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Debussy Etudes

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Etudes, Livre I Et Livre II : For Piano / edited by Claude Helffer.

Publisher: Durand Editions
Series: Debussy, Claude - Oeuvres Completes
, Ser. I/6
ISBN13: 9780634082078

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Langage Musical De Debussy Dans le Douze Etudes : Pour Piano.

Publisher: Billaudot
Series: Analyse Du Langage Musical

A detailed analysis of Debussy's 12 Piano Etudes, including discussion of issues relating to motives, texture, harmonic language, and formal structures. With a preface, introduction and many music examples.


Fantasy On Syrinx - Improvising On Debussy : A Concert Etude For Solo Flute (2010).

Publisher: Falls House Press

In one movement. With program and biographical notes. A free improvisation based on Debussy's landmark work for flute. Of advanced difficulty.


Etudes by Debussy, Bartok and Prokofiev / Garrick Ohlsson, Piano. [CD]

Publisher: Hyperion

Contents: Etudes / Debussy -- Etudes, Op. 18 / Bartok -- Etudes, Op. 2 / Prokofiev.


18 Etudes For Piano by Chopin, Debussy, Liszt, Rachmaninoff and Scriabin.

Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Series: Schirmer's Library Of Musical Classics
, Vol. 2143
ISBN13: 9781540039873


Debussy's Iberia.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Series: Studies In Musical Genesis And Structure
ISBN13: 9780198161998

This book discusses the compositional process behind Debussy's late orchestral work, including problems of both musical and extra-musical nature. It also includes studies of the sketches of each movement. Introduction, bibliography, index, six figures, five tables and many music examples.


Debussy Studies / Editor Richard Langham Smith.

Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
Series: Cambridge Composer Studies
ISBN13: 9780521460903

Nine contributors write about Debussy's working methods, his visual tastes, hi reception in England, aspects of performance practice, his libretti, his rela- tionship to the poet Mallarme. Music examples, illustrations, index.


Etudes / Pascal Roge, Piano. [CD]

Publisher: Onyx Classics
Series: Debussy, Claude - Complete Roge Debussy
, Vol. 4

Roge performs the twelve piano etudes of Debussy. The fourth disc in Roge's series of Debussy's piano music.


Douze Etudes : For Piano Solo.

Publisher: Kalmus / Warner
ISBN13: 9780757938412

Debussy composed his great collection of Etudes in 1915, in memory of Chopin. This is a reprint of a French edition, and includes Debussy's preface in French.


Debussy's Paris : Piano Portraits of The Belle Époque.

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN13: 9781442269828

This book studies how Debussy's music reflects the social trends and issues which could be found in fin-de-siècle Paris. With a preface, biographical note, introduction, afterword, notes, bibliography, and indices. Music examples. Plates.


Bach E Debussy / edited by Barbara Malipiero.

Publisher: Libreria Musicale Italiana
Series: Le Sfere
, Vol. 55
ISBN13: 9788870967418

This study was written in 1948. It explores the life and music of two great composers. With an introduction by Luigi Pestalozza.


Twelve Etudes : For Piano.

Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Series: Schirmer's Library Of Musical Classics
, Vol. 1987
ISBN13: 9780793531585


Etudes I & II : For Solo Piano / Edited By Hans Swarsenski.

Publisher: C. F. Peters

The complete twelve piano etudes by Debussy. This edition includes notes written by the composer in the Summer of 1915, presented in French and English.


A First Book Of Debussy : For The Beginning Pianist - With Downloadable Mp3s.

Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN13: 9780486797540

These introductory arrangements focus on Debussy's melodies and style. The more abstract works are excerpted and presented in manageable samples, and the keys are simplified. Suggested fingerings are also provided. Beginning pianists will be able to enjoy a wide variety of works that previously…


Debussy's Letters To Inghelbrecht : The Story Of A Musical Friendship / Annotated by Margaret Cobb.

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
Series: Eastman Studies In Music
, Vol. 30
ISBN13: 9781580461740

Debussy became friends with the chorus master, conductor and composer Desire-Emile Inghelbrecht in 1911. Their intimate correspondence sheds new light on Debussy the man. With a preface, bibliography, discography, index and a few plates.


Esthetique De la Sonorite : l'Heritage De Debussy Dans la Musique Pour Piano Du XXe Siecle.

Publisher: Harmattan
ISBN13: 9782296099975

With a preface by Makis Solomos, introduction, appendix, index and bibliography. Music examples. A few graphs. A study of the influence of Debussy on the piano music of composers such as Messiaen, Boulez, Berio and others.


Deux Gymnopedies [Nos. 1 and 3 - Orchestrated by Debussy As Nos. 1 and 2].

Publisher: Serenissima
ISBN13: 9781932419825

Debussy orchestrated two of the three Gymnopedies composed by his friend Erik Satie after giving an impromptu performance of the piano originals at the home of conductor Gustave Doret, who was so taken with them that he commissioned Debussy to prepare an orchestral setting for an upcoming concert,…


Claude Debussy : A Critical Biography / Translation and Revised Edition by Marie Rolf.

Publisher: Univ. Rochester Press
Series: Eastman Studies In Music
, Vol. 159
ISBN13: 9781580469036

Lesure's 2003 biography of Debussy has become a standard, recognized as a comprehesive and reliable account of the composer's life and work. Rolf not only translates Lesure's book, but also updates it with new information and notes. With a preface, introduction, notes, and indices.


Ardeur Noire, d'Apres Debussy : Pour Grand Orchestre Et Choeur (Ad Libitum) (2008).

Publisher: Schott
Series: Music Of Our Time

In one movement. Premiered in Zurich by the Tonhalle-Orchester Zurich and Schweizer Kammerchor, July 2008, under the direction of the composer. Based on Debussy's Les soirs illuminés par l'ardeur du charbon (1917). The optional choir sings in French. Duration ca. 7 minutes.

$18.99 $17.09

Poetic Debussy : A Collection Of His Song Texts and Selected Letters.

Publisher: Univ. Rochester Press
Series: Eastman Studies In Music
, Vol. 1
ISBN13: 9781878822338

Collected and annotated by Margaret C. Cobb; translations by Richard Miller. Revised 2nd ed. Bibliography, index. Also in paper - ISBN 1878822349 $19.95 We are re-announcing this unusual title.


Homage To Debussy (Study In Fourths and Tritones) : For Piano Solo (1998).

Publisher: Composers Edition

In one movement. Commissioned by Stephen Gutman. Premiered in London, May 1998. A delicate and challenging piece for piano.


Claude Debussy As I Knew Him, and Other Writings by Arthur Hartmann.

Publisher: Univ. Rochester Press
Series: Eastman Studies In Music
, Vol. 24
ISBN13: 9781580461047

Edited by Samuel Hsu, Sidney Grolnic and Mark Peters. This book includes the great violinist's thoughts on Debussy, as well as writings on Ysaye and Grieg. Foreword by David Grayson, preface, notes, sources, bibliography, index, two b&w photos, seven facsimile plates, tables and 3 music examples.


La Construction De l'Idée Musicale : Essais Sur Webern, Debussy Et Boulez.

Publisher: Contrechamps
ISBN13: 9782940068470

This book studies structural, harmonic and rhythmic aspects of the music of three great 20th century composers. Several works by each composer are examined. With a foreword, notes, and index. Many music examples.


Debussy's Resonance / edited by François De Médicis and Steven Huebner.

Publisher: Univ. Rochester Press
Series: Eastman Studies In Music
, Vol. 150
ISBN13: 9781580465250

Twenty articles explore the continuing cultural and musical importance of the music of Debussy. The essays are in five parts: Historiographical and Editorial Issues -- Style and Genre -- History and Hermeneutics -- Theoretical Issues -- Performance and Reception. With an introduction and index.…

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