of the 17th century, and it is held in the National Library of Scotland.


Libro d' Intavolatura Di Liuto, Firenze 1584.

Publisher: Studio Per Edizione Scelte
Series: Monumenta Musicae Revocata
, Vol. 11

$82.50 $47.50

Intavolatura Di Liuto, Libro Primo.

Publisher: Studio Per Edizione Scelte
Series: Archivum Musicum - Collana Di Testi Rari
, Vol. 50
ISBN13: 9788872425770

$44.60 $27.80

Fantaisies, Motets, Chansons Et Danses (Premier Livre, 1551).

Publisher: Cnrs-Editions
Series: Corpus Des Luthistes Francais
ISBN13: 9782222004899

$30.00 $19.50

Lautenbuch : Für Renaissance-Laute.

Publisher: Jarchow Verlag

This book contains a facsimile of a manuscript of lute tablature held in the Staatsbibliothek Berlin. The manuscript contains 143 pieces. With a foreword and commentary in German and English by Ralf Jarchow. This manuscript was put together by Nauclerus between 1615 and 1620, while he was deacon in…


St. Petersburg Swan Manuscript.

Publisher: Editions Orphee
Series: Monuments Of The Lutenist Art
, Vol. 2
ISBN13: 9780936186825

A facsimile of manuscript 0 no.124, Library of the St.Petersburg Academy of Sciences. With an introduction, inventory and index by Tim Crawford and Fran- coix-Pierre Goy. A 17th-century ms of lute music by French, German, Italian & English composers, also of lute music arranged for baryton.


Lute Music / Yavor Genov, Lute. [CD]

Publisher: Brilliant Classics

Little is known about the 18th century Italian composer Zamboni. This disc features works from his published collection of lute music.


Pieces De Luth En Musique Avec Des Regles Pour Les Toucher Parfaitement Sur le Luth.

Publisher: Ut Orpheus Ed.
Series: Esacordo - Musiche Per Strumenti A Tastiera
, No. 1 sur le clavessin (Parigi, 1680). Edited by Paola Erdas. With preface in Italian, French and English; critical notes; ornamentation; performance.


Livre De Tablature Des Pieces De Luth.

Publisher: Performers' Facsimiles

A facsimile of a volume of lute tablature originally published in Paris. This edition is based on a copy held in the Library of Congress. With a preface.

$25.00 $18.75

Anthology Of 17th Century French Pieces For Baroque Lute, Vol. 2 / edited by Joel Dugot.

Publisher: Ut Orpheus Ed.
Series: Silva De Sirenas

Music by Michel Blavet, Francois Dufaut, Denis Gautier, Johann Gumprecht, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Jean Mercure, Nicolas de Merville, and anonymous. With an introduction in French and English. Source notes. The pieces are presented in lute tablature only.


Opera Per Liuto = Lute Works, 1517 / Paolo Cherici, Lute and Vihuela. [CD]

Publisher: Tactus

A disc of music by Capirola, an important Italian composer in the emerging field of instrumental writing.


Lute Music / Toyohiko Satoh, Lute. [CD]

Publisher: Carpe Diem Records

Satoh plays a lute built in 1610 by Laurentius Greiff.


Lute Music / Jakob Lindberg, Lute. [CD]

Publisher: Bis

Various pieces by Weiss are performed by Lindberg. He performs on the unique Sixtus Rauwolf lute made around 1590.


Lute Suites For Guitar.

Publisher: Amsco Publications
ISBN13: 9780825699795

Edited and fingered by Jerry Willard. The complete works for lute solo by Johann Sebastian Bach, newly transcribed and annotated. Historical and performance notes.


Lute Music. [CD]

Publisher: Naxos

Lutenists Christopher Wilson and Shirley Rumsey perform a wide variety of music by the founder of the school of English lute music. Includes Johnson's Jewel, The Marigold Pavan, Omnino Galliard, Carman's Whistle and more.


Wickhambrook Lute Manuscript.

Publisher: A-R Editions
Series: Collegium Musicum
, Vol. I/4
ISBN13: 9780895793652

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