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Etudes Melodiques

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12 Etudes Melodiques Dans Toutes Les Tonalites : For Saxophone.

Publisher: Lemoine

These etudes slide in and out of various keys, covering them all in the process. They focus on a wide array of technical maneuvers. With a biography.


Etude Melodique (Etudes De Concert, Series 2) : For Solo Piano, Op. 118.

Publisher: Masters Music Publ.

Chaminade dedicated this piece to Mademoiselle Jeanne Dionis. A pleasant, rolling movement of moderate to advanced difficulty. Reprint edition.


Selected Etudes For Viola, From Études Mélodiques Et Progressives, Op. 36 / Ed. Lawrence Wheeler.

Publisher: Carl Fischer
ISBN13: 9781491148938

Versions for viola of several etudes from Mazas' Op. 36. These were originally composed for violin. With a foreword.


12 Études Mélodiques Dans Toutes Les Tonalités : Pour Saxophone / edited by Paul Wehage.

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Contents: I. Andantino -- II. Allegro Moderato -- III. Andantino -- IV. Rondo Allegro -- V. Andante -- VI. Allegretto -- VII. Andantino -- VIII. Allegretto poco lento -- IX, Allegretto quasi Andantino -- X. Allegretto -- XI. Allegretto -- XII. Tempo di Valse brillante. With notes in French and…


36 Etudes Melodiques Et Faciles : Pour Violin / edited by Julia and Martin Müller-Runte.

Publisher: Schott

With a preface, glossary of terms and index of bowings in German, English and French. These studies are suitable for students with two years of lessons. The etudes cover topics such as arpeggios, chromaticism, double stops, legato, position changes, bowing styles, string crossing, trills, and more.


20 Etudes Melodiques Et Progressives : Excerpts From Op. 126 For 2 Flutes - 2nd Flute by H. Altes.

Publisher: Billaudot

Edited by Frederic Chatoux. Lindpaintner originally composed these etudes for a single flute. Henry Altes (1826-1895) added the second flute part at a later date. The two parts included in the edition are the second flute parts for nos. 12 and 20.


36 Etudes Melodiques Et Faciles, Op. 84 : Pour Alto / transcribed by Julia and Martin Müller-Runte.

Publisher: Schott

Dancla originally composed these studies for violin. They have been transcribed here for the viola student. With a preface, glossary and index of bowings.


10 Etudes Mélodiques, Op. 57 : For Violoncello (Violoncello 2 Ad Lib.) / edited by Walter Mengler.

Publisher: Schott

With a preface and index of musical and technical exercises in German, English and French. Each of the studies focuses on a particular technical challenge. Each study is followed by practice tips.


Mazas Suite - Three Solo Violin Etudes From Op. 36 : For Wind Quintet / arranged by John Cook.

Publisher: Phylloscopus Publications

With biographical notes. This volume contains arrangements for wind quintet of three etudes from Mazas' Etudes melodiques et progressives: No. 3, No. 8, and No. 26.


Piano Music / Vincenzo Paolini, Piano. [CD]

Publisher: Toccata Classics

Contents: Douze Etudes Melodiques, Op. 16 -- Fantaisie in F major, Op. 76.


Fifty Melodic Studies, Vol. 1 : For Flute / Marcel Moyse.

Publisher: Alphonse Leduc

Cinquante études mélodiques. 1er cahier = Fifty melodious studies = Fünfzig melodische Ubangen : pour flûte seule : (op. 4). Nouvelle edition entierement revisee par Marcel Moyse.


Thirteen Pieces For Piano, Vol. I.

Publisher: Recital Publications

Contents: Cachoucha-Caprice; Cavatina; Fleurette; Fabliau; Etude Melodique; La Fileuse; Polka de la Reine. Reprinted from the circa 1900 edition published by Edwin Ashdown, London.


Facettes - 10 Progressive Pieces : For Guitar.

Publisher: Schott Freres

Contents: 1. Esquisses -- 2. Tensions -- 3. Danse -- 4. Mama Mambo -- 5. La guiguette St. Vincent -- 6. Étude mélodique -- 7. Martinales -- 8. Romance -- 9. Air -- 10. Sous le soleil. With a brief preface in French and German.

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