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G-Song : For String Quartet (1980).

Publisher: Schirmer Rental Dept.

A driving quartet with skittering melodic material over rhythmic accompaniments. The music plays with different modes around G. The score is 28 cm and spiral bound; the parts are 33 cm, loose and single-sided.

Price: $52.50

The Piano Works.

Publisher: Chester Music
ISBN13: 9781783058648

Contents: Be Kind To One Another (Rag) -- Misha’s Bear Dance (No.1 from The Heaven Ladder Book 7) -- Venus In 94 (No.2 from The Heaven Ladder Book 7) -- Ragtempus Fugatis (No.3 from The Heaven Ladder Book 7) -- Fandango On The Heaven Ladder (No.4 from The Heaven Ladder Book 7) -- Simone's Lullaby…

Price: $27.99

A Rainbow In Curved Air Calligraphies (1968).

Publisher: Schirmer Rental Dept.

A unique and beautiful score in calligraphy of Riley's important work.

Price: $52.50

Sunrise Of The Planetary Dream Collector : For String Quartet.

Publisher: Schirmer Rental Dept.

This quartet consists of 24 modules which can be repeated as often as possible. The quartet should determine the structure before performance. With performance notes. Printed from manuscript.

Price: $25.60

Heaven Ladder Book 7 : For Piano.

Publisher: Schirmer Rental Dept.

The five movements of this piece are titled: Misha's Bear Dance; Ragtempus Fugatis; Venus in '94; Fandango on the Heaven Ladder; and Simone's Lullaby. Riley states that dynamics and phrasing should be worked out by each performer in collaboration with the composer.

Price: $45.00

Terry Riley's In C.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Series: Studies In Musical Genesis And Structure
ISBN13: 9780195325287

With a preface, introduction, appendix, notes, selected bibliography, and index. Figures. Graphs. A study of the genesis, composition, performances, recordings and legacy of this important early work of musical minimalism.

Price: $56.00

Zofo Plays Terry Riley. [CD]

Publisher: Sono Luminus

Zofo is the piano duo of Eva-Maria Zimmermann and Keisuke Nakagoshi. Contents: Etude from the Old Country -- Jaztine -- Tango Doble Ladiado -- Half-Wolf Dances Mad in Moonlight -- Simone's Lullaby -- G Song -- Praying Mantis Song -- Waltz for Christmas -- Cinco de Mayo. Includes one CD and one…

Price: $24.98

Four Four Three : Music of Terry Riley. [CD]

Publisher: Channel Classics Records

Contents: In C -- Sunrise of the planetary dream collector. Performed by the Ragazze Quartet, with Kapok and Slagwerk Den Haag.

Price: $21.98

Four Musical Minimalists : la Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass.

Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
Series: Music In The Twentieth Century
ISBN13: 9780521015011

…Senior Lecturer in Music at Goldsmiths College, Univ of London, offers in this book detailed accounts of the four American composers' early works, and how they, La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and Philip Glass contribute to minimalism during the 1960s and early 1970s. Bibl, Disc, Index

Price: $57.00

Gamelan Of Central Java XV : Returning Minimalism - In Nem. [CD]

Publisher: Felmay Records

Conceived and produced by John Noise Manis. These sessions were inspired by Terry Riley's In C.

Price: $22.98

Grand Tour / John Tilbury and Zygmunt Krauze, Piano. [CD]

Publisher: Dux

Music by Cornelius Cardew, Terry Riley, Romasz Sikorski, Christian Wolff, and Zygmunt Krauze.

Price: $19.98

Changes Chances / Elena Casoli, Guitars. [CD]

Publisher: Stradivarius Records

Casoli performs Changes by Elliott Carter; Four to the Sixth Power by John Cage; and three pieces by Terry Riley.

Price: $18.98

Six Pianos. [CD]

Publisher: Film Records

Performed by Gregor Schwellenbach, Hauschka, Erol Sarp, Daniel Brandt, Paul Frick, and John Kameel Farah. This disc also contains Terry Riley's Keyboard Study No. 1.

Price: $16.98

Sparkita and Her Kittens : For Solo Piano (2014).

Publisher: Airplane Ears Music

In one movement. Composed for Sarah Cahill. Dedicated to Terry Riley on his 80th birthday. A playful but challenging piece for piano.

Price: $50.00

In C. [CD]

Publisher: Sony Classical

Performers: Darlene Reynard, David Rosenboom, David Shostac, Edward Burnham, Jan Williams, Jerry Kirkbride, Jon Hassell, Lawrence Singer, Margaret Hassell, Stuart Dempster, Terry Riley.

Price: $13.98

Bach & Contemporary Music / Alexandra Sostmann, Piano. [CD]

Publisher: Tyxart Records

Sostmann plays music by Bach, as well as Sofia Gubaidulina, Arvo Pärt, Xiaoyong Chen, Terry Riley, Henri Dutilleux, and Dimitri Shostakovich.

Price: $18.98

Cosmic Boogie-Woogie (Mechanical Piano Study No. 7) : For Disklavier (2000-2001).

Publisher: Frog Peak Music

In one movement. Dedicated to Terry Riley. This work is notated on seven staves, and is not designed to be performed by a person.

Price: $20.00

Transient / Kasia Kadlubowska, Marimba. [CD]

Publisher: Dux

Music by Terry Riley, Paul Smadbeck, Dominik Bukowski, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Eric Satie, kasia Kadlubowska, and Arvo Pärt. With Dominik Bukowski, percussion.

Price: $19.98

First Drop. [CD]

Publisher: Cantaloupe

Ars Nova Copenhagen performs music by Louis Andriessen; Michael Gordon; Gabriel Jackson; David Lang; Pablo Ortiz; Steve Reich; Terry Riley; Howard Skempton; and Kevin Volans. Conducted by Paul Hillier.

Price: $16.98

Kronos Collection, Vol. 1 : For String Quartet.

Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Series: Kronos Collection
, Vol. 1
ISBN13: 9790051106141

Three works commissioned by the Kronos Quartet: Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector by Terry Riley (1981); Escalay (Water Wheel) by Hamza El Din (1989); and Pannonia Boundless by Aleksandra Vrebalov (1998). With a foreword, comments from the composers and the quartet, and bios.

Price: $60.00

Dawn Of Indian Music In The West : Bhairavi.

Publisher: Continuum
ISBN13: 9780826418159

The author explores the rise of popularity of Indian music in the West, and studies the contributions of Ravi Shankar, Yehudi Menuhin, John Coltrane, George Harrison, Terry Riley, John McLaughlin and many others. With a foreword by Shankar, glossary, bibliography, index and b&w photos.

Price: $75.00


Publisher: Phaidon
Series: 20th-Century Composers
ISBN13: 9780714847733

Reprint of this book on minimalist composers, which had been out of print. Includes chapters on La Monte Young and Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and more. With an introduction, works list, suggestions for further reading, discography, index, black & white photos and illustrations.

Price: $14.95

Ear Gardens : American Festival Of Microtonal Music. [CD]

Publisher: Pitch Records

Music performed at the American Festival of Microtonal Music, including works by Johnny Reinhard, Terry Riley, Philip Corner and John Cage. Various artists. Performers: Anastasia Solberg, Andrew Bolotowsky, Annemarie Wiesner, Chris Soder, Christopher Washburne, Corinne Stillwell, Dave Eggar,…

Price: $19.98
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