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'woodwinds, Bassoon'

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Viennoise : For Bassoon Solo.

Publisher: Editions Combre

Dedicated to Wolfgang Hartl, this piece is comprised of a single, slow movement which makes extensive use of such ornaments as trills and grace notes. Schlee is an accomplished organist and musicologist as well as composer. With a brief composer biography.


Montages : For Bassoon Unaccompanied.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 9780193852587


Three Celtic Tunes : For Woodwind Trio / arranged by Peter Simpson.

Publisher: International Opus

Arrangements for oboe, clarinet and bassoon of three tunes by the great Irish harpist: Captain O'Kane; Lord Inchiquin; and Planxty Drury. With a biographical note.


Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Mvt. 1 (Allegro) : arranged For Woodwind Quartet by Earl C. North.

Publisher: Kendor Music

This arrangement is scored for flute (or oboe), 2 b-flat clarinets and bassoon or bass clarinet. Other editions include movements 2 and 4. Duration ca. 9 minutes.


Nine Muses : For Woodwind Quintet (Alto Saxophone Replaces Horn) Op. 192.

Publisher: Seesaw Music Corporation

This piece for flute, oboe, clarinet, alto sax and bassoon contains 11 sections: nine sections are named after the nine muses, plus an introduction and finale (which leads back to the introduction). Printed from the autograph. Duration ca. 20 minutes.


Canton Landscape : For Woodwind Quintet / arranged by Albert Wang.

Publisher: Kendor Music

In one movement. With a preface. This piece is based on music from the Tang and Song dynasties of China. An optional bass clarinet part is provided as an alternate to the bassoon part. Duration ca. 4 minutes.


Tango La Invitacion : For Woodwind Quintet And Percussion 2 Players (Optional) (1999).

Publisher: Advance Music

Curtis is a well-established wind player of both jazz and classical music. This work was composed for the Eugene Symphony Orchestra. For flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and optional percussion. With program and biographical notes.


Interacting Patterns : For Solo Bassoon (2013).

Publisher: American Composers Alliance

In four movements. Challenging music for unaccompanied bassoon.


Serenade : For Bassoon and Piano.

Publisher: Roncorp

With brief biographical introduction. Composed in 1992.


Cadenza 3 : For Bassoon (2018).

Publisher: Mira Music

The third of five cadenzas for an unaccompanied instrument. This piece is mostly legato, but with movement. Of advanced difficulty. Duration ca. 4 minutes.

$4.90 $4.40

Serenade : For Bassoon and Piano (2001).

Publisher: Sandscape Publications

A lyric and tonal little piece. Chord symbols are provided in the score and bassoon part. Also available in versions for viola and cello.

$7.99 $7.19

Burlesque : For Bassoon and Piano (1995).

Publisher: Editions Bim

A light-hearted showpiece for bassoon by the young Hungarian composer. Also available in a version for tuba and piano. With a biographical note. Duration ca. 4 minutes.


Maverick Fanfare : For Bassoon Quartet.

Publisher: Imagine Music Publishing

In one movement. With program and biographical notes. Composed for Scott Pool and his bassoon group. Premiered at the University of Texas at Arlington, November 2009. A dramatic and energetic Allegro. Of advanced difficulty.


Mirror Images : For Bassoon Quartet.

Publisher: Kenter Canyon Music

In one movement. With program and biographical notes. For 3 bassoons and 1 contra-bassoon. Duration ca. 6 minutes.

$25.00 $22.50

Crosswind : For Clarinet and Bassoon (1994).

Publisher: Conners Publications

Defined by counterpoint and rhythmic contrasts, Crosswind displays a three part form making extensive use of imitation. Duration: ca. 6 minutes.


Little Suite : For Bassoon Duo.

Publisher: Potenza Music Publishing

In three movements. With program and biographical notes. Dedicated to Shannon Lowe and Peter Geldrich. The music was originally composed for bassoon and bass clarinet. Includes two copies of the score. One copy is bound; the other is printed on loose-leaf, single-sided pages.


Flayed : For Bassoon and Piano.

Publisher: Imagine Music Publishing

In one movement. With program, performance and biographical notes. This work received honorable mention at the 2014 Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition. Of advanced difficulty.

$14.00 $12.60
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