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Composing Music For Film.

Publisher: Jack Smalley
ISBN13: 9781599750316

Film composer Smalley offers discussion and examples for the composing of film scores. Includes sections on the basic elements -- writing melodies -- composing cues -- scales -- and 20th century techniques. Over 100 examples. With an index and glossary.


Composing Our Future : Preparing Music Educators To Teach Composition.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 9780199832293

Edited by Michele Kaschub and Janice P. Smith. Twenty articles discuss various aspects of teaching composition and songwriting in the schools. The essays are in seven sections: I. Introduction -- II. Foundations and Futures -- III. Model Practices in Teaching Composition -- IV. Composition and…


Composing For The Cinema : The Theory and Praxis Of Music In Film / trans. by Gillian B. Anderson.

Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN13: 9780810892408

The great composer Morricone and musicologist Miceli offer a series of lectures about the nature and composition of film music. With a translator's note, editor's note, introduction, two appendices, filmography, bibliography, and index.


The Instant Composers Pool and Improvisation Beyond Jazz.

Publisher: Routledge
Series: Transnational Studies In Jazz
ISBN13: 9780815368571

The Instant Composers Pool was founded in Amsterdam in 1967. This book studies the history and practices of this important jazz group. With an introduction, bibliography, and index. Images. Music examples.


The Rhythm Book : Intermediate Notation and Sight-Reading.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN13: 9781540012586

…on more advanced rhtyhmic ideas, including 16th-note and 32nd-note rhythms, triple meters, odd meters, and more. The book is geared to both performers and composers who want a better grasp of complicated rhythmic ideas. With an introduction and six appendices. Includes access to online audio.


Composer's Handbook, Vol. 2.

Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9781847610164

With an introduction and index. Music examples. This volume includes chapters on meter and rhythm, melody, harmony, form and texture, technology, and more. Useful for composers working in any genre.


Composing America. [CD]

Publisher: Bridge Records

The Lark Quartet performs music by John Adams, William Bolcom, Aaron Copland, and Paul Moravec.


Composing Japanese Musical Modernity.

Publisher: Univ. Chicago Press
Series: Chicago Studies In Ethnomusicology
ISBN13: 9780226085357

For most of Japanese history, composition and performance were intertwined. In this book, Wade examines the role of the composer in Japan as it emerged with the embrace of Western culture which began in the late 19th century. With an introduction, chronology, notes, glossary, bibliography and index.


Composing For The Jazz Orchestra.

Publisher: Univ. Chicago Press
ISBN13: 9780226732091


Jennifer Higdon : Composing In Color.

Publisher: Mcfarland & Co
ISBN13: 9781476664064

An examination of the music of the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Higdon. The author analyzes Blue Cathedral, Concerto for Orchestra, City Scape, Concerto 4-3, Violin Concerto, and Cold Mountain. With a foreword by Marin Alsop, preface, notes, bibliography, and index. Music examples.


Composing Music : A New Approach.

Publisher: Univ. Chicago Press
ISBN13: 9780226732169


Hallelujah Junction : Composing An American Life.

Publisher: Farrar Strauss
ISBN13: 9780374281151

This book is part memoir, and part discussion of Adams' creative process. The book also presents a journey through the landscape of American music. With an index and black & white photos.


Libby Larsen : Composing An American Life.

Publisher: Univ. Illinois Press
Series: Music In American Life
ISBN13: 9780252082696

An examination of the life and work of the American composer Larsen, through her connections with family, religion, nature, gender, technology, and more. With a preface, prologue, notes, bibliography, and index. Music examples. Black & white photos.


Winter Music : Composing The North.

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
ISBN13: 9780819567420

A collection of essays, journal entries and other writings by the composer who makes music influenced by the Alaskan landscape. The CD features three pieces never before recorded. With a foreword by Kyle Gann, preface, discography, bibliography, works list, index, b&w photos and music examples.


Guitarist's Guide To Composing and Improvising.

Publisher: Berklee Press
ISBN13: 9780634016356

A collection of resources designed to help the guitarist's creative process. Topics covered include melody, harmony, counterpoint, form, and more. CD tracks feature the small pieces and exercises in the book. With a foreword by Bill Frisell, introduction, and bibliography.


Composers On Composing For Choir / edited by Tom Wine.

Publisher: Gia Publications
ISBN13: 9781579996642

Essays on composing for choir, and teaching young composers to do so. Includes writings by Rene Clausen, Libby Larsen, Morten Lauridsen, Kirke Mechem, John Rutter, Gwyneth Walker and others. With an introduction and black & white photos. Contributing Composers -- David N. Childs, RenĂ© Clausen, Libby…


Josquin's Rome : Hearing and Composing In The Sistine Chapel.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Series: Ams Studies In Music
ISBN13: 9780199844302

Josquin was at home in the newly built Sistine Chapel in the late 15th century, singing in and composing for the pope's private choir. This book re-examines the compositional output of Josquin in light of the kind of repertoire he and his choir would have performed. With an introduction,…


Composing Ambiguity : The Early Music Of Morton Feldman.

Publisher: Ashgate
ISBN13: 9781409451648

This book examines the musical language of Feldman as it developed in the 1950s, a time during which he explored areas of graphic notation and indeterminacy. With a bibliography and index. Figures. Two tables.


Composing For The Red Screen : Prokofiev and Soviet Film.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Series: Oxford Music / Media Series
ISBN13: 9780199967599

This book presents a close examination of the eight film scores composed by Prokofiev over the last two decades of his life. The author explores Prokfiev's relationship to film and to the demands of Soviet propaganda. With an introduction, appendix, notes, list of works cited, and index. Music…


Foundations Of Contemporary Composing / edited by Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf.

Publisher: Wolke Verlag
Series: New Music And Aesthetics In The 21st Century
, Band 3
ISBN13: 9783936000146

Twelve articles discuss the current theoretical and artistic states of composition. Contributors include composers, musicologists and others. With a foreword and music examples.


Inside The Score : Composing & Arranging Method.

Publisher: Kendor Music

A detailed analysis of 8 classic jazz ensemble charts by Sammy Nestico, Thad Jones, and Bob Brookmeyer.


Composing A World : Lou Harrison, Musical Wayfarer.

Publisher: Univ. Illinois Press
Series: Music In American Life
ISBN13: 9780252071881

A new edition of this look at the life and music of Harrison, who passed away in 2003. Includes an updated works catalog and minor corrections to the previous edition. The CD includes a sampling of Harrison's works. With an introduction, notes, bibliography, index and black & white photos.


Composing Dissent : Avant-Garde Music In 1960s Amsterdam.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 9780199981014

This book looks at the work of musicians such as Louis Andriessen, Willem Breuker, Reinbert de Leeuw, and Misha Mengelberg. The author examines the engagment of politics and activism in their music, and the forces which led to such work. With an introduction, bibliography and index.


Composing For The State : Music In Twentieth-Century Dictatorships.

Publisher: Ashgate
Series: Musical Cultures Of The Twentieth Century
, Vol. 2
ISBN13: 9781472437495

Edited by Esteban Buch, Igor Contreras Zubillaga and Manuel Deniz Silva. 10 articles look at the nature of composition under dictatorships in Germany, China, Russia, Italy, and Latin America. With an introduction and index. Figures. Music examples.

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