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Claudio Monteverdi

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Il Sesto Libro De Madrigali / edited by Gian Francesco Malipiero.

Publisher: Universal Edition
Series: Monteverdi, Claudio - Gesamtausgabe
, Vol. 6
ISBN13: 9783702410414


Claudio Monteverdi : Biografie.

Publisher: Reclam
ISBN13: 9783150110935

This biography of the great composer Monteverdi follows him through his times in Cremona, Mantua, and Venice, as he helped to invent the genre of opera. With an introduction, works list, bibliography, glossary, and indices. A few plates.


Claudio Monteverdi : Orfeo.

Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
Series: Cambridge Opera Handbooks
ISBN13: 9780521284776


Best Of Claudio Monteverdi. [CD]

Publisher: Naxos

This disc contains sixteen tracks of sacred music, madrigals, and selections from operas by Monteverdi. Various artists.


Venezianische Kirchenmusik von Claudio Monteverdi.

Publisher: Baerenreiter
ISBN13: 9783761815700

An examination of the music composed by Monteverdi as Kapelmeister in Venice. The book strives to place the music in the context of spirituality in the Venice of the time. With a foreword, introduction, bibliography, index, musical examples, and tables.


Autobiografia Di Claudio Monteverdi : Una Romanza.

Publisher: Akademos & Lim
Series: Akademos Tascabili Musica
, No. 4
ISBN13: 9788870961089

Gallico, a leading Italian musicologist and Monteverdi specialist, recreates Monteverdi's life and character in a fictitious diary which is solidly based o historical fact.


Claudio Monteverdi : 2nd Revised Edition.

Publisher: Laaber Verlag
Series: Grosse Komponisten Und Ihre Zeit
ISBN13: 9783921518724

In German. With 30 illustrations


Claudio Monteverdi : Die Entdeckung der Leidenschaft.

Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9783795712136

A look at the madgrials, operas, and other works of Monteverdi. The title translates to The Discovery of Passion. With a foreword, notes, and bibliography. Music examples. Color and black & white plates.


Claudio Monteverdi : A Research and Information Guide.

Publisher: Routledge
Series: Routledge Music Bibliographies
ISBN13: 9780415837330

A guide to scholarly writing on Monteverdi and his music, including reference sources, collections of essays, studies of his life and work, his different kinds of music, performance issues, and more. With a preface, introduction, chronology, appendices, and indices.


Opera's First Master : The Musical Dramas Of Claudio Monteverdi.

Publisher: Amadeus Press
Series: Unlocking The Masters
, No. 8
ISBN13: 9781574671100

An introduction to the operas of Monteverdi, who reached great hights in the early decades of the genre. The CD contains 13 selections. With an introduction, discography, videography, bibliography and index.


Le Chant Des Possibles : Interpréter l'Orfeo De Claudio Monteverdi / Ed. Sylvie Pébrier.

Publisher: Ambronay Editions
Series: Cahiers D'ambronay
, Vol. 7
ISBN13: 9782918961154

This book contains nine articles, interviews and reflections which shed light on Monteverdi's great opera. Contributors include Marianne Massin, Pierre Kuentz, Simon Keelyside, Laurent Brethome, and others. With a foreword and bibliography. Music examples. Plates.


Claudio Monteverdi : Studi E Prospettive / Atti Del Convegno Mantova, 21-24 Ottobre 1993.

Publisher: Olschki Editore
ISBN13: 9788822245816

Edited by Paola Besutti, Teresa M. Gialdroni, Rodolfo Baroncini. Contains twenty-eight articles in English and Italian. Index of works; index of names Conference program.


Monteverdi Sessions. [CD]

Publisher: Enchiriadis Records

Musica Ficta and Ensemble Fontegara perform a selection of music by Monteverdi.


Performing Monteverdi : A Conductor's Guide.

Publisher: Hinshaw Music
ISBN13: 9780937276273

This book provides a comprehensive and practical survey of Claudio Monteverdi, one of history's most influential composers. This book consists of trans- lations, analyses, and performance suggestions of Monteverdi's works. With an introduction, bibliography, index and music examples.


Monteverdi In San Marco. [CD]

Publisher: Arcana Records

Odhecaton performers sacred compositions from Monteverdi's later years, written for St Mark’s basilica where he became maestro di cappella in 1613.


Love and Loss : Monteverdi Madrigals. [CD]

Publisher: Hyperion

The ensemble Arcangelo performs music from Monteverdi's last three books of Madrigals. Conducted by Jonathan Cohen.


Introduction To Monteverdi : Orfeo. [CD]

Publisher: Naxos

Includes a disc of highlights from Monteverdi's opera, and a book by Thomson Smillie which discusses the plot and background of the work. The highlights are taken from the Naxos complete recording on period instruments.


Orpheus' Ballad : A Counterpoint of Ancient and Contemporary Music / Claudio Jacomucci, Accordion. [CD]

Publisher: Da Vinci Classics

Music by Claudio Monteverdi, Martin Lohse, Domenico Scarlatti, Jacob Van Eyk, Stefano Scodanibbio, John Dowland, Gyorgy Ligeti, J. S. Bach, and Claudio Jacomucci.


Orfeo : Favola In Musica, Sv 318 / edited by Claudio Gallico.

Publisher: Eulenburg Editions
ISBN13: 9783795769864

This new edition of Monteverdi's great opera is based primarily on the 1609 edition published in Venice. This edition includes a preface with editorial information, and non-singing translations of Striggio's libretto to English and German.

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