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Diaphonic Toccata : For Violin and Piano (1997).
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

For Ruth Crawford Seeger. This unmetered movement features a violin melody over a constantly moving piano part. Of advanced difficulty.

Price: $15.00

The Music Of Ruth Crawford Seeger.
Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9780521548182

Price: $64.99

Ruth Crawford Seeger: A Composer's Search For American Music.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 9780195065091

A biography, but also an "eloquent and subtle portrait of music and culture in twentieth-century America" (Leon Botstein). 35 illus., 35 music examples.

Price: $115.00

Ruth Crawford Seeger's Worlds : Innovation and Tradition In Twentieth-Century American Music.
Publisher: Univ. Rochester Press
ISBN13: 9781580462129

Edited by Ray Allen and Ellie M. Hisama. Twelve articles discuss the music and influence of Crawford, as well as other members of the Seeger family. With a foreword by Carol J. Oja, introduction, discography, index and music examples.

Price: $80.00

Sounding Joy : Christmas Songs In and Out Of The Ruth Crawford Seeger Songbook. [CD]
Publisher: Smithsonian Folkways

Contents: Oh, Mary and the Baby, Sweet Lamb (1:36) -- Mary Had a Baby (3:10) -- Rise Up, Shepherd, and Follow (2:43) -- January, February (Last Month of the Year) (3:59) -- Joseph and Mary (The Cherry Tree Carol) (4:40) -- Shine Like a Star in the Morning (1:28) -- Joy to the World (3:05) --…

Price: $16.98

World Of Crawford - Seeger. Jenny Lin, Piano; Timoth Jones, Narrator. [CD]
Publisher: Bis

Tracks: The Little Waltz; Little Lullaby; Jumping the Rope; Caprice; Whirligig; Mr. Cow and Miss Wren go for a Walk; A Little Study in Short Trills; Sonata; and many more.

Price: $19.98

Our Singing Country : Folk Songs and Other Ballads / Collected and edited by John & Alan Lomax.
Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN13: 9780486410890

Edited by Ruth Crawford Seeger. With introduction by Judith Tick.

Price: $18.95

Adventures Of Tom Thumb : For Piano and Narrator / With Additional Lyrics by Peggy Seeger.
Publisher: Frog Peak Music

This is the first publication of Crawford's 1925 piece for piano and narrator. The edition includes a newly edited score as well as facsimiles of two versions which are held in the Library of Congress. Includes notes by Larry Polansky.

Price: $25.00

Compassion : For Piano (2001).
Publisher: Schirmer Rental Dept.

In one movement. Dedicated to Ruth Crawford Seeger. This work begins in a contemplative fashion before turning heavy and intense. Of advanced difficulty. Duration ca. 7 minutes.

Price: $29.95

Annäherung XII - An Sieben Komponistinnen : Mit Berichten, Interviews und Selbstdarstellungen.
Publisher: Furore
ISBN13: 9783927327528

Edited by Clara Mayer. With articles on Emilie Zumsteeg, Ada Gentile, Germaine Tailleferre, Rebecca Clarke, Mel Bonis, Ruth Crawford Seeger, and Karin Rehnqvist. Includes a foreword, work lists, bibliographies, and musical examples.

Price: $19.40

Music Of American Folk Song and Selected Other Writings On American Folk Music.
Publisher: Univ. Rochester Press
ISBN13: 9781580460958

This is the first publication of Seeger's manuscript on the transcription, performance and structures of American folk music. She considered this work to be a major and central accomplishment. Edited by Larry Polansky & Judith Tick. Forewords by Pete, Mike and Peggy Seeger. Indices & music examples.

Price: $45.00