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Kraanerg : Ballet.
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes

This ballet for orchestra was commissioned by the National Ballet Guild of Canada for the opening of the Ottawa Arts Centre. With performance notes in French. Printed from manuscript. Custom print edition.

Price: $94.60

Analogique A : Partition d'Orchestre.
Publisher: Salabert Editions
ISBN13: 9790048023277

This work should be played along with Analogique B, which is on tape.

Price: $29.95

Keren : Pour Trombone Solo.
Publisher: Salabert Editions

Price: $12.95

Nekuia (1981) : For Choir and Orchestra.
Publisher: Salabert Editions

Special import - allow 4-5 months. Additional charges for 3-4 week delivery.

Price: $37.95

Palimpset; Epei; Dikthas; Akanthos. [CD]
Publisher: Wergo Records

Price: $18.98

Achorripsis : For 21 Players.
Publisher: Bote & Bock
ISBN13: 9790202506936

Price: $22.95

Psappha : For Percussion Solo.
Publisher: Salabert Editions

Price: $44.00

Ergma : Pour Quatuor A Cordes (1994).
Publisher: Salabert Editions
ISBN13: 9790048060685

In one movement. A short but very challenging work for string quartet.

Price: $16.99

Theraps : For Solo Double Bass.
Publisher: Salabert Editions
ISBN13: 9790048024540

Price: $16.95

Tetras : Pour Quatuor A Cordes.
Publisher: Salabert Editions
ISBN13: 9790048059481

In one movement. With performance notes in French and English. Commissioned by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation for the Arditti Quartet. This challenging work is full of glissandi and other special effects.

Price: $21.99

Persephassa : Pour Six Percussionistes.
Publisher: Salabert Editions
ISBN13: 9790048047099

Price: $31.95

Price: $25.60

Rebonds : Pour Percussion Solo.
Publisher: Salabert Editions
ISBN13: 9790048005181

Price: $25.95

Kottos : For Violoncello Solo.
Publisher: Salabert Editions
ISBN13: 9790048023895

Price: $25.95

Charisma : For Clarinet and Cello.
Publisher: Salabert Editions
ISBN13: 9790048003842

Price: $8.95

Iannis Xenakis. [CD]
Publisher: Edition Rz

Contents: ST/48 (ST/48-1,240162) Für Orchester (48 Instrumente) -- Polytope De Montréal, Licht- Und Klangkomposition -- Musik Für 4 Gleiche Orchester -- Nomos Gamma Für In Publikumsraum Verteiltes Orchester -- Terretektorh Für In Publikumsraum Verteiltes Orchester -- Syrmos Für 18 Streicher --…

Price: $41.98

Iannis Xenakis : Kraanerg.
Publisher: Ashgate
ISBN13: 9781409423317

The ballet Kraanerg was premiered in 1969 by the National Ballet of Canada. This book looks at the genesis, premiere, recording and impact of this important work. With an introduction, bibliography, and index. Figures. Tables. Music examples. The CD contains a recording of the music.

Price: $99.95

Antike Wurzeln Bei Iannnis Xenakis.
Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag
ISBN13: 9783515106580

This volume studies the influence of ancient Greek music theory, mathematic, and thought on the music of Xenakis. With a foreword, introduction, bibliography, and index.

Price: $52.90

Xenakis : His Life In Music.
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN13: 9780415885386

With a preface, epilogue, notes, bibliography and index. Prefaces to the original and paperback editions. Music examples. Illustrations. Harley explains the works of Xenakis in musical rather than scientific terms.

Price: $51.95

Xenakis : His Life In Music.
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN13: 9780415971454

For over forty years Iannis Xenakis has been one of the major figures in contemporary music. In all that time, there has not been a study of his music published in English. This volume leads the reader along the trajectory of Xenakis's compositional development, presenting the works together with…

Price: $120.00

Performing Xenakis / translated, compiled and edited by Sharon Kanach.
Publisher: Pendragon Press
ISBN13: 9781576471913

…woodwinds and brass; piano, organ and harpsichord; percussion; strings and voice; ensemble and orchestra; electronics. With a preface and postscript. Chronology of compositions. Two indices. Music examples. A few illustrations. Top contemporary music performers discuss the works of Xenakis.

Price: $39.00

Jack Quartet : Ligeti, Pintscher, Cage, Xenakis. [CD]
Publisher: Wigmore Hall Live

Recorded live at Wigmore Hall in London, July 2011. Contents: String Quartet No. 2 / Ligeti -- Study IV for Treatise on the Veil / Pintscher -- String Quartet in Four Parts / Cage -- Tetras / Xenakis.

Price: $17.98

Presences De Iannis Xenakis / edited by Makis Solomos.
Publisher: Centre De Documentation De La Musique Contemporaine
ISBN13: 9782951644014

Articles in French and English on the music of Xenakis, out of the symposium of the same name held in Paris, January 1998. With an introduction, list of works, bibliography, musical examples, illustrations and diagrams.

Price: $26.80

Iannis Xenakis : la Musique Electroacoustique / edited by Makos Solomos.
Publisher: Harmattan
ISBN13: 9782343066967

19 articles from the symposium held in Paris, May 2012. Xenakis composed relatively few electro-acoustic works, but they are important in the history of the medium. Many of the articles are in English; others are in French. With an introduction, music examples, and illustrations.

Price: $44.30