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Toki No Mon (A Gate Into Infinity) : For Violin, Piano and Percussion (1988).
Publisher: Zen-On Music
ISBN13: 9784115901612

Commissioned by and dedicated to the Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio and premiered in 1989 in New York. List of abbreviations. Duration: ca. 15 minutes.

Price: $29.00

Violin Concerto.
Publisher: Zen-On Music
ISBN13: 9784118995465

Commissioned by the Suntory Music Foundation, and dedicated to violinist Anne Akiko Meyers, who premiered the work with the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra in October, 2002. With performance notes. Printed from the autograph. Duration ca. 25 minutes.

Price: $34.95

Toward The Night : For String Quartet (1991).
Publisher: Zen-On Music
ISBN13: 9784115901629

Dedicated to the Kronos Quartet.

Price: $24.95

Homa : For Soprano & String Quartet.
Publisher: Zen-On Music
ISBN13: 9784115901636

Price: $22.95

Piano Works.
Publisher: Zen-On Music

Price: $40.00

Lute Music / Toyohiko Satoh, Lute. [CD]
Publisher: Carpe Diem Records

Satoh plays a lute built in 1610 by Laurentius Greiff.

Price: $16.98

Yugen. [CD]
Publisher: Carpe Diem Records

With Chiyomi Yamada, soprano; Walter van Hauwe, recorder; and Toyohiko Satoh, flute.

Price: $18.98

Light : For Trumpet and Piano.
Publisher: Zen-On Music

Price: $10.95

Three Compositions : For Orchestra.
Publisher: Zen-On Music

Price: $125.00

Ruika : For Violincello and Strings.
Publisher: Zen-On Music

Price: $13.95

17 Pieces For Piano.
Publisher: Zen-On Music
ISBN13: 9784111683628

Edited by Keijiro Satoh; with notes on performance by Aki Takahashi and analysis by Tsuneo Nakajima. With a thematic index. All musical and biographical notes in Japanese only.

Price: $17.75

Kazane : For Clarinet, Violin and Violoncello (1989).
Publisher: Zen-On Music
ISBN13: 9784115901803

Niimi is a member of the "Quatre et un", along with Ikebe, Nishimura, Fujiie and Satoh. ""Kazane" means "winds blow, winds sound..."" A study in sustained microtonal heterophony reminiscent of both gagaku and Giacinto Scelsi. Duratio circa fifteen minutes.

Price: $13.50

Au Fond D'un Soir : For Flute, Guitar and Percussions.
Publisher: Zen-On Music
ISBN13: 9784115091481

Commissioned by the Mito Geijutsukan and premiered in October 1999 at the Mito Geijutsukan Concert Hall by Hiroshi Koizumi, fl, Norio Satoh, gtr., Yasunori Yamaguchi, perc. Duration: ca. 12 minutes.

Price: $12.95

Inner Journey / Thomas Buckner, Baritone. [CD]
Publisher: Lovely Music

Contents: Their Song / William Duckworth -- Inner Journey / Thomas Buckner -- A Distant Harmony / Jacques Bekaert -- Situations I / David Wessel -- Burning Meditation / Somei Satoh.

Price: $12.98

Kurofune : Songs From The Black Ships / Chiyomi Yamada, Soprano. [CD]
Publisher: Carpe Diem Records

Yamada performs songs by Luis de Narvaez, Miguel de Fuenllana, Giulio Caccini, John Dowland, Constantijn Huygens, Claudio Monteverdi, and Koide Ichijyuro. With Toyohiko Satoh, lute and vilhuela; and David van Ooijen, theorbo and romantic guitar.

Price: $16.98

Merry Bacteria Music : For Alto Saxophone and Flute/Piccolo.
Publisher: Zen-On Music
ISBN13: 9784115600119

Commissioned by the 9th annual concert of Groupe des Quatre et ses ami(e), and premiered in November 2002 by Yasushi Arai and Kazushi Satoh. The term bacteria is taken here as the most primitive form of life. In three movements. With program notes. Duration ca. 17 minutes.

Price: $14.95

Shadow & Light : The Rumi Experience. [CD]
Publisher: Bridge Records

Giovanni Sollima: Lamentatio -- Evan Ziporyn: Honey From Alast -- Shirish Korde: Joy Somei Satoh: Birds In Warped Time II -- Zhao Jiping: Summer In The High Grassland -- Ljova: Shadow and Light. Performed by duoJalal: Kathryn Lockwood, viola; and Yousif Sheronick, percussion.

Price: $17.98

Publisher: Zen-On Music
ISBN13: 9784118995397

Price: $29.95

Obscure Tape Music Of Japan, Vol. 18 : Echoes. [CD]
Publisher: Edition Omega Point

Contents: Emerald Tablet (1978) -- Echoes (1981).

Price: $27.98

White Heron : For String Quartet.
Publisher: Zen-On Music
ISBN13: 9784115901643

Dedicated to the Kronos Quartet.

Price: $24.95