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Flute And Percussion

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Purl : For Flute and Percussion (2006).

Publisher: Project Schott New York

In one movement. With performance notes. The flutist plays on C flute and alto flute. The percussionist plays vibraphone, crotales, five drums, and two woodblocks. Of advanced difficulty. Custom print edition.

$32.60 $29.34

Flutings For Paula : For Flute and Percussion (1971, 2006).

Publisher: Associated Music Publ.
ISBN13: 9781423425571

With a program note by Paula Robison. Robison premiered this version of the music in New York, September 2006 with percussionist Ayano Kataoka. Kirchner composed this as a flute solo in 1971, and was asked to expand it in 2006 by The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center. Duration ca. 6 min.


Ariadne : For Flute and Percussion (1987).

Publisher: Hermes Beard Press

In two movements: Ariadne Abandoned -- The Triumph of Ariadne and Dionysos. Movement one is free and unmetered, and features a long flute melody. Movement two is more rhythmic, and is presented as two parts rather than a score. Printed from manuscript.


Arabesques : For Flute and Percussion (1991).

Publisher: International Opus

Commissioned by Debra Cross as a 10th anniversary present for herself and her husband Robert Cross. The music is in five movements and a coda, and works to unite the two performers over time. With program and biographical notes.

$29.00 $26.10

Duo : For Flute and Percussion.

Publisher: Ries & Erler Musikverlag

Composed in 1995. List of percussion instruments required.


Double Globe : For Flute and Percussion.

Publisher: Frog Peak Music

In one movement. Dedicated to John Fonville and Steven Schick. The percussion array calls for dinner bell, hi hat, woodblock, snare cdrum, cow bell, guiro, tom tom, police whistle, bamboo chimes, tambourine, glissando gong, castanet, and timpani. Printed from manuscript.


Constellations : For Flute and Percussion.

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music

In one movement. With a biographical note. Premiered by Due East in Chicago. This work cals for piccolo, C flute, alto flute and bass flute; and vibraphone, glockenspiel and crotales. Of advanced difficulty.

$11.95 $10.76

Tampanera II : For Flute and Percussion.

Publisher: Media Press

Dedicated to the McCormick Duo. Like the first piece Lewis composed with this title, this work is inspired by the music of Bizet. The flutist plays C and alto flutes; the percussionist wood blocks, slit drums, temple blocks and marimba. With program and performance notes.


Music For Flute and Percussion. [CD]

Publisher: Naxos

With flutist Marc Grauwels and percussionist Marie-Josee Simard. Includes: The History of the Tango by Piazzolla; Initiation by Lysight; Flutes and Bongos No. 1 by Wilder; Butterfly by Devreese; Wind in the Bamboo Grove by Abe; Ode to Nature by Young; Spiegel im Spiegel by Pärt; a raga by Shankar.


Three Inventions : For Flute and Percussion.

Publisher: C. Alan Publications

Dedicated to flautist Eldred Spell. Three challenging inventions. The first is tight and rhythmic, the second very free, the third somewhat contrapuntal. With instrumentation and set-up notes.


Hack : For Alto Flute and Percussion.

Publisher: Ricordi

Program note by the composer. NOtes on performance with explanation of symbol in Italian and English.


Touching Heaven : For Flute and Percussion.

Publisher: Theodore Presser Co.

Contents: I. Hand to Mouth -- II. The Beat of a Different Drummer -- III. Cog In the Wheel -- IV. Terminal Velocity -- V. Imitation -- VI. Keep Working On Love -- VII. Return -- VIII. Keep Working On Yourself. With a program note. Dedicated to the Electrum Duo. Premiered in Brooklyn, October 2011.…


Azul : For Flute and Percussion.

Publisher: C. Alan Publications

Contents: I. Cerulean Ice -- II. Sapphiric Fire. With program notes. Commissioned by the Apollo Duo. The percussionist plays crotales, vibes, marimba, and cymbal. Of advanced difficulty. Duration ca. 10 minutes.


Three Days In May : For Flute And Percussion Duet.

Publisher: C. Alan Publications

Commissioned by The Armstrong Flute and Percussion Duo. The music is in three movements: A Chance Encounter; A Walk in the Clouds; and The Flux of Reality. Of advanced difficulty. With performance notes.


Hommage A... : For Flute And Percussion (1977-78).

Publisher: Hardscore Editions

Dedicated to Lucien Goethals. Premiered in 1981 by flutist Eric Dequeker and the composer on percussion. This three-movement work is rhythmic and challenging throughout. With a percussion legend. Duration ca. 12 minutes.


Autumn Dances : For Flute and Percussion (2010).

Publisher: Eric Guinivan

In one movement. Commissioned by Music Teachers National Association and Michigan Music Teachers Association. With performance notes. Of advanced difficulty.


Sonorific Duo : For Flute and Percussion (2007).

Publisher: Calabrese Brothers

In one movement. Dedicated to Due East. This challenging work includes some opportunity for improvisation.


In Still Air : For Flute and Percussion (2012).

Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music

In one movement. With biographical notes. Commissioned by Alberto Almarza. This piece focuses on metallic percussion. Of advanced difficulty.


Correspondances V/VI : For Flute and Percussion (1982/84).

Publisher: Ongaku No Tomo Sha

From a series of seven works written between 1975 and 1985; these two pieces, which may be performed together or separately, were written for flutist Hiroak Masunaga.

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