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Benvenuto Cellini / edited by Hugh MacDonald.

Publisher: Baerenreiter
Series: Berlioz, Hector, New Edition Of The Complete Work
, Vol. 1

This edition includes the three versions of the work: Paris 1 (1838) -- Paris 2 (1838-39) -- and Weimar (1856). Reduced prices available to series subscribers. Please contact us for information.

$1280.00 $832.00

Lemminkäien : Four Symphonic Poems (Op. 22) / edited by Tuija Wicklund.

Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
Series: Sibelius, Jean - Saemtliche Werke
, Ser. I, Vol. 12a

Contents: Lemminkäinen ja saaren neidot (Op. 22 No. 1) -- Lemminkäinen Tuonelassa (Op. 22 No. 2) -- Lemminkäinen palaa kotitenoille (Op. 22 No. 4). With a preface and introduction in German and English. Critical commentary. Facsimile plates. Reconstructions. This volume contains the earliest known…

$328.80 $174.20

Sacred Vocal Music Of Antonio Vivaldi.

Publisher: Olschki Editore
Series: Studi Di Musica Veneta
, Vol. 8
ISBN13: 9788822243614

The first comprehensive treatment of what has been "hitherto always the poor relation" within Vivaldi's work. The author stresses beyond the technical interest also the inspirational qualities. Many music examples, bibliography, indexes.

$98.20 $63.70

Messiah : Critical Commentary.

Publisher: Baerenreiter
Series: Hallische Haendel-Ausgabe
, Ser. I/17

$44.50 $28.90

Drottningen Av Golconda : Critical Commentary and Appendix / ed. Bonnie & Erling Lomnäs.

Publisher: Baerenreiter
Series: Berwald, Franz, Saemtliche Werke
, Band 18b

This volume contains critical commentary in English for Berwald's Romantic Opera on a libretto by J. B. C. Vial and E. G. F. de Favieres. The appendix includes full score fragments and sketches. The CD-ROM contains Berwald's textbook and sketches. Reduced prices available to series subscribers.…

$176.20 $114.53

Das Kitzler-Studienbuch : Anton Bruckners Studien In Harmonie- und Instrumentationslehre.

Publisher: Musikwissenschaftl.verlag
Series: Bruckner, Anton, Gesamtausgabe
, Band XXV
ISBN13: 9783900270995

This volume contains facsimiles of composition studies by Bruckner, made between 1861 and 1863 during his studies in Linz with Otto Kitzler. The volume also includes facsimiles of several complete compositions. Edited with an essay by Paul Hawkshaw and Erich Wolfgang Partsch.

$561.60 $350.40

Notations I-IV : Pour Orchestre.

Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702408824

$134.95 $67.50

Organ Works.

Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
Series: Brahms, Johannes - Sämtliche Werke
, Band 16

$47.50 $29.60

Einzeln Überlieferte Orgelchörale.

Publisher: Baerenreiter
Series: Bach, J.S., Neue Ausgabe Saemtliche Werke, Scores
, Ser. IV/3

BWV 690, 691, 694-701, 703, 704, 706, 709-715, 717, 718, 720-722, 722a, 724- 729, 729a, 730-732, 732a, 733-735, 735a, 736-738, 738a, 741. Reduced prices available to series subscribers. Please contact us for information.

$107.50 $61.90

Weimarer Orgeltabulatur / Edited By Michael Maul And Peter Wollny.

Publisher: Baerenreiter

Modern transcriptions of Bach's earliest music manuscripts, and copies by his pupil Johann Martin Schubart. Includes music by Buxtehude, Reinken and Pachelbel. With a preface and critical report in German and English.

$26.90 $12.90

Continental Harmony.

Publisher: American Musicological Society
Series: Billings, William - Complete Works
, Vol. 4

$52.50 $34.10

Theory Of Music, Vol. V.

Publisher: G. Henle
Series: R I S M, Series B
, Band III/5
ISBN13: 9783873280861

Subtitle: Manuscripts from the Carolingian era up to c.1500 in the Czech Repub lic, Poland, Portugal anf Spain. Descriptive catalogue. Part I. Czech Republic by Christian Meyer. Part II. Poland, by Elzbieta Witkowska Zaremba. Part III: Portugal and Spain, by Karl-Werner Guempel.

$142.00 $92.30

Andromeda Liberata / edited by Michael Talbot.

Publisher: Ricordi
Series: Drammaturgia Musicale Veneta
, Vol. 16

$183.40 $119.00
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