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Canticles of The Sky : For String Quartet.
Publisher: Chester Music

Contents: I. Sky With Four Suns -- II. Sky With Four Moons -- III. Sky With Nameless Colors -- IV. Sky With Endless Stars. With program and biographical notes. Commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association. Duration ca. 18 minutes. Custom print edition.

Price: $8.10

Magic Song For One Who Wishes To Live and The Dead Who Climb Up To The Sky : For Voice and Piano.
Publisher: Chester Music

Commissioned by New Songs. Adams sets texts about life and death adapted from the Ammassalik and Thule Eskimo. With a program note. Custom print edition.

Price: $7.99

The Farthest Place : The Music Of John Luther Adams / edited by Bernd Herzogenrath.
Publisher: Univ. Press New England
ISBN13: 9781555537630

Fifteen articles study individual works of the Alaska-based composer Adams. This is the first critical anthology of writings on his music. With an introduction and index. Music examples.

Price: $53.95

Adams/Cox/Fink/Fox. [CD]
Publisher: Cold Blue

Clarinetist Marty Walker performs music by John Luther Adams, Rick Cox, Michael Jon Fink and Jim Fox.

Price: $18.98

Earth and The Great Weather. [CD]
Publisher: New World Records

Performers: Amy Knoles, Dave Hunsaker, John Luther Adams, Michael Finckel, Robert Black, Robert Lawrence, Robin Lorentz.

Price: $17.98

Price: $16.18

The Stone People / Lisa Moore, Piano.
Publisher: Cantaloupe

Moore performs new music by John Luther Adams, Martin Bresnick, Missy Mazzoli, Kate Moore, and Julia Wolfe.

Price: $16.98

Journaling / Cornelius Dufallo, Violin. [CD]
Publisher: Innova Recordings

Dufallo plays new music by John King, Joan Jeanrenaud, Huang Ruo, Vijay Iyer, John Luther Adams, and Kenji Bunch.

Price: $14.98

Cold Blue Two. [CD]
Publisher: Cold Blue

This disc contains new works by composers such as John Luther Adams, Gavin Bryars, Peter Garland, Larry Polansky, David Rosenboom, James Tenney, and others. Various artists.

Price: $18.98

Called Home : For Medium Voice and Piano.
Publisher: E.C. Schirmer Music

Commissioned by the James Adams Foundation, and dedicated to the memory of James Luther Adams. Premiered by baritone David Murray and pianist William Merrill, Boston 1997. Five songs on texts by Emily Dickinson. With a biographical sketch.

Price: $16.70

Sounding The Margins : Collected Writings, 1992-2009 / edited by Lawton Hall.
Publisher: Pauline Oliveros
ISBN13: 9781889471167

Oliveros is one of the most unique musical thinkers in today's world. This book gathers writings from a period of 17 years. With a foreword by John Luther Adams, preface by Oliveros, midword by Monique Buzzarté, and aftword by Stuart Dempster.

Price: $29.20

Just Strings. [CD]
Publisher: Microfest Records

The ensemble Just Strings performs music by Lou Harrison and John Luther Adams. Contents: Five Athabascan Dances -- Five Yup'ik Dances -- Harp Suite No. 1 -- Harp Suite No. 2 -- Lyric Phrases -- In Honor of the Divine Mr. Handel.

Price: $14.98

Inevitable Wave(C) : For Chamber Orchestra and Fixed Media (2013).
Publisher: American Composers Alliance

A one-movement work in three parts: I. Rolling Water/Uneasy Calm -- II. Beacon/Warning -- III. Wave. With program notes. Dedicated to John Luther Adams. The third work in a series of pieces focusing on waves, this music was composed in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Duration ca. 16 minutes.

Price: $22.95

Sila : The Breath Of The World.
Publisher: Taiga Press

With performance notes. Commissioned by Lincoln Center, Washington Performing Arts Society, the Ojai Music Festival, and the La Jolla Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. This work may be performed by 16 to 80 musicians or more. The musicians are divided into voices, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and…

Three High Places : For Solo Violin (2007).
Publisher: Chester Music

Dedicated to the memory of Adams' friend, Gordon Wright. This is a set of three miniatures, in which all the tones are produced as natural harmonics or open strings. Of advanced difficulty. With program and biographical notes. Duration ca. 10 minutes.

Price: $10.80

Four Thousand Holes : For Piano, Percussion and Electronic Sounds.
Publisher: Chester Music

…Stephen Drury. The electronic tracks consist of layers of auras -- textural waves of chords. The title comes from A Day in the Life / by the Beatles -- Adams appropriates rock chords for this work. Duration ca. 33 minutes. A DVD-ROM with the electronic tracks and a set of parts are sold separately.

Price: $40.50

Five Yup'Ik Dances : For Solo Harp.
Publisher: Chester Music

A set of five miniatures based on traditional Yup'ik Eskimo dance songs. Each piece is preceded by a poem which represents a rough translation of the song texts. With program and biographical notes.

Price: $8.10

Dream Of The Canyon Wren : For String Quartet.
Publisher: Chester Music

In one movement. With program and biographical notes. This music was inspired by the song of the canyon wren of the desert. The music features extensive portamento and glissando. Of advanced difficulty. Custom print edition.

Price: $6.70

Light That Fills The World. [CD]
Publisher: Cold Blue

A recording of the long landscape piece by Adams for chamber ensemble. With Marty Walker, Amy Knowles, Robin Lorentz, Bryan Pezzone and more.

Price: $18.98

Place Where You Go To Listen : In Search of An Ecology of Music.
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
ISBN13: 9780819569035

The title of this book is taken from a sound and light installation by Adams at the Museum of the North in Fairbanks, Alaska. Adams discusses the creation of this work, and his philosophies of musical ecology. With a foreword by Alex Ross, preface, bibliography, discography, figures, plates.

Price: $24.95

The Place We Began.
Publisher: Cold Blue

A disc of electro-acoustic pieces by Alaskan composer Adams. Includes: In a Room -- In the Rain -- At the Still Point -- At a Distance -- and The Place We Began.

Price: $18.98

Songbirdsongs. [CD]
Publisher: Mode Records

The first complete recording of this cycle of music by Adams. Stephen Drury conducts the Callithumpian Consort. This disc also includes Strange Birds Passing, performed by the New England Conservatory Contemporary Music Ensemble.

Price: $17.98

Three Drum Quartets From Earth and The Great Weather.
Publisher: Chester Music

These three quartets, which employ bass drums and various tom-toms, are drawn from Adams' evening-length work designed as a sonic geography of the Arctic. An optional tape may be obtained to provide ambient sounds with the performance. With program & biographical notes. Duration ca. 26 min. Custom…

Price: $38.00