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Composition No. 255 : Second Species Syntactical Ghost Trance Music (2000).

Publisher: Tri-Centric Foundation

For any instrumentation. Mostly scored on a single staff. Printed from manuscript.

$90.00 $81.00

Composition No. 304 : For Two Instruments (2002).

Publisher: Tri-Centric Foundation

In one movement. May be performed by any two instruments. The music is mostly homophonic. Of advanced difficulty. Duration ca. 4 minutes.

$10.00 $9.00

Sessionography : For Solo Bass Clarinet.

Publisher: Potenza Music Publishing

Contents: I. King Super 20 -- II. Composition No. 2 -- III. Just Groovin'. With program and biographical notes. The movements were inspired by the music of Charlie Parker, Anthony Braxton, and Miles Davis.

$16.95 $15.26

Composition No. 245 : Second Species Ghost Trance Music (2000).

Publisher: Tri-Centric Foundation

For any instrumentation. Includes four pages of music and three pages of graphic scores. Printed from manuscript.

$14.00 $12.60

Music Of Anthony Braxton.

Publisher: Greenwood Press
Series: Contributions To The Study Of Music And Dance
, No. 43
ISBN13: 9780313299568

Braxton is described as a pioneer in the post-jazz synthesis of improvisation & composition. Many music examples & figures, bibliography, index. The book is also part of the series Profiles of American Composers. Paper edition available from Excelsior, $24.95


Dortmund 1976 / Anthony Braxton Quartet. [CD]

Publisher: Hat Hut

A classic live concert from Braxton and his group.

$18.98 $17.08

New Musical Figurations : Anthony Braxton's Cultural Critique.

Publisher: Univ. Chicago Press
ISBN13: 9780226701950

Also in paper - ISBN 0226701964 $16.95. Braxton is not only a virtuoso jazz saxophonist, but an innovative theoretician, a composer of experimental art music, a teacher and lecturer. Through his life and work, the author places jazz within postmodern culture. Requoted with more detail.


Forces In Motion : Anthony Braxton and The Meta-Reality of Creative Music.

Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN13: 9780486824093

A reprint of the 1988 book of interviews and tour notes, as Braxton travelled through England in 1985. Includes new afterwords by the author and by Braxton, as well as a revised discography. With a foreword, introduction, bibliography, and index. Music examples, illustrations, and black & white…

$19.95 $18.00

The Virtuoso In The Computer Age, I. [CD]

Publisher: Centaur
Series: Cdcm Computer Music Series
, Vol. 10

Composers: Anthony Braxton, David Rosenboom, John Melby, Larry Austin, Paul Lansky. Performers: Ami Radunskaya, Christine Brown, Rachel Rudich, Robert Davidovici, Scott Evans.


Jazzactuel. [CD]

Publisher: Snapper Records

Three discs of avant garde and free jazz from the BYG/Actuel catalogue, 1969-1971. Artists include Sunny Murray, Archie Shepp, Steve Lacy, Sun Ra, Don Cherry, Anthony Braxton, and more.


Engage / Josh Modney, Violin. [CD]

Publisher: New Focus Records

A program of music by Johann Sebastian Bach; Anthony Braxton; Taylor Brook; Josh Modney; Sam Pluta; and Kate Soper. With Sam Pluta; Kate Soper; and Eric Wuebbels. On three CDs.


Extended Play : Sounding Off From John Cage To Dr. Funkenstein.

Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN13: 9780822314738

…on topics of postmodernism and deconstruction in popular and "fringe" culture, and interviews with and profiles of a variety of musicians, including John Cage, Sun Ra, Anthony Braxton, Nicolas Collins, Derek Bailey and others. Photographs, illustrations, annotated guide to further listening, index.


Blutopia : Visions Of The Future and Revisions Of The Past In The Work Of Sun Ra, Duke Ellington…

Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN13: 9780822324409

. . . And Anthony Braxton. In this study, Lock breaks away from traditional criticism of the music of these three artists, arguing that each in his own way worked to be free of categorical confines and to create visions of a utopian future. With an introduction, notes, works cited, indices.


Marilyn Crispell, Mark Dresser and Gerry Hemingway Play Braxton. [CD]

Publisher: Tzadik Records

Contents: Composition 116 -- Composition 23C -- Composition 108C/110/69Q -- Composition 69B -- Composition 40N/40B.

$16.98 $15.28

(Willisau) 1991 Studio. [CD]

Publisher: Hat Hut

Two discs of recordings from Braxton and his quartet.

$27.98 $25.18

Composition No. 37 : For Saxophone Quartet (1974).

Publisher: Tri-Centric Foundation

In one movement. With program and performance nots. An unmetered, aleatoric piece. The structure deals with repeated long sounds and the variation possibilities of a four-note cycle. Printed from manuscript.


Composition No. 131 : For Four Instruments (1986).

Publisher: Tri-Centric Foundation

In one movement. Scored for alto sax, piano, bass, and percussion. The music is traditionally notated, and features counterpoint between the sax & piano and bass & percussion.


Composition No. 152 : For Flute and String Bass (1991).

Publisher: Tri-Centric Foundation

In one movement. A brief, unmetered piece. The two instruments mostly perform in sync, but there are also some opportunities for improvisation.


Quintet (Tristano) 2014. [CD]

Publisher: Firehouse 12 Records

61 tracks on 7 CDs. Braxton and colleagues interpret the music of Lennie Tristano.

$99.98 $89.98
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