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Crown Of Ariadne : For Solo Harp With Percussion.

Publisher: Arcana Editions

With program and performance notes by Judy Loman. Seating chart -- instruction on tuning, pre-recording, percussion instruments required.

Price: $45.90

Ariadne's Legacy : R. Murray Schafer's Complete Works For Harp / Judy Loman, Harp. [CD]

Publisher: Centrediscs Records

Two discs of music with harp. With the Oxford String Quartet, Trio Verlaine, and others.

Price: $24.98

The Crown Of Ariadne / Eleanor Turner, Harp.

Publisher: Champs Hill Records

Contents: The Crown of Ariadne / R. Murray Schafer -- Rokudan / Toshiro Mayuzumi -- Reminiscences of Tranquility / Yinam Leef -- Tratti per Arpa / Ig Henneman -- Sweet Blues / Bernard Andres.

Price: $16.98

Into The Light : Musica Intima. [CD]

Publisher: Atma Classique

A disc of music by contemporary composers such as Imant Raminsh, R. Murray Schafer, Rupert Lang, Claude Vivier, Jocelyn Morlock, Derek Healey, and others.

Price: $16.98

Repertorio Degli Effetti Sonori / edited by Adolfo Conrado.

Publisher: Libreria Musicale Italiana
Series: Quaderni Di Musica / Realta
, No. 52
ISBN13: 9788870963632

This Italian-language book is an encyclopedia of acoustic, sonic and electronic effects from accelerando to feedback to tremolo and much more. With a foreword by R. Murray Schafer, introduction, bibliography, and many charts, tables and illustrations.

Price: $23.80

Wild Bird. [CD]

Publisher: Oehms Records

The Duo 47/4 (Viktoria Kaunzner, violin; Anna Viechtl, harp) performs music by Violeta Dinescu, Bernard Andres, R. Murray Schafer, Jules Massenet, Viktoria Kaunzner, Jacques Ibert, Ja Young Choi, and Camille Saint-Saens.

Price: $19.98

Le Quatuor A Cordes, Vers Les Séductions De l'Extrême.

Publisher: Microsillon Editions
ISBN13: 9782955384206

…Muriel Joubert and Denis Le Touzé. The articles in this book study aspects of the string quartet throughout its history, from the works of Mozart to those of R. Murray Schafer. With a preamble by David Pastor, preface by Claude Abromont, presentation by Mélanie Guérimand, and index. Music examples.

Price: $34.80

Polytonality : For Piano (1952).

Publisher: Arcana Editions

An early, short piece by Schafer in which the right hand performs two distinct ideas over a constantly arpeggiated bass. The music is of moderate difficulty and contains many minimalist tendencies.

Price: $10.20

Buskers : For Flute, Violin and Viola (1985).

Publisher: Arcana Editions

Commissioned by flutist Robert Aitken for a 1986 new music concert; but Schafer decided to incoporate the music into his larger work, Patria 3: The Greatest Show. The performers are required to move about the stage regularly. With a program note. Printed from manuscript.

Price: $40.80

In Memoriam Alberto Guerrero : For String Orchestra (1959).

Publisher: Arcana Editions

Guerrero was a Chilean pianist who settled in Canada. Schafer studied with him for about a year, and was heavily influenced by their discussions of philosophy and art. This brief piece was composed upon learning of his death in 1959. With a program note. Printed from manuscript.

Price: $25.50

Spirits Of The House : For Orchestra.

Publisher: Arcana Editions

…concert in the Koerner Concert Hall of the Royal Conservatory of Music, September 2009. This work is made up of fragments of music by celebrated composers and teachers of the Royal Conservatory, including Schafer. The score calls for several offstage groups of vocalists and instrumentalists.

Price: $61.20
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