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No Such Thing As Silence : John Cage's 4'33".

Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN13: 9780300136999

With a preface, notes, bibliography and index. Music examples. Illustrations. Gann discusses the meanings and intentions of Cage's work of silence, as well as its importance in American musical and artistic culture.


4'33" : John Cage Centennial Edition.

Publisher: C. F. Peters

…of Cage's most influential work includes the proportional notation version of 1953 -- the calligraphic tacet version of 1986 -- and a facsimile of David Tudor's 1989 reconstruction of the original 1952 manuscript. This edition also includes a letter from Cage to Helen Wolff dated 1954, in which Cage


Happy Birthday John! : Music by John Cage / Floraleda Sacchi, Harp. [CD]

Publisher: Amadeus Arte

…Harp -- In a landscape, for harp -- A room, for Prepared harp -- Just Sounds -- variations 1-5 -- Composing -- Waiting, for harp -- Questions -- 4’33”, for any instrument -- Hope -- Dream, for harp -- Suite for Toy Harp -- No. 1 -- No. 2 Same Speed -- No. 3 Slower -- No. 4 Same tempo as No. 3 --…


Rose Of Silence : For Piano.

Publisher: Sikorski
Series: Exempla Nova
, No. 583

In one movement. This work was inspired by the carol Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming and John Cage's 4'33". Of advanced difficulty.


Early Electronic and Tape Music. [CD]

Publisher: Sub Rosa Records

Realizations of music by Cage by the Langham Research Centre. Contents: Fontana Mix with Aria -- Imaginary Landscape No. 5 -- WBAI -- Cartridge Music -- 0'00" -- Variations I.


Guitar Anthology.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
Series: Guitar Recorded Versions
ISBN13: 9781423433255

…Black Hole Sun -- Blow Up The Outside World -- Burden In My Hand -- The Day I Tried To Live -- Face Pollution -- Fell On Black Days -- Jesus Christ Pose -- Let Me Drown -- Like Suicide -- Mind Riot -- My Wave -- Outshined -- Pretty Noose -- Rhinosaur -- Rusty Cage -- Spoonman -- Superunknown.


4'33" (1952).

Publisher: C. F. Peters


New York Schools Of Music and The Visual Arts / edited by Steven Johnson.

Publisher: Routledge
Series: Studies In Contemporary Music & Culture
ISBN13: 9780415936941

Articles on the composers and artists of the mid-20th century who made an impact on the world and on each other. Focuses on Cage, Feldman, and Varese as well as de Kooning, Johns and Rauschenberg. With an introduction, musical examples, facsimile plates and illustrations.


Pleasure Of Modernist Music : Listening, Meaning, Intention, Ideology / Ed. Arved Ashby.

Publisher: Univ. Rochester Press
Series: Eastman Studies In Music
, Vol. 29
ISBN13: 9781580461436

The essays in this book examine the appeal of music by composers such as Berg, Cage, Bartok, Stockhausen and others. The authors look for a middle ground between the usual attacks and defenses of modern music. With an introduction, index and music examples.

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