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Requiem; Nymphes De Boys; Requiem (Josquin Des Prez) / edited by Jaap Van Benthem.
Publisher: Vereniging V. Nederlandse
ISBN13: 9789063751678

This volume contains a Mass by Ockeghem based on the Requiem chant, and a work composed by Josquin on a text by Jehan Molinet, on the death of Ockeghem. With an introduction and critical notes. This is the final volume in this series.

Price: $48.30

Missa Au Travail Suis; Kyrie Gloria Super Ma Maistresse.
Publisher: Vereniging V. Nederlandse
ISBN13: 9789063751708

The Missa Au travail suis is based on a 3-voice rondeau-quatrain setting. The Kryie and Gloria Ma maistresse are derived from Ockeghem's bergerette of the same name. Both building blocks are presented in this edition, along with an introduction and critical remarks.

Price: $48.30

Price: $38.60

Motets and Chansons / edited by Richard Wexler With Dragan Plamenac.
Publisher: American Musicological Society
ISBN13: 9781878528025

Price: $127.50

Price: $102.00

For Ockeghem. [CD]
Publisher: Coro Records

The Hilliard Ensemble performs music by Ockeghem, as well as Cretin, Busnois, Compere and Lupi.

Price: $16.98

In Praise Of Ockeghem : For Organ.
Publisher: E.C. Schirmer Music

Price: $10.75

Ockeghem - De la Rue : Requiem. [CD]
Publisher: Challenge Classics

Contents: Missa pro defunctis / Ockeghem -- Missa pro fidelibus defunctis / De La Rue. Performed by Cappella Pratensis. SACD.

Price: $20.98

Die Tonarten In Mehrstimmigen Messen von Ockeghem Bis Palestrina.
Publisher: Florian Noetzel / Ars Musica
ISBN13: 9783795909642

A study of key and tonal structure in masses from throughout the Renaissance, including works by Ockeghem, Josquin, Senfl, Willaert, Clemens Non Papa, Rore, Merulo, Gallus, Lasso, and Palestrina. One volume contains textual analysis, while the other contains the complete music for the works that are…

Price: $88.60

Qui Habitat 24 Vocum; Ockeghem : Deo Gratias 36 Vocum.
Publisher: Vereniging V. Nederlandse

Price: $27.60

Price: $22.10

Triplum Pro Ockeghem : For Recorder Trio (ATB) (2009).
Publisher: Ut Orpheus Ed.
ISBN13: 9790215324008

In one movement. With notes in English and Italian. Dedicated to the memory of the composer's father. Composed for the Triplum Recorder Trio. This challenging work is full of changing, complex meters.

Price: $25.10

Die Chansons Johannes Ockeghems : Aesthetic Des Musikalischen Raumes.
Publisher: Laaber Verlag
ISBN13: 9783890072708

Many music examples throughout the text.

Price: $111.30

Ockeghem Et Compere : Musique Au Temps D'Anne De France. [CD]
Publisher: Ligia Records

The ensemble La Main Harmonique performs secular music by Ockeghem and Compere, as well as Agricola.

Price: $16.98

Plorer, Gemir, Crier : Hommage A la Voix d'Or De Johannes Ockeghem. [CD]
Publisher: Aeon Records

The ensemble Diabolus In Musica performs music by La Rue, Obrecht, Josquin, Busnois, and Lupus.

Price: $18.98

Missae Cuiusvis Toni and Prolationem. [CD]
Publisher: Fra Bernardo

Two discs of sacred music by Ockeghem, as performed by The Sound and the Fury.

Price: $29.98

Requiem; Missa Mi-Mi; Missa Prolationum. [CD]
Publisher: Virgin Classics

With the Hilliard Ensemble. This two-disc set also includes several motets by Ockeghem.

Price: $11.98

Renaissance Masterpieces : The Hilliard Sound. [CD]
Publisher: Erato

Three discs of recordings by The Hilliard Ensemble, including music by Josquin, Ockeghem and Lasso.

Price: $20.98

Estonian Religious Folk Chorales. [CD]
Publisher: Alba Records

The vocal ensemble Heinavanker performs folk music from Estonia, as well as music by Johannes Ockeghem.

Price: $19.98

Requiem. [CD]
Publisher: Dacapo Records

Ars Nova Copenhagen performs music by Johannes Ockeghem and Bent Sorensen. Conducted by Paul Hillier.

Price: $16.98

Collected Works, Vol. 2 / edited by Richard Wexler With Dragan Plamenac.
Publisher: American Musicological Society

Price: $31.00

Price: $24.80

Collected Works / edited by Richard Wexler With Dragan Plamenac.
Publisher: American Musicological Society

Price: $31.00

Price: $24.80

Missa l'Homme Arme; Miss Sine Nomine A 3. [CD]
Publisher: Asv

Music by Morton and Basiron; The Clerks' Group, Edward Wickham.