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Dickinson Four Songs

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Four Dickinson Songs : For Soprano and Piano (2002).

Publisher: Schott New York

Contents: 1. A word is dead -- 2. It was not death -- 3. I dwell in possibility -- 4. We never know how high we are. Of advanced difficulty. Custom print edition.


Four Dickinson Songs : For Voice and Piano (2014).

Publisher: Burning Sled

Contents: 1. Of All the Souls -- 2. A Dying Eye -- 3. If You Were Coming -- 4. Wild Nights. Commissioned by Lyric Fest of Philadelphia, 2014. Dedicated to Laura Ward. Premiered by tenor Joseph Gaines and pianist Laura Ward in Philadelphia, March 2014. Duration ca. 7 minutes.


Dickinson Songs : For Tenor and Piano (2009).

Publisher: Paulus Publications

…Ample make this Bed -- II. The Grass so little has to do -- III. Surgeons must be very careful -- IV. I'm Nobody! Who are you? Commissioned in 2009 by the Florestan Recital Project for their American Vanguard Festival at Dickinson College. Premiered in March, 2010 by Joe Dan Harper and Anne Kissel.


Five Emily Dickinson Songs : For Low Voice and Piano.

Publisher: Alliance Publications

Contents: I. The Moon is Distant -- II. Indian Summer -- III. A Service of Song -- IV. The Daisy Follows Soft the Sun -- V. Proof. With biographical notes. This edition includes a separate voice part.


Emily Dickinson Songs : First Complete Edition, Newly Revised.

Publisher: Composers Library Edition
Series: Composers Library Editions
, 107

Contains 16 songs.Originally composed 1963-1967, revised 1999.


The Thoughtfulness of Thirst : Emily Dickinson Songs / Ann Moss, Soprano. [CD]

Publisher: Albany Records

Contents: This Whole Experiment of Green -- Four Poems of Emily Dickinson -- Arias from Past the Hedge -- The Thoughtfulness of Thirst -- Four Songs of Emily Dickinson -- God & Emily -- A Fact Withheld the Little Child. With Karen Rosenak, piano.


3 Dickinson Songs : For Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto Flute and Guitar (2007-2009).

Publisher: Nicholas Deyoe

Contents: 1. some new equation, given -- 2. funny, to be a century -- 3. and then-to go to sleep. With performance notes. The songs may be performed individually. Of advanced difficulty. Duration ca. 20 minutes.


Towards Emily Dickinson : Song Cycle For Low Voice and Orchestra (2010) - Piano reduction.

Publisher: Brotons And Mercadal

Contents: I. A long, long sleep -- II. I died for beauty -- III. I years had been from home -- IV. Go not too near a house of rose -- V. A sepal, petal and a thorn -- VI. This quiet dust. Of advanced difficulty.


Forgotten Light - A Song Cycle On The Poems Of Emily Dickinson : For Soprano and Piano (2005).

Publisher: Classical Vocal Reprints

Contents: 1. Wild Nights! -- 2. A Quiet Way -- 3. Bring Me the Sunset -- 4. Heart! We Will Forget Him! -- 5. I Reason -- 6. The Silent End -- 7. After Great Pain. Dedicated to Julia Faulkner. This work won the 2005 ASCAP/LLF Song Cycle Competition. Duration ca. 17 minutes.


Four Songs.

Publisher: Southern Music Co.
Series: Art Songs By American Women Composers
, Vol. 9

On poems by Emily Dickinson, D.H. Lawrence and two poems by Federico Garcia Lorca (Spanish text), translated by the composer.


Four End Songs : For Mezzo-Soprano and Piano (2003).

Publisher: Yelton Rhodes Music

Soongs on texts by Emily Dickinson, Thom Gunn, Allen Ginsburg, and Francisco X Alarcon.


Four Art Songs : For High Voice and Piano.

Publisher: Alliance Publications

Contents: Loveliest of Trees (A. E. Housman) -- Love Me (Louise Bogan) -- I Remember, I Remember (Thomas Hood) -- Parting (Emily Dickinson). With a biographical note. Includes a separate vocal part. These songs date from 1936 and 1937.


Chanting To Paradise : Four Songs For High Voice and Piano (1997).

Publisher: Libby Larsen Publishing
ISBN13: 9781937234010

…I. Bind me - I still can sing -- II. In this short Life -- III. By a departing light -- IV. Out of Sight? With program and biographical notes. Poems by Emily Dickinson. Dedicated to Harriet McCleary. Premiered in Northfield, MN, March 1997 by Harriet McClary and Ruth Palmer. Duration ca. 7 minutes.


Auden Songs : For Soprano Or Tenor and Piano.

Publisher: Novello

The collected songs by Dickinson on poems by W. H. Auden. Contents: Four W. H. Auden Songs (1956) -- Three Comic Songs (1960-72) -- Let the Florid Music Praise (1963). With program notes.


Art Songs and Arias : For Medium/Low Voice.

Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes

This collection includes Four Early Songs; Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson; one aria from The Tender Land; two arias from The Second Hurricane; and five other songs. With a preface and notes on the songs.


Thirty-Four Songs On Poems Of Emily Dickinson, Vol. I.

Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes

Contents: Savior!, Unto Me, As If the Sea, Good Morning, Midnight!, I'll Tell You How the Sun Rose, Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers, The Sabbath, These Saw Vision, I Never Saw a Moor, The Little Tippler, Aristocracy, The Test, Summer's Armies, The Level Bee, With a Flower, Presentiment.

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