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The Virtuoso Pianist - 60 Exercises : For Piano / edited by Alphonse Schotte.

Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9790001159357

A new, revised edition of Hanon's classic collection of piano excercises, designed to train the pianist in speed, precision, agility, and strength of all of the fingers and flexibility in the wrists. With a preface in Engilsh and German.

Price: $12.99

Virtuoso Pianist, Book 1.

Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company
ISBN13: 9780739005415

Price: $5.95

Virtuoso Pianist, Book 2.

Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company
ISBN13: 9780739022047

Price: $6.99

Virtuoso Pianist / Ed. by Healey Willan.

Publisher: Frederick Harris Music
ISBN13: 9780887973437

Price: $12.30

Virtuoso Pianist In 60 Exercises / Complete.

Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Series: Schirmer's Library Of Musical Classics
, Vol. 925
ISBN13: 9780793525447

Price: $7.99

The Virtuoso Pianist : Complete / edited by Matthew Edwards.

Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Series: Schirmer Performance Editions
ISBN13: 9781480367371

Hanon's classic piano exercises were first published in 1874, and first published by Schirmer in 1900. This new edition is based in new research. With historical and pedagogical notes.

Price: $9.99

Virtuoso Pianist : New Edition With Supplementary Exercises by Otto Weinreich.

Publisher: C. F. Peters
ISBN13: 9790577080192

With preface by the editor. English translation by Renate Maria Wendel.

Price: $16.75

Virtuoso Pianist In 60 Exercises : For The Piano - Book 1.

Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Series: Schirmer's Library Of Musical Classics
ISBN13: 9780793551217

Price: $4.99

Virtuoso Pianist In 60 Exercises : For The Piano - Book 2.

Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Series: Schirmer's Library Of Musical Classics
ISBN13: 9780793557073

Price: $5.99

Prince Of Virtuosos : A Life Of Walter Rummel, American Pianist.

Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN13: 9780810851399

Rummel was considered one of the great pianists of the early 20th century, but his name has been mostly forgotten today. The author presents the remarkable life and music of this American great. Features a CD of Rummel recordings. Prologue, appendices, bibliography, index, black & white photos.

Price: $72.00

Souvenirs : Virtuoso Concert Pieces / Christian Peters, Saxophone. [CD]

Publisher: MDG Records

A collection of pieces by the 19th century saxophone advocate Singelee. Peters is joined by pianist Yoriko Ikeya.

Price: $18.98

The Catalan Virtuoso / Leon Bosch, Double Bass.

Publisher: Meridian

Contents: Elegìa -- Romanza -- Nocturno -- Reverie -- Berceuse -- Recuerdo de Londres -- Cielo Gris -- Introducción y Tarantel-la -- Fascinación -- El Carnival de Venecia (premiere). With pianists Sung-Suk Kang and Min-Jung Kym.

Price: $17.98

Virtuoso Pieces For Violin and Piano / Daniel Rohn, Violin. [CD]

Publisher: Claves

Rohn performs music by Christian Sinding, Schubert, Brahms, Manuel Ponce, Stephen Foster, Debussy, Moritz Moszkowski, Paganini and Bizet. With pianist Milana Chernyavska.

Price: $19.98

Legacy : 19th-Century Virtuoso Duos For Two Flutes and Piano. [CD]

Publisher: Centaur

Music by Tulou, Camus, Galli, Kohler, Kummer, and Ciardi. With flutists Brooks de Wetter-Smith and Ulrike Anton; and pianist Russel Ryan.

Price: $16.98

Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 61 / Piano Concerto No. 4, Op. 127. [CD]

Publisher: Hyperion
Series: The Romantic Piano Concerto
, Vol. 41

Premiere recordings of concertos by Kalkbrenner, who was a virtuoso pianist as well as a composer and teacher. Howard Shelley performs with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

Price: $19.98

La Ronde Des Lutins : Music For Violin and Piano / Luca Fanfoni, Violin.

Publisher: Brilliant Classics

Music by the 19th century composer and violin virtuoso Bazzini. With pianist Maria Semeraro.

Price: $7.98

Concerto, Op. 4 : Pour Piano Et Orchestre.

Publisher: Musikproduktion Juergen Hoeflich
Series: Repertoire Explorer

A concerto in one movement. With a preface in German and English. This work demonstrates the composer's skill as a virtuoso pianist. Reprinted from an early Russian edition.

Price: $27.60

Gavotte En Rondeau : For Piano / transcribed by Olli Mustonen (1983).

Publisher: Schott
Series: Virtuoso Piano Transcription Series
, No. 8
ISBN13: 9790001132862

Mustonen wrote this paraphrase on the third movement from the Partita in E major for violin solo. The little piece is meant as a tribute both to Bach and to the virtuoso pianists of the 20th century. With brief notes.

Price: $13.95

Salsa Hanon : 50 Essential Exercises For Latin Piano.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN13: 9780793584949

This book is intended as a sort of sequel to Hanon's The Virtuoso Pianist. Whe this book is mastered, you will be able to execute practically any Latin montuno pattern.

Price: $16.99
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