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Works With Texts In The Vernacular / edited by Leeman L. Perkins.

Publisher: Broude Brothers Limited
Series: Masters & Monuments Of The Renaissance
, Vol. 5/1
ISBN13: 9780854073078

This volume contains more than 70 secular works by Busnoys, including rondeaux, virelais, formes fixes layées, arrangements, and more. Volume 1a contains scores, with a publisher's preface. Volume 1b contains critical commentary, with an introduction, appendices, and bibliography. This is the final…


Tous Les Regrets. [CD]

Publisher: Cornetto Records

Music from the Court of Marguerite of Austria in the first part of the 16th century. Performed by The Modern Consort. Includes music by Ghislin, Ockeghem, Isaac, Agricola, Busnois and much more.


Missa O Crux Lignum.

Publisher: Möseler Verlag
Series: Das Chorwerk
, No. 123


For Ockeghem. [CD]

Publisher: Coro Records

The Hilliard Ensemble performs music by Ockeghem, as well as Cretin, Busnois, Compere and Lupi.


Espris d'Amours : Miniatures Flamandes. [CD]

Publisher: Musique En Wallonie

Capilla Flamenca performs music by Binchois, Busnois, Cardot, Dufay, Fontaine, Frye, Grenon, Malbecque, Morton, and Pullois.


Plorer, Gemir, Crier : Hommage A la Voix d'Or De Johannes Ockeghem. [CD]

Publisher: Aeon Records

The ensemble Diabolus In Musica performs music by La Rue, Obrecht, Josquin, Busnois, and Lupus.


The Art Of The Netherlands. [CD]

Publisher: Virgin Classics

The Early Music Consort of London performs music by Brumel, Busnois, Isaac, Josquin, Obrecht, Ockeghem, and others. On two CDs.


Amours Amours Amours : Lute Duos Around 1500. [CD]

Publisher: Glossa Records

Karl-Ernst Schröder and Crawford Young perform music by Jean Rapart, Antoine Busnois, Heinrich Isaac, Alexander Agricola, and many others.


Liber Missarum : Capella Sistina 51, Vol. 3 / edited by Rex Eakins.

Publisher: Institute Of Medieval Music
Series: Collected Works - Gesamtausgabe
, Vol. XVII/3
ISBN13: 9781896926377

This volume includes 4 transnotated works from the manuscript: Missa Sanguis sanctorum by Philippe Caron; Missa O crux lignum triumphale by Antoine Busnois; and two anonymous masses. With an introduction, editorial parameters, critical notes, and tables.

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