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Sechs Concerti Grossi.
Publisher: Musikproduktion Juergen Hoeflich

Contents: Concert II in A major -- Concerto IV in G minor -- Concerto V in D major -- Concerto X in G major -- Concerto XI in E minor -- Concerto XII in G major. With a preface in German and English. These pieces come from Muffat's Ausserlesene Instrumental-Music of 1701. Reprint edition.

Price: $33.40

Florilegium Primum & Secundum : Für Streichinstrumente.
Publisher: Musikproduktion Juergen Hoeflich

With a preface in English and German. This volume contains two collections of dances by Muffat. The first was composed in Salzburg and first published in 1695. The second was composed in Passau and published in 1698. Reprinted from a previous edition originally published by Doblinger.

Price: $69.00

Armonico Tributo; Exquisitioris Harmoniae Instrumentalis Gravi - Jucundae Selectus Primus.
Publisher: Musikproduktion Juergen Hoeflich

Two collections of instrumental works by Muffat, dating from 1682 and 1701, respectively. With a preface in English and German. Reprinted from the edition by Erich Schenk, printed in Volume 89 of Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich (1953).

Price: $35.60

Propitia Sydera : Concerto Grosso.
Publisher: Doblinger

Price: $29.00

The Life and Works Of Gottlieb Muffat (1690-1770).
Publisher: Hollitzer Music Publications
ISBN13: 9783990120842

An examination of the life and work of the 18th century composer Muffat, who specialized in keyboard music. The book features a thematic catalog of his works. With a preface, source notes, bibliography, and indices.

Price: $103.50

Orgelmusik Am Wiener Hof : Georg and Gottlieb Muffat / Wolfgang Kogert, Organ. [CD]
Publisher: Nca Records

This disc features music composed at the Viennese court by Georg and Gottlieb Muffat. Kogert plays the Sieber Organ of the Michaelkirche in Vienna.

Price: $18.98

Orgelmusik Am Wiener Hof : Froberger, Kerll, Muffat / Jeremy Joseph, Organ. [CD]
Publisher: Nca Records

Toccatas, canzonas and more by three composers of the court in Vienna. Joseph plays the Freundt Organ of the Stiftskirche Klosterneuburg.

Price: $18.98

Georg Muffat On Performance Practice : A New Translation and Commentary / edited by David K. Wilson.
Publisher: Indiana Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9780253213976

Texts from Muffat's treatises: Florilegium Primum; Florilegium Secundum; and Auserlesene Instrumentalmusik. With a preface, sources, biographical sketch, commentary, and bibliography.

Price: $32.95

Old Masters Of The Organ, Book 4 / edited by Karl Straube.
Publisher: Masters Music Publ.

Contains selections by Buxtehude, Cabezon, Frescobaldi, Froberger, Kerll and Muffat.

Price: $12.95

Florilegium Primum 1695. [CD]
Publisher: Challenge Classics

A collection of 50 pieces by Muffat. Performed by Ensemble Salzburg Baroque. Hybrid SACD.

Price: $20.98

Apparatus Musico-Organisticus : For Organ.
Publisher: Well-Tempered Press

Price: $22.95

Complete Apparatus Musico-Organisticus / Adriano Falcioni, Organ. [CD]
Publisher: Brilliant Classics

This two-disc set presents a complete recording of Muffat's collection of music for organ.

Price: $11.98

Old Masters Of The Organ, Book 2 / edited by Karl Straube.
Publisher: Masters Music Publ.

Contains eight selections by Georg Muffat, Pachelbel, Samuel Scheidt, Delphin Strungk, Johann G. Walther.

Price: $12.95

Organ Of Saint-Francois, Lausanne. [CD]
Publisher: Gall Records

Jean-Francois Vaucher, organ. Music of Clerambault, Muffat, Mendelssohn, Widor, and Vierne.

Price: $20.98

Geistliche Kammermusik von Ulm Bis Wien. [CD]
Publisher: Cornetto Records

The Consortium Musicum Passau performs music by Lederer, Marini, Regler, Muffat, Mazak, Lehner, and others.

Price: $17.98

Barocco Da Sud A Nord / Francesco Cera, Organ. [CD]
Publisher: Tactus

Cera performs organ music by Frescobaldi, Pasquini, Zipoli, Vivaldi, Muffat, Buxtehude, and Bach.

Price: $16.98

Opus I, 1695. [CD]
Publisher: Alpha Productions

Performed by Ensemble Masques. Also includes works by Muffat, Kerll, and Pachelbel.

Price: $18.98

The Metzler Organ In St. Jakob Friedberg / Peter Schnur, Organ.
Publisher: Tyxart Records

Schnur plays music by Muffat, Daquin, Stanley, Bach, Krebs, Franck, and Mendelssohn.

Price: $16.98

Pour Passer la Mélancolie / Andreas Staier, Harpsichord. [CD]
Publisher: Harmonia Mundi

Staier performs music from the French baroque, by Froberger, d'Anglebert, Fischer, Couperin, Clerembault, and Muffat.

Price: $18.98

Complete Clavier Works / Siegbert Rampe, Harpsichord and Clavichord. [CD]
Publisher: MDG Records

The music on this recording was only recently discovered, and constitutes all the known keyboard music by Muffat.

72 Versetl Sammt 12 Toccaten, Besonders Zum Kirchen-Dienst Bey Choral-Aemtern Und Vesperen Dienlich.
Publisher: Performers' Facsimiles

A collection of toccatas and fugues for organ by Muffat. This facsimile of the original edition is based on a copy held by a private collector.

Price: $25.00

6 Fugues For Keyboard, HWV 605-610 (1735) / Edited By Christopher Hogwood.
Publisher: Ut Orpheus Ed.
ISBN13: 9790215315426

This volume contains the adaptations of Handel's fugues by Gottlieb Muffat, created in 1736. Handel and Muffat never met, but admired each other and borrowed each other's music frequently. With an introduction and facsimile plates.

Price: $26.40

Bach Period : For Piano Solo / edited by Kurt Herrmann.
Publisher: Kalmus / Warner
ISBN13: 9780757923494

Includes music by Mattheson, Telemann, Bach, Handel, Muffat, Arne, Rameau, Dandrieu, Scarlatti, Pergolesi and more. Reprint edition.

Price: $9.95