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Works For Choir A Cappella.
Publisher: Natsionalnyj Sviridovskij Fond
ISBN13: 9790937320180

A collection of twelve works for a cappella chorus, many in several movements. With historical and critical notes.

Price: $27.80

Mysterious Nativity : Music For Choir by G. Sviridov, A. Schnittke, D. Tchesnokov. [CD]
Publisher: Brilliant Classics

Contents: Mysterious Nativity -- Magnificat -- 3 Sacred Songs, Op. 43 -- O salutaris -- Ave verum corpus, Op. 67 -- 3 Sacred Hymns -- Sviatyi Boje (Holy God), Trisagion. Performed by Les Metaboles.

Price: $7.98

Russia Cast Adrift : Poems To Words by Sergey Yesenin For Baritone and Piano.
Publisher: Muzyka
ISBN13: 9785151593670

Edited by D. Hvorostovsky and M. Arkadiev. A collection of twelve songs with Russian texts by Yesenin. This edition includes English translations of text.

Price: $27.80

Symphony For Strings, Op. 14 (1940).
Publisher: Ruslania Books
ISBN13: 9790803354110

Contents: I. Moderato assai -- II. Vivace -- III. Andante con moto -- IV. Allegro molto. An early work from the great 20th century Russian composer Sviridov.

Price: $50.60

Piano Quintet.
Publisher: Natsionalnyj Sviridovskij Fond
ISBN13: 9790937320265

With historical notes and performance instructions in Russian. Both works have never been published before. According to the introduction notes, the piano quintet is the only quintet by the composer, its text being reconstructed from multiple manuscripts -- the string quartet is supposedly the 1st…

Price: $31.60

Romances and Songs, Vol. 4 : For Voice and Piano.
Publisher: Muzyka Edition

A collection of 33 songs, divided into six groups. All texts are in Russian only. Reprinted from a 1972 edition.

Price: $80.40

Piano Music For Children and Youth.
Publisher: Kompozitor
ISBN13: 9790706400006

Contents: Seven Little Pieces -- Album of Pieces for Children -- Partita in F Minor -- Blizzard (musical illustrations to A. S. Pushkin's story, arranged for piano by K. Titarenko) -- Time, Go Ahead! (Suite for symphony orchestra, arranged for piano in four hands by B. Berezovsky and N. Hotuntsov).…

Price: $20.20

Petersburg Album : Works For Piano.
Publisher: Sojuz Hudozhnikov
ISBN13: 9790812801285

A collection of pieces for piano solo by the 20th century Russian composer Sviridov. With a preface in Russian.

Price: $8.90

Sonatas by J. S. Bach and H. I. F. Biber / Evgeny Sviridov, Violin. [CD]
Publisher: Genuin Records

The debut disc from violinist Sviridov. With Zita Mikijanska, harpsichord.

Price: $18.98

Romances and Songs For Bass, Vol. 4 / edited by Yevgeniy Yevgenievich Nesterenko.
Publisher: Kompozitor
ISBN13: 9790660003466

D. Shostakovich: Jenny -- Sonnet. T. Khrennikov: Like a Nightingale About the Rose -- Song of Drunkards. G. Sviridov: Cigarette-Vendors -- Petersburgian Song -- When Accidentally on Sunday. With an introduction in Russian and English. Singing texts appear in Russian and in transliteration.

Price: $11.40

Songs : For Bass Or Mezzo-Soprano and Piano.
Publisher: Natsionalnyj Sviridovskij Fond
ISBN13: 9790937320135

Contents: Twenty Songs For Bass -- Nine Songs To Words Of A. Block For Mezzo-Soprano and Piano. Historical notes and performance instructions in Russian.

Price: $29.10

Works For Choir A Cappella : Spiritual Songs (1980-1997).
Publisher: Natsionalnyj Sviridovskij Fond
ISBN13: 9790937320210

This volume contains five collections of pieces for a cappella chorus. With an introduction and notes. All texts are in Russian only.

Price: $31.60

Kurskie Pesni : Cantata For Mixed Choir, Alto Solo and Orchestra.
Publisher: Natsionalnyj Sviridovskij Fond
ISBN13: 9790937320036

Three sets of songs for choir and orchestra. With historical and critical notes.

Price: $36.70

Romances and Songs : For Voice and Piano.
Publisher: Natsionalnyj Sviridovskij Fond
ISBN13: 9790937320104

Includes six romances to words by Alexander Pushkin, eight romances to words by Mikhail Lermontov, seven songs (suburban lyrics) to words by A. Prokof'ev and M. Isakovskii? for tenor and baritone (alternately), and eight songs based on poems of Soviet poets for tenor, soprano, baritone. Historical…

Price: $27.80

Traces Of A Life : The Unknown Sviridov.
Publisher: Book Centre Rudomino
ISBN13: 9785000870297

A pictoral look at the life of the Russian composer Svirdov, published on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth. The book includes many black & white photos taken throughout his life. Essays by the authors discuss aspects of his life and work. All texts are in both Russian and English.…

Price: $31.10

To The Memory Of Of Sergei Yesenin. [CD]
Publisher: Melodiya Records

An album dedicated to the music of Sviridov and the poetry of Yesenin. Various artists.

Price: $18.98

Elena Obraztsova, Mezzo-Soprano. [CD]
Publisher: Melodiya Records

With Makvala Kasrashvili, soprano; Georgy Sviridov, piano; and the Moscow Chamber Choir.

Price: $18.98

Music From The Suitcase : A Collection Of Russian Miniatures / Yevgeny Kutik, Violin. [CD]
Publisher: Marquis Records

Kutik plays music by Eshpai, Prokofiev, Rubinstein, Stravinsky, Khachaturian, Tchaikovsky, Sviridov, Shostakovich, and Pripetchik. With Timothy Bozarth, piano.

Price: $16.98

The Bells Of Dawn : Russian Sacred and Folk Songs / Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Baritone.
Publisher: Ondine Records

Music by Dobri Khristov, Pavel Chesnokov, Mikhail Burmagin, Georgy Sviridov, and others. With the Grand Choir Masters of Choral Singing.

Price: $16.98

The Blizzard; Pushkin's Garland.
Publisher: Melodiya Records

This disc contains Sviridov's music for the 1964 film The Blizzard, as welll as music setting the words of Pushkin. Various artists.

Price: $18.98

Pushkin In Music. [CD]
Publisher: Intergroove Classics

This disc includes music based on the writings of Pushkin, by Tchaikovsky, Myaskovsky, and Sviridov. Performed by the St. Petersburg Camerata.

Price: $16.98

Chamber Symphonies / The Moscow Soloists. [CD]
Publisher: Onyx Classics

Yuri Bashmet conducts a program featuring Chamber Symphony op. 110a by Shostakovich; Chamber Symphony op. 14 by Sviridov; and Chamber Symphony No. 1 by Vainberg.

Price: $21.98

Three Choruses From The Music To A. Tolstoy's Drama Czar Feodor Ioannovich.
Publisher: Musica Russica

Russian text with transliteration. English translation provided. With commentary by Peter Jermihov.

Price: $5.25

Oratorio Pathetique. [CD]
Publisher: Koch International