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Quintets, Op. 88 and 111 : For Two Violins, Two Violas, and Cello.
Publisher: Kalmus / Warner
ISBN13: 9780757980169

Two three-movement string quintets. Reprint edition.

Price: $19.95

Scherzo : For Brass Quintet.
Publisher: Avant Music

Price: $18.00

Quintets. [CD]
Publisher: Bis

Four discs of string quintets and mixed quintets by Mozart. Various artists.

Price: $39.98

Woodwind Quintet.
Publisher: Seesaw Music Corporation

A three-movement quintet composed in a tonal idiom with complex and often changing meters. Duration 9 minutes.

Price: $49.00

Woodwind Quintet.
Publisher: European American Music

A quintet in three movements for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon. Of advanced difficulty. Printed from manuscript.

Price: $49.00

Woodwind Quintet.
Publisher: Southern Music Co.

Makris, a native of Greece, has been composer in residence of the National Symphony Orchestra and advisor to Rostropovich for many years. Many of his works have been commissioned by the Nat'l SO. This quintet was written for the Capital Woodwind Quintet.

Price: $59.95

Piano Quintet.
Publisher: Natsionalnyj Sviridovskij Fond
ISBN13: 9790937320265

…and performance instructions in Russian. Both works have never been published before. According to the introduction notes, the piano quintet is the only quintet by the composer, its text being reconstructed from multiple manuscripts -- the string quartet is supposedly the 1st of the 2 string…

Price: $31.60

Wind Quintet.
Publisher: Queens Temple Publications
ISBN13: 9790708015611

Arnold composed this Wind Quintet in 1942, but after a single performance the manuscript score and parts were put aside by musician Stephen Waters and forgotten about until discovered amongst his papers. This is the first publication of the important work. With an introduction by Paul Harris.

Price: $49.10

Brass Quintet.
Publisher: Thompson Edition

Price: $44.75

Clarinet Quintet.
Publisher: Schirmer Rental Dept.

In four movements. Commissioned by Chamber Music Northwest and the Celebrity Series of Boston. Of advanced difficulty. Duration ca. 25 minutes. Custom print edition.

Price: $98.50

Horn Quintet.
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes

In one movement. Commissioned by the Nash Ensemble and Cheltenham Music Festival. Premiered by the Nash Ensemble in 2007. Dedicated to Amelia Freedman. A challenging and dramatic work which sets the horn against the string quartet. Special print edition from the Boosey rental library.

Price: $64.50

Brass Quintet.
Publisher: Crown Music Press

Price: $9.00

Brass Quintet.
Publisher: E. B. Marks Comp.

Price: $58.00

String Quintet.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Price: $36.25

Price: $27.60

Piano Quintet.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Price: $73.00

Brass Quintet.
Publisher: Chester Music

Printed from the composer's manuscript. Special order edition.

Price: $11.70

Brass Quintet.
Publisher: Chester Music

Price: $35.10

Piano Quintet.
Publisher: Lauren Publications

A three-movement work for two violins, viola, cello and piano. Reprinted from the 1919 Augener edition.

Price: $39.75

Piano Quintet.
Publisher: Editio Bärenreiter Praha

Price: $23.00

Brass Quintet.
Publisher: C. F. Peters

Price: $60.00

Wind Quintet.
Publisher: Doblinger

Price: $49.30

Wind Quintet.
Publisher: Seesaw Music Corporation

Price: $41.00

Piano Quintet.
Publisher: Zimmermann Frankfurt

Price: $42.50