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Tourists and Oracles : For 11 Instruments and Piano Four Hands (2008).

Publisher: Ricordi

For two flutes, clarinet in B flat, bass clarinet in B flat, piano four hands, vibraphone, percussion, two violins, two cellos and double bass. Commissioned by Sentieri Selvaggi.

$189.50 $170.55

Instrumental Music.

Publisher: Arnold Volk Verlag
Series: Concentus Musicus
, Band 5

$50.00 $25.00

Mestres De l'Escolania De Montserrat, II : Musica Instrumental II.

Publisher: Monestir De Montserrat
Series: Mestres De L' Escolania De Montserrat

$60.00 $30.00

Supplement, Vol. 3 : Instrumental Works and Vocal Works.

Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
Series: Reger, Max - Saemtliche Werke
, Band 38

$190.80 $95.40

Four Motets For One and Two Voices With Instrumental Accompaniment.

Publisher: Vereniging V. Nederlandse
Series: Exempla Musica Neerlandica
, Vol. 15
ISBN13: 9789063750268

$86.40 $43.20

Kameny : Pour Choeur A 24 Voix Et Ensemble De 17 Instruments (2012) - Special Print Score.

Publisher: Billaudot

…With performance notes. Commissioned by the Ensemble InterContemporain. The music sets an Icelandic poem by Sjon, mostly in an English translation by David McDuff, but also with some words in Czech and German. The music has theatrical elements. Duration ca. 25 minutes. Special print edition.

$279.70 $251.70

Musica Instrumental En Las Catedrales Espanolas En La Epoca Ilustrada / Ed. Antonio E. Esteban.

Publisher: Consejo Superior
Series: Monumentos Della Musica Espanola
, Vol. 69
ISBN13: 9788400082772

This volume contains previously unpublished music held in the Archivo de Musica de las Cathedrales de Zaragoza. The music includes conciertos, versos and sonatas for various instruments. With an introduction and discussion of the repertoire in Spanish.

$96.90 $48.45

Instrumentale Kammermusik.

Publisher: Baerenreiter
Series: Erbe Deutscher Musik
, Band 24

$90.00 $45.00

Fantasy and Capriccio : For A Keyboard Instrument / edited by Friedrich Cerha.

Publisher: Doblinger
Series: Diletto Musicale
, DM 296

This pair of movements is taken from the Bayun Manuscript, an important French collection of music for keyboard. The Fantasy is deliberate and chromatic, while the Capriccio is more energetic and features a repeated- note motive.

$16.30 $8.15

Paraphrases : For Ten Instruments (1979).

Publisher: C. F. Peters

Dedicated to Anthony Korf and Parnassus. This single-movement work is scored for flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba and piano. Printed from manuscript. Duration ca. 13 minutes. Special print edition; available for sale for the first time.


History Of Instrumentation / English Translation by Robert Kolben.

Publisher: Arno Volk Verlag
Series: Anthology Of Music
, No. 24

76 musical examples trace the history of orchestral instrumentation from the early Baroque to the Modern era. Includes historical introduction with musical examples and notes, a list of treatises on instrumentation, and a bibliography. Fine Condition.

$30.00 $15.00

Works For Solo Instruments and Orchestra, Vol. 1.

Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
Series: Reger, Max - Saemtliche Werke
, Band 7

$220.80 $110.40

Instrumental- und Vokalwerke.

Publisher: Akademische Druck
Series: Denkmaeler Der Tonkunst In Oesterreich
, Band 70

$69.00 $34.50

Sonatas For Variety Of Instruments - Opera Prima / London, Walsh, 1722.

Publisher: Fuzeau
Series: Collection Dominantes

Edited by Susi Moehlmeier and Frederique Thouvenot. Facsimile of a copy in the British Library, London. With biography, commentary on the score, on notation and performance suggestions.

$29.00 $14.50

Messe Pour Plusieurs Instruments Au Lieu Des Orgues (H. 513) / edited by Catherine Cessac.

Publisher: Sinfonie D' Orphee
Series: Charpentier, M. A. - Musique Instrumentale
, Vol. 5

This work follows the form of a mass setting, and is based on original chants, but is for instruments rather than voices. The surviving manuscript is incomplete, leaving out the Benedictus, Agnus Dei and part of the Sanctus. With brief notes in French.

$30.70 $15.35

Concerto A Cinque, Op. 5/6 In C Major : For Violin and String Orchestra / Ed. Walter Kolneder.

Publisher: Kunzelmann
Series: Albinoni Gesamtausgabe der Instrumentalmusik

From the complete edition of his instrumental music, edited by Walter Kolneder

$21.00 $10.50
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