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Lautenbuch : Für Renaissance-Laute.
Publisher: Jarchow Verlag
ISBN13: 9790700090319

This book contains a facsimile of a manuscript of lute tablature held in the Staatsbibliothek Berlin. The manuscript contains 143 pieces. With a foreword and commentary in German and English by Ralf Jarchow. This manuscript was put together by Nauclerus between 1615 and 1620, while he was deacon in…

Price: $73.20

Lute Music / Yavor Genov, Lute. [CD]
Publisher: Brilliant Classics

Little is known about the 18th century Italian composer Zamboni. This disc features works from his published collection of lute music.

Price: $7.98

Anthology Of 17th Century French Pieces For Baroque Lute, Vol. 2 / edited by Joel Dugot.
Publisher: Ut Orpheus Ed.
ISBN13: 9790215322875

Music by Michel Blavet, Francois Dufaut, Denis Gautier, Johann Gumprecht, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Jean Mercure, Nicolas de Merville, and anonymous. With an introduction in French and English. Source notes. The pieces are presented in lute tablature only.

Price: $18.40

Livre De Tablature Des Pieces De Luth.
Publisher: Performers' Facsimiles

A facsimile of a volume of lute tablature originally published in Paris. This edition is based on a copy held in the Library of Congress. With a preface.

Price: $25.00

Pieces De Luth En Musique Avec Des Regles Pour Les Toucher Parfaitement Sur le Luth.
Publisher: Ut Orpheus Ed.
ISBN13: 9790215300491 sur le clavessin (Parigi, 1680). Edited by Paola Erdas. With preface in Italian, French and English; critical notes; ornamentation; performance.

Price: $30.40

Oeuvres Des Dubut.
Publisher: Cnrs-Editions
ISBN13: 9782222025498

Premier Livre (1611).
Publisher: Cnrs-Editions
ISBN13: 9782222007067

Berliner Lautentabulaturen : Zwei Handschriften Aus der Mitte Des 17. Jahrhunderts.
Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9790001114776

For lute and guitar. Concordances by Francois-Pierre Goy. Edited and with preface by Dieter Kirsch and Lenz Meierott.

Price: $62.95

Regola Rubertina : A Manual Of Playing The Viola Da Gamba and Of Playing The Lute (Venice, 1542/43).
Publisher: Robert Lienau Musikverlag
ISBN13: 9790011163900

This is an English translation by Daphne and Stephen Silvester of the 1972 German edition edited by Hildemarie Peter.

Price: $28.60

The Jacobean Lutenists / Karl Nyhlin, Renaissance Lute.
Publisher: Db Productions

Nyhlin performs music by John Dowland, Daniel Bacheler, Philip Rosseter, John Danyel, John Stuart, and Robert Johnson.

Price: $16.98

Joachim Van Den Hove : Life and Works Of A Leiden Lutenist, 1567-1620.
Publisher: Vereniging V. Nederlandse
ISBN13: 9789063752248

Joachim van den Hove was a leading composer and lutenist in the Dutch Republic at the turn of the 17th century. Volume 1 of this edition includes information on his life and works, while Volume 2 contains the music in tablature. With a bibliography and index. The CD contains transcriptions of the…

Price: $165.00

Lute Sonatas, Vol. 1 / Yasunori Imamura, Lute. [CD]
Publisher: Claves

The first volume of lute pieces by Weiss to be recorded by the virtuoso Imamura. Includes: Sonata in B flat major; Prelude and Fantasie in C minor; and Sonata in A minor.

Price: $19.98

The Well-Tempered Lute, Tones I-IV / Zak Ozmo, Lute.
Publisher: Hyperion

World premiere recording of these highly virtuosic works for solo lute.

Price: $19.98

Da Un Codice Del Cinquecento : Transcriptions For Lute Or Guitar, From A 16th-C. Lute Manuscript.
Publisher: Editions Orphee
ISBN13: 9781882612383

Edited by Matanya Ophee. Chilesotti's 1890 book, a unique source of 16th century music, was originally published specifically for the seven- course lute. This new edition also allows the music to be played on modern guitar. Introduction by Stefano Toffolo and editor's preface.

Price: $39.95

The Balcarres Lute Book / edited by Matthew Spring.
Publisher: Universities Of Glasgow & Aberdeen
ISBN13: 9780852618462

…Volume I. Introduction and Facsimle. Volume II. Transcription and Commentary. With a foreword, introduction and indices. The Balcarres lute-book contains 252 examples of British lute music. The book was compiled at the end of the 17th century, and it is held in the National Library of Scotland.

Price: $165.00

Opera Per Liuto = Lute Works, 1517 / Paolo Cherici, Lute and Vihuela. [CD]
Publisher: Tactus

A disc of music by Capirola, an important Italian composer in the emerging field of instrumental writing.

Price: $16.98

Intavolatura Di Liuto / Anthony Bailes, Lute. [CD]
Publisher: Ramée

This disc also contains lute music by Vincenzo Galilei.

Price: $18.98

Scottish Lute.
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN13: 9780786689774

Price: $29.99

Suites Pour Luth Baroque 4, 5 and 6 / Hopkinson Smith, Lute. [CD]
Publisher: Naïve Astree

Smith plays Bach's suites BWV 1010, 995, and 1012.

Price: $16.98

Lute Music / Toyohiko Satoh, Lute. [CD]
Publisher: Carpe Diem Records

Satoh plays a lute built in 1610 by Laurentius Greiff.

Price: $16.98

Lute Music / Jakob Lindberg, Lute. [CD]
Publisher: Bis

Various pieces by Weiss are performed by Lindberg. He performs on the unique Sixtus Rauwolf lute made around 1590.

Price: $19.98

Lute Suites For Guitar.
Publisher: Amsco Publications
ISBN13: 9780825699795

Edited and fingered by Jerry Willard. The complete works for lute solo by Johann Sebastian Bach, newly transcribed and annotated. Historical and performance notes.

Price: $19.99

Lute Music. [CD]
Publisher: Naxos

Lutenists Christopher Wilson and Shirley Rumsey perform a wide variety of music by the founder of the school of English lute music. Includes Johnson's Jewel, The Marigold Pavan, Omnino Galliard, Carman's Whistle and more.

Price: $12.98

The Willoughby Lute Book.
Publisher: Boethius Press