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Michelangelo Rossi

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Rossi - Lotti : Madrigals. [CD]

Publisher: Virgin Veritas

Two discs of madrigals by Michelangelo Rossi and Antonio Lotti. Alan Curtis conducts Il Complesso Barocco.


Frammenti Del Discorso Amoroso / Marianna Henriksson, Harpsichord. [CD]

Publisher: Siba Records

Keyboard music by Girolamo Frescobaldi; Tarquinio Merula; Giovanni Picchi; Michelangelo Rossi; Bernando Storace; and Gregorio Strozzi.


Vanitas : Chamber Music From The Early Baroque. [CD]

Publisher: Ars Produktion Records

Ensemble Matis performs music by Maurizio Cazzati; Tullio Cima; Jacob van Eyck; Tarquinio Merula; Michelangelo Rossi; Giuseppe Scarani; Heinrich Schutz; Franceso Turini; Marco Uccellini; and Nicolas Vallet.


Carmina Chromatico. [CD]

Publisher: Brawl Records

…1511- c.1575) -- Fumeux Fume par Fumée (Solage, fl. late 14th Century) -- Hear My Prayer (Henry Purcell, 1659-1695) -- O Miseria d'Amante (Michelangelo Rossi, c.1601-1656) -- Moro, Lasso, al Mio Duolo. (Carlo Gesualdo, 1566-1613) -- Tout par Compas sur Composés (Baude Cordier, c.1380-pre1440) --…


Toccatas and Correnti / Sergio Vartolo, Harpsichord. [CD]

Publisher: Naxos

Vartolo plays Toccatas nos. 1-10 and Correnti nos. 1-10 of Rossi. Includes Rossi's best known keyboard work, the Toccata Settima.


Madrigals / edited by Brian Mann.

Publisher: Univ. Chicago Press
Series: Monuments Of Renaissance Music
, Vol. X
ISBN13: 9780226503387

Transcriptions of the complete Madrigals of Rossi, consisting of 32 pieces over 2 books. The primary source is a manuscript of all the madrigals housed at UC Berkeley. The introduction contains information on Rossi's life, the madrigals and sources. Critical commentary, facsimile plates, index.

$234.00 $152.10

Sechs Toccaten Aus Toccate E Corenti D' Intavolatura D' Organo E Cimbalo (Rome 1657).

Publisher: Edition Walhall
Series: Frutti Musicali
, Band VIII

Edited by Jolando Scarpa. A set of six toccatas for organ or harpsichord from Rossi's 1657 tablature publication. The music is free and imaginative. With an introduction in German, English and Italian.


Works For Keyboard.

Publisher: Amer. Inst. Of Musicology
Series: Corpus Of Early Keyboard Music
, Vol. 15
ISBN13: 9781595512192

Available only as a smaller, unbound copy. Paper and print quality excellent.


Toccate E Correnti d'Intavolatura d'Organo E Cimbalo (Roma, 1657).

Publisher: Studio Per Edizione Scelte
Series: Archivum Musicum - Collana Di Testi Rari
, Vol. 12
ISBN13: 9788872425398

$31.40 $20.41

Vier Toccaten Und Zehn Correnti Aus Toccate E Corenti D' Intavolatura D' Organo E Cimbalo.

Publisher: Edition Walhall
Series: Frutti Musicali
, Band IX

Edited by Jolando Scarpa. Contents: fourteen toccatas and correntes. With a preface in German, English and Italian. These works were first published in Rome, 1657.


Music For Organ and Harpsichord / Riccardo Castagnetti, Organ and Harpsichord. [CD]

Publisher: Brilliant Classics

Contents: Toccata No. 1 -- Corrente No. 1 -- Toccata No. 2 -- Corrente No. 2 -- Toccata No. 3 -- Corrente No. 3 -- Toccata No. 4 -- Corrente No. 4 -- Toccata No. 5 -- Corrente No. 5 -- Toccata No. 6 -- Corrente No. 6 -- Toccata No. 7 -- Corrente No. 7 -- Toccata No. 8 -- Corrente No. 8 -- Toccata…


Toccate E Corenti d'Intavolatura d'Organo E Cimbalo / edited by Umberto Pineschi.

Publisher: Vigor Music

With notes in Italian and English. This collection of pieces for keyboard was first published in 1630. It was quite popular and saw many reprints. This edition is based on the 1657 edition published by Carlo Ricarii in Rome.

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