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Ritual Music - Variations On The Numbers 2 and 4 : For Percussion Quartet (2005).
Publisher: David Skidmore

In one movement. With a program note. Composed for the Chicago dance company Raizel Performances. Premiered in the Spring of 2005. The music uses the numbers two and four to bring order to the music.

Price: $50.00

Masonic Ritual Music. [CD]
Publisher: Bis

With Hannu Jurmu, Mika Pojhonen, YL Male Voice Choir, and the Lahti Symphony Orchestra. SACD.

Price: $19.98

Ritual Music Of Vietnam. [CD]
Publisher: World Music Library

Ritual Music Of Ethiopia. [CD]
Publisher: Smithsonian Folkways

Price: $16.98

Traditional African Ritual Music Of Guyana. [CD]
Publisher: Smithsonian Folkways

Price: $16.98

Ritual Music Of Manipur (India). [CD]
Publisher: Smithsonian Folkways

Price: $16.98

Imperatrix Inferni : Votive Antiphons and Ritual Music. [CD]
Publisher: Obsidian Records

Sacred music by Renaissance composer Taverner, performed by the ensemble Alamire. Conducted by David Skinner.

Price: $18.98

Misterio : Ritual Music For An Uncertain Age. [CD]
Publisher: Brilliant Classics

The Accademia Barocca Dorica performs music by Spontini, Berlioz, Ciannella, Clementi, Barbarossa, Puccini, and Sibelius.

Price: $11.98

Korea : Ritual Music For The Royal Ancestors. [CD]
Publisher: Ocora Records

This disc features a combination of vocal and instrumental music performed with dances once a year at the Jongmyo royal shrine.

Price: $19.98

Harmony and Counterpoint : Ritual Music In Chinese Context.
Publisher: Stanford Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9780804726580

Price: $67.50

Ritual Music and Motets / edited by David Mateer.
Publisher: Stainer & Bell
ISBN13: 9780852496725

Price: $108.50

Price: $80.70

Ritual Music and Secular Songs / edited by Hugh Benham.
Publisher: Stainer & Bell
ISBN13: 9780852496251

Price: $108.70

Price: $87.00

Ritual Music and Lamentations / edited by David Mateer.
Publisher: Stainer & Bell
ISBN13: 9780852496473

Price: $93.00

Price: $68.30

Symphony No. 11 (7 Rituals Of Music).
Publisher: Associated Music Publ.

Price: $40.00

Price: $32.00

Hait Vodou : Ritual Music From The First Black Republic. [CD]
Publisher: Fremeaux Et Associes

Three discs of folk-trance and possession music recorded between 1937 and 1962.

Price: $34.50

Maqam and Liturgy : Ritual, Music, and Aesthetics Of Syrian Jews In Brooklyn.
Publisher: Wayne State Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9780814332160

…-- Part Two - Sabbath Morning Service -- Part Three - A Judeo-Arab Synthesis. With an introduction, notes, bibliography and index. Five photos. Seven figures. One chart. Twelve music examples. Fourteen tables. A study of the musical practices of the 40,000-strong Syrian Jewish community in Brooklyn.

Price: $38.95

Ritual Music of Guran / Collected and Researched by Partow Hooshmandrad. [CD]
Publisher: Mahoor Institute Of Culture

Price: $67.20

Ritual and Music Of North China, Vol. 2 : Shaanbei.
Publisher: Ashgate
ISBN13: 9780754665908

An examination of the music of the poor, mountainous region of Shaanbei, in northwest China. The DVD shows many examples of music making. With an introduction, bibliography, glossary, index, illustrations, and tables.

Price: $99.95

Kalimantan : Dayak Ritual and Festival Music. [CD]
Publisher: Smithsonian Folkways

Price: $16.98

Vanuatu : New Hebrides Ritual & Custom Music. [CD]
Publisher: Gall Records

Price: $20.98

Music and Ritual At Charlemagne's Marienkirche In Aachen.
Publisher: Edition Merseburger
ISBN13: 9783875373226

Price: $79.40