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Way Of Light : For B Flat Trumpet With Audio and Video.
Publisher: Golden Croak Music

With program and performance notes. Video by Austin Switser. Commissioned by the International Trumpet Guild. Premiered by Daniel Rosenboom at Rowan University, June 2006. Dedicated to Rosenboom and Edward Carroll. In this work, the player embarks on a journey, accompanied by spirit guides.

Price: $22.50

Way Of Light : For Flute (Alto Flute) With Audio and Video.
Publisher: Golden Croak Music

A version for flute of this work, which was originally composed for trumpet. Dedicated to Edward Carroll and Daniel Rosenboom.

Price: $20.00

Kill The Lights. [CD]
Publisher: Capitol Records

Contents: Kick The Dust Up -- Kill The Lights -- Strip It Down -- Home Alone Tonight -- Razor Blade -- Fast -- Move -- Just Over -- Love It Gone -- Way Way Back -- To The Moon And Back -- Huntin', Fishin' And Lovin' Every Day -- Scarecrows.

Price: $13.98

Proof Of Light. [CD]
Publisher: Moonjune Records

Contents: Mars Saffron -- Restless Mountain -- The Way to Etretat -- A Conversation We Had -- A Thousand Faces -- Voltaic -- Summer Night's Story -- Koromo's Tale -- Proof of Light.

Price: $18.98

Pale Morning Light. [CD]
Publisher: Tapete Records

Contents: Wandering Through an Empty Field -- No Easy Way Out -- Keep Calm -- Heavy Heart -- Forest Fire -- Week 23 -- Pale Morning Light -- Look At You Now -- Nothing Ever Does It -- Everything in Its Place.

Price: $17.98

Shadow and Light. [CD]
Publisher: Compass Records

Contents: Clear the Way (4:49) -- Little Sparrow (4:11) -- Killoran's Church/Swedishish (6:33) -- Liberty's Sweet Shore (6:03) -- The Arabic (4:52) -- Wheel of Fortune (6:00) -- Farewell to All That (5:06) -- Tribute to Donal Ward/The Currachman (7:58) -- Bound for Botany Bay (4:59) -- Bitter Brew…

Price: $17.98

Veiled Light. [CD]
Publisher: Albany Records

…Schmidt: Lux Aeterna -- A.R. Rahman: Wedding Qawwali -- Anthony J. Maglione: Night, Veiled Night -- Bob Chilcott: Five Ways To Kill A Man -- Reginald Unterseher: The Steady Light -- Abbie Betinis: Abraham Lincoln Walks At Midnight -- Richard Burchard: Dedication -- Ron Jeffers: I Have Had Singing --…

Price: $17.98

Children Of The Light / John Patitucci; Danilo Pérez; Brian Blade; Sachi Patitucci. [CD]
Publisher: Mack Avenue Records

Contents: Children of the Light -- Sunburn and Mosquito (Dedicated to Carolina) -- Moonlight on Congo Square -- Lumen -- Within Everything -- Milky Way -- Light Echo/Dolores -- Ballad for a Noble Man (In memory of Doug Sommer) -- Looking for Light -- Luz del Alma -- African Wave.

Price: $17.98

La Lumiere = The Light : For SATB Chorus A Cappella / Words by Yves Bonnefoy.
Publisher: Mark Foster Publications

René Clausen's impressionistic “La Lumiére” (The Light) is a wonderful, sensual experience in tone color and texture. As the poet's spiritual perception changes, he views his visual landscape in a new light. In much the same way, Clausen transforms the listener's aural landscape with layer upon…

Price: $2.50

Light Crust Doughboys Are On The Air : Celebrating Seventy Years Of Texas Music.
Publisher: Univ. North Texas Press
ISBN13: 9781574411515

The Doughboys were first created in 1930 during the golden age of radio as a way to hawk flour products. But since the 1950s the Doughboys have explored many musical genres on their own. This book includes a CD with many of their recordings. Foreword by Art Greenhaw, introduction, index, b&w photos.

Price: $29.95

Forgotten Light - A Song Cycle On The Poems Of Emily Dickinson : For Soprano and Piano (2005).
Publisher: Classical Vocal Reprints

Contents: 1. Wild Nights! -- 2. A Quiet Way -- 3. Bring Me the Sunset -- 4. Heart! We Will Forget Him! -- 5. I Reason -- 6. The Silent End -- 7. After Great Pain. Dedicated to Julia Faulkner. This work won the 2005 ASCAP/LLF Song Cycle Competition. Duration ca. 17 minutes.

Price: $20.00

Heroes & Misfits. [CD]
Publisher: Concord Jazz

Contents: Forever Spring (1:52) -- Wake the Neighbors (5:34) -- #Theprotester (8:01) -- Vices and Virtues (6:35) -- Forget-Er (4:49) -- Wonderlove / Chris Turner (6:44) -- Forever Wonder (1:22) -- Drift (6:15) -- First, (1:29) -- Ways of Light (5:38).

Price: $15.98

Here Be Dragons! : For Clarinet In B Flat and Piano.
Publisher: Stainer & Bell
ISBN13: 9790220224560

In one movement. A mysterious, rubato introduction gives way to light and lively music. Of moderate to advanced difficulty.

Price: $10.90

Fire Within. [CD]
Publisher: Atlantic Records

Contents: Skinny Love -- Wings -- Heart of Gold -- Light Me Up -- Words As Weapons [Version] -- All You Never Say -- Strange Birds -- Maybe -- No Angel -- All About You -- Standing in the Way of the Light -- Shine -- People Help the People.

Price: $13.98

Thoroughbred. [CD]
Publisher: Sony Records

Contents: So Many Ways (3:11) -- Daughter of Light (3:11) -- High Out of Time (3:15) -- Only Love Is Real (3:29) -- There's a Space Between Us (3:20) -- I'd Like to Know You Better (2:48) -- We All Have to Be Alone (3:44) -- Ambrosia (3:16) -- Still Here Thinking of You (3:11) -- It's Gonna Work Out…

Price: $11.98

Upside Down Mountain. [CD]
Publisher: Nonesuch

Contents: Time Forgot -- Zigzagging Toward the Light -- Hundreds of Ways -- Artifact #1 -- Lonely at the Top -- Enola Gay -- Double Life -- Kick -- Night at Lake Unknown -- You Are Your Mother's Child -- Governor's Ball -- Desert Island Questionnaire -- Common Knowledge.

Price: $16.98

Kant Et la Musique.
Publisher: Harmattan
ISBN13: 9782747552240

Tirzi brings to light Kant's ideas about music, and the ways in which his theories can be applied to music. With a preface, introduction, discography, bibliography and index.

Price: $14.50

The Rules Of The Game (Original Studio Recordings 1978-1996).
Publisher: Into The Light Records

Contents: The Rules of the Game (LP Version) -- Life and Intercourse -- Genesis -- Nicotine 2 -- The Lottery (Excerpt) -- Milky Ways -- Stou -- Getaway -- In Conclusion -- Relax 1 -- So Many Flowers -- Escape -- Nicotine 4 -- The Rain -- Redemption -- F.A.

Price: $17.98

Oxygen : Inhale. [CD]
Publisher: Tfk Music

Contents: Born This Way -- Glow -- I See Red -- In My Room -- Light -- Like a -- Set Me on Fire -- Give It to Me -- Oxygen -- Untraveled Road.

Price: $11.98

Felk. [CD]
Publisher: Rectangle Records

Contents: Baby Please Don't Go -- Reindern Town -- The Drunkards -- She is in War -- I Saw the Light -- Dyin' in the Wine -- Road to Nowhere -- I Get on My Own a Special Way.

Price: $17.98

Gender, Sexuality, and Early Music / edited by Todd Borgerding.
Publisher: Garland Publications
ISBN13: 9780815333944

Several articles discuss various aspects of masculinity and femininity in music up to the 17th century. Biographies and musical analysis attempt to shed light on the ways in which gender mores influenced music and vice-versa. Introduction, musical examples, facsimile plates.

Price: $130.00

Ecstatic Sound : Music and Individuality In The Works Of Thomas Hardy.
Publisher: Ashgate
ISBN13: 9781840146332

The author examines the the way Hardy writes about music, and argues that this investigation sheds light on various aspects of his poetry and fiction. With an introduction, bibliography and index.

Price: $134.95

Home Sweet Home. [CD]
Publisher: Memphis International

Contents: Jesse James; Deep Blue Sea; Old Hen; Worry 'Bout Your Own Backyard; Things is 'Bout Coming My Way; Let Your Light Shine On Me; The Carrier Line; Bloody Bill Anderson; Eighteen Hammers; Bootlegger's Blues; Dixie Darling; Home Sweet Home.

Price: $15.98