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Treize Couleurs Du Soleil Couchant : Pour Flute, Clarinette, Violon, Violoncelle Et Piano (1978).
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantiques

In one movement. With performance notes. Commissioned by the Centre Culturel Allemand and Goethe Institut de Paris. The music is free and umetered. Includes instructions for optional amplification and electronic effects.

Price: $37.70

Contemporary Compositional Techniques and Openmusic.
Publisher: Editions Delatour
ISBN13: 9782752100801

…on compositional ideas such as frequency-based techniques, acoustic modeling, set theory, and permutational techniques. Includes detailed analysis of works by Claude Vivier, Gerard Grisey, and Tristan Murail. Also includes an interview with Murail. With an introduction. Music examples. Diagrams.

Price: $32.20

Les Miroirs Etendus : Pour Ondes Martenot Et Piano.
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantiques

Contents: I. Sous le tumulte des amarres -- II. Les miroirs étendus -- III. Coupant la fièvre d'eaux qui montent. This challenging work is unmetered and contains some aleatoric qualities. Duration ca. 11 minutes.

Price: $36.40

Winter Fragments : Pour Ensemble.
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230974882

Price: $50.30

Attracteurs Etranges : For Solo Cello.
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230975261

Price: $24.40

Tellur : For Solo Guitar.
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantique

Price: $17.00

Ethers : Pour Flute Et Ensemble.
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantique
ISBN13: 9790231414886

Price: $37.00

Tristan Murail : Les Objets Sonores Complexes - Analyse De l'Esprit Des Dunes.
Publisher: Harmattan
ISBN13: 9782296542761

Murail is an important composer in contemporary France. L'Esprit des dunes is an orchestral work based on spectral analysis of Tibetan and Mongolian music. This is a detailed analysis of the work. With a foreword and bibliography. Tables. Charts. Music examples.

Price: $13.90

Travel Notes : For 2 Pianos and 2 Percussions (2015).
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230985291

In one movement. With performance notes in French and Englsih. Commissioned by the Serge Koussevitzky Foundation in the Library of Congress, and dedicated to the memory of Serge and Natalie Koussevitzky. Composed for the ensemble Yarn/Wire. Premiered in New York, July 2015. Of advanced difficulty.…

Price: $140.90

Tristan Murail / edited by Peter Szendy.
Publisher: Harmattan
ISBN13: 9782747526548

Price: $17.70

Transcription Dans Boulez Et Murail : De l'Oreille A L'eveil.
Publisher: Harmattan
ISBN13: 9782738480422

Eric Humbertclaude considers one work of Boulez, composed in 1978, Notation II and the compositions of Murail in the 1980s, to compare and discover the times in which these composers worked, the reception of their works, by emphasizing on the composers' sensibility in " reading the time."

Price: $13.50

Invocation / Herbert Schuch, Piano. [CD]
Publisher: Naïve Records

A recital of music old and new by Bach, Murail, Liszt, Messiaen, and Ravel.

Price: $16.98

Vexierbilder : Für Flöte, Klarinette, Saxophon, Posaune & Live-Elektronik Oder 8-Kanal-Zuspeilband.
Publisher: Ricordi Germany
ISBN13: 9790204233267

In one movement. With performance notes in German. Dedicated to Tristan Murail. Premiered by Ensemble 2001 in Vienna, 1994. Printed from manuscript.

Price: $42.00

Altitude 8000 : Pour Orchestre.
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantiques

In one movement. With performance notes in French. The score calls for a small orchestra, but with strings often heavily divided. Printed from manuscript.

Price: $40.40

Echos/Memoire : Pour Alto Et Piano (Avec Violon Et Violoncelle Ad Lib.) (1976).
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantiques

In one movement. The music is unmetered and has some aleatoric qualities. Both players read from score. Printed from manuscript.

Price: $17.50

Gondwana : Pour Orchestra (1980).
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantique

Print-on-demand item.

Price: $107.90

Reflections/Reflets I - Spleen/Quand le Ciel Bas Et Lourd : Pour Orchestre (2013).
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230990998

The first of two sections which comprise Murail's Reflections/Reflets. With performance notes in French and English. Commissioned by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Musique Nouvelle en Liberté - Ville de Paris, and Casa da Musica, Porto. For full orchestra. The music includes quarter tones and other…

Price: $32.60

Memoire/Erosion : Pour Cor Et Ensemble Instrumental.
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantique

One of the most prominent of the younger generation in France, Murail is a noted performer on the onde Martenot as well as a composer. A complex, avant- garde work whose particular fineness of ecriture suggests thoroughly assimilat ed influences as disparate as Scelsi, Feldman and Xenakis.

Price: $37.00

Price: $33.30

Musica Viva 22. [CD]
Publisher: Neos Records

György Ligeti / Lontano For Large Orchestra (1967) -- Tristan Murail / le Désenchantement Du Monde. Concerto Symphonique Pour Piano Et Orchestre (2011/ 2012) -- George Benjamin / Palimpsests For Orchestra (1998-2002) / Palimpsest I (Viertel = 88) -- George Benjamin / Palimpsests For Orchestra…

Price: $16.98

C' Est Un Jardin Secret : For Violoncello Solo.
Publisher: Editions Musicales Transatlantique

Price: $19.00

Un Sogno : Pour Ensemble Instrumental Et Synthèsé Électronique (2014).
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230990196

In one movement. With performance notes in French and English. Commissioned by Klangforum Wien and CIRM Nice. Premiered in Germany, May 2014 by Klangforum Wien. Scored for flute, oboes, clarinets, horns, trumpet, trombone, strings, and electronic keyboard. The electronic part is realized in the…

Price: $84.80

Le Désenchantement Du Monde : Concerto Symphonique Pour Piano Et Orchestre (2012).
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230990431

In one movement. Commissioned by Bayerischer Rundfunk/Musica Viva (München), the New York Philharmonic, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, and Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. Premiered in Munich, 2012 by pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard and the Symphonischer des Bayerische Rundfunks. Duration ca. 26 minutes.

Price: $102.10

Lachrymae : Pour Flute En Sol Et Quintette A Cordes.
Publisher: Lemoine
ISBN13: 9790230989824

In one movement. With performance notes in French. Commissioned by the Callithumpian Consort for the 2011 Summer Institute of Contemporary Performance Practice. Premiered in Boston, June 2011. Of advanced difficulty.

Price: $58.90