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Works For Instruments and Tape (1979-2013), Vol. 1 : Soloist and Tape.

Publisher: Suspicious Motives Music
ISBN13: 9780996408103

…-- Out of Joint (1994) trumpet -- Over the Edge (1986) flute (excerpt) -- Scuffle and Snap (2010) violin -- 'Scuse Me (1998) electric guitar -- What is Danced… (and what is not) (2002) harp. With a preface by Peter Van Zandt Lane and an introduction. The CD contains the tape parts for all the works.


Konzerte Für Mehrere Instrumente.

Publisher: Baerenreiter
Series: Telemann, GP, Musikalische Werke
, Band 26

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Works For Solo Instruments and Orchestra, Vol. 1.

Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
Series: Reger, Max - Saemtliche Werke
, Band 7

$230.00 $143.50

Works For Solo Instruments and Orchestra, Vol. 2.

Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
Series: Reger, Max - Saemtliche Werke
, Band 8


Talking Down The Tiger, and Other Works For Solo Instruments and Electronics. [CD]

Publisher: Naxos

Contents: Talking Down the Tiger -- Dreaded Sea Voyage -- Flute vs Tape -- Still Turning -- True North. With Ryan Scott, percussion; Rob MacDonald, guitar; Camille Watts, flute; Wallace Halladay, soprano sax; and Frances Marie Uitti, cello.


The Musical Instrument Desk Reference : A Guide To How Band and Orchestral Instruments Work.

Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN13: 9780810882706

This useful reference provides information on the structure, sound production and fingering for many different wind, brass, string and percussion instruments. Richly illustrated with black & white photos and illustrations, as well as fingering charts. With a foreword by Earl Groner, preface,…


Harmonium #4 : For 10 Instruments and Tape-Delay System (1978).

Publisher: Smith Publications

This work consists of seven sections of music, each providing available pitches for the performers to use. The tape delay should be set for a delay time of about 10-12 seconds. With performance notes. Scored for clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, vibes, piano, two violins, viola, cello, and double bass.…


Hypersonde, From Pieces For Instruments With Prepared Electronics : For Prepared Piano.

Publisher: Carl Fischer
ISBN13: 9780825878534

In one movement. With an introduction and performance notes. The piano is to be prepared electronically, and connected to a mixer and tape recorder which are also operated by the pianist. Printed from manuscript. Reprinted from the original 1972 edition. Custom print edition.


Concert Avec Plusieurs Instruments Nr. IV / Action-Reaction / Etym. [CD]

Publisher: Wergo Records

Two works for orchestra, plus Action-Reaction for oboe, tape and electronics. Various artists.


Serenata Mediterrania Num. 25 - Calafell : Per A 17 Instruments De Vent, Percussio I Contrabaix.

Publisher: Clivis Publications

In three movements. With program and biographical notes in Catalan, Spanish and English. The work is named for a town in which the composer has spent many summers. The ensemble is split into two groups, one on each side of the stage, for a stereophonic effect.


Eldey Insel Erinnerungen : For Four Players In A Single Wind Family.

Publisher: Smith Publications

This piece is based on the composer's earlier work Eldey Island for solo instrument and tape. The piece is inspired by the extincition of the auk bird of Iceland. With program and performance notes. Printed from manuscript.


Opera Varia I : Works Handed Down Separately With Up To Seven Obbbligato Parts.

Publisher: Carus Verlag
Series: Stuttgarter Schuetz-Ausgabe
, Band 19
ISBN13: 9783899482898

Edited by Helmut Lauterwasser. This volume contains 21 works for voices and instruments, composed over the course of Schütz's career, and surviving in various different sources. With a foreword in German and English, non-singing English translations of the texts, facsimile plates, and critical…

$357.00 $314.20

Dialogue With The Invisible : For Bassoon and Keyboard Instrument (Or Tape) (1977).

Publisher: Akkord Music Publishers

The bassoon and keyboard instrument play together only rarely in this one-movement work. Of intermediate to advanced difficulty.


Werke Für Klavier und Ein Instrument : Horn (Cello), Flute (Vln), Mandolin.

Publisher: G. Henle
Series: Beethoven Werke
, Abt. V, Band 4

Hrsg. v. Armin Raab. 2 facsim. plates. Preface. Critical commentary.


Work In Progress und Werkindividualität : Bernd Alois Zimmermanns Instrumentalwerke, 1960-1965.

Publisher: Schott
Series: Koelner Schriften Zur Neuen Musik
, Band 9
ISBN13: 9783795718985

The author presents analysis of several instrumental works by Zimmermann from the early 1960s. A major amount of space is spent on the Dialogue for two pianos and orchestra (1960). With an introduction, bibliography, index. Special import - allow 4-5 months. Additional charges for 3-4 week delivery.


Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet : For Pre-Recorded Tape and Instruments.

Publisher: Schott

instrumental groups optional but based on the following maximum scoring: 1.1.1.bcl.1- (glsp.vib) quartet.2db. This set includes perfomance guides, score, a CD with performance materials (the ensemble decides which to use). A second CD of the work is intended for


Portals : For Multi-Percussion Soloist And Tape (2004).

Publisher: Non Sequitur Music

Commissioned by Marc Woolridge, this work combines synthetic, instrumental and found sounds to create unique textures. Of advanced difficulty. With performance notes. Printed on single-sided, loose-leaf pages. Duration ca. 12 minutes.


Geistliche Gesänge, Band 3 : Werke Für Gemischten Chor und Instrumente / Vorgelegt von Han Theill.

Publisher: Carus Verlag
Series: Rheinberger, J.G. - Saemtliche Werke
, Abt. I / Band 8
ISBN13: 9783899480078

Contains: Stabat mater in c minor, op. 16; Stabat mater in g minor, op. 138; Passiongesang, op. 46;Five hymns, op. 140. With preface by the editor; 12 facsimile plates and critical commentary.


Sinfonie X : For Large Orchestra, Alto Voices, Live Electronic Equipment and Tape (1987-1992).

Publisher: Schott
Series: Music Of Our Time

Outline and introduction by the composer. Program note, seating chart. Instrumentation. A monumental work in six movement, lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Instrumental Music In Late Eighteenth-Century Spain / Ed. Miguel Angel Marin and Marius Bernado.

Publisher: Edition Reichenberger
Series: De Musica
, Band 21
ISBN13: 9783944244198

…articles examine several aspects of music in classical-era Spain, including instrumental genres, the copying of music, the market for music, and issues of style. Six articles are in English; six are in Spanish. With an introduction, list of works cited, index. Illustrations. Music examples. Tables.


Voices In Time : For Chamber Orchestra, Accordion, Tape and Electronics (1992-94/95).

Publisher: Furore

An atmospheric work based on Lee's research into ancient Chinese philosophy, poetry and music. Along with the tape, effects processing is used on some of the instruments. Lighting is also suggested. With program notes. Duration ca. 17 minutes. Printed from manuscript.

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