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Clarinet Choir

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Anitschka : Czardas For Clarinet Choir.

Publisher: De Haske Publications
ISBN13: 9780431284388

This lively piece is scored for two E flat clarinets, four B flat clarinets, two alto clarinets, one bass clarinet, one contralto clarinet, and one contrabass clarinet. With a brief program note.


Shadows : Clarinet Choir and Percussion Ensemble (2002-2005).

Publisher: Nataraja Music

This work was composed for the Purchase College Clarinet Choir, and calls for clarinet in E flat, two clarinets in B flat, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, six percussionists and piano. The work is part of the composer's larger cycle of works known as SPANDA.


Cityscapes : For Clarinet Choir - Score Only.

Publisher: Brixton Publications

…Traffic -- 2. Riverfront -- 3. A Walk in the Park -- 4. Skyline at Sunset -- 5. Night Life. With program, performance and biographical notes. Commissioned by and dedicated to the Chattanooga Clarinet Choir. Scored for E flat, 3 B flat, alto, bass, and contra alto clarinets. Duration ca. 13 minutes.


Coloratura, Op. 80 : For Clarinet Choir (1978).

Publisher: Seesaw Music Corporation

In one movement. Scored for E flat sopranino, five B flat clarinets, E flat alto, B flat bass, E flat contrabass, and B flat contrabass clarinets. Of advanced difficulty. Printed from manuscript.

$52.00 $46.80

Les Nymphéas (l'Ensemble De L'orangerie) : Version For Clarinet Choir.

Publisher: Daniel Kessner

This version of Kessner's work, which is based on paintings by Monet, is scored for eight B flat clarinets, one alto clarinet, three bass clarinets, and two contrabass clarinets. With brief program and biographical notes. Parts available separately. Duration ca. 12 minutes.


Quartet In G Minor : First Movement transcribed For Clarinet Choir by Wayne Peterson.

Publisher: Trillenium Music

Transcribed upon the request of Donald Carroll, Bass Clarinetist with the San Fransisco Symphony, to provide him with a piece suitable for the Clarinet Choir that the latter conducted. Partss for 6 clarinets and 2 bass clarinets. See biographical and composition notes.


Air (BWV 1068/2) : For Clarinet Choir / arranged by Clare Fischer.

Publisher: Advance Music

From the string suite in d, arranged for clarinet choir, piano and bass. Set of parts includes: 4x Bb clarinet 1 & 2; 4x Bb clarinet 3 & 4; 2x Eb alto clarinet; 2x Bb bass clarinet 1, 2x Bb bass clarinet 2; Eb contra bass clarinet; piano; bass.


Eine Kleine Klarinettemusik : For Clarinet Choir / arranged by Melanie Thorne.

Publisher: Sempre Music

In one movement. Scored for clarinet in E flat, four clarinets in B flat, alto clarinet, and bass clarinet. Of moderate difficulty.


Take On Me As Performed by A-Ha : For Clarinet Choir / arr. by Matt Johnson.

Publisher: Alry Publications

Instrumentation: E-flat Clarinet -- 4 B-flat Clarinets -- Alto Clarinet/Basset Horn -- Bass Clarinet -- Contrabass/Contralto/String Bass.


Easy Winners : For Clarinet Choir / arranged by Frank J. Halferty.

Publisher: Kendor Music

This arrangement for E flat clarinet, 3 B flat clarinets, alto clarinet, bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet is graded level 5 by the publisher. Also available in an arrangement for clarinet quartet. Duration ca. 4 minutes.

$15.50 $13.95

A Riot of Reeds : For Clarinet Choir (9 Players) (2003).

Publisher: American Composers Alliance

…Cokkinias and the Berklee College of Music. The music has a few aleatoric elements. Scored for piccolo clarinet in E flat, four soprano clarinets in B flat, alto clarinet in E flat, bass clarinet in B flat, contra-alto clarinet in E flat, and contrabass clarinet in B flat. Duration ca. 9 minutes.

$15.95 $14.40

First Suite In E-Flat, Op. 28 No.1 : For Clarinet Choir & Optional Percussion.

Publisher: Alry Publications

Instrumentation: E-Flat Clarinet -- 5 B-Flat Clarinets -- Alto Clarinet/Basset Horn -- Bass Clarinet -- Contrabass Clarinet/Contralto/String Bass -- Optional Percussion: Percussion 1: Snare Drum, Triangle (one player) -- Percussion 2: Cymbals, Bass Drum, Tambourine (two players) -- Timpani.

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