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Morton Feldman

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Only : For Voice Solo.

Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702425883


Morton Feldman. [CD]

Publisher: Edition Rz

Contents: Piano (Three Hands) -- Intermission 5 -- Vertical Thoughts 2 -- Extensions 3 -- Four Instruments -- Intermission 5 -- Piano Piece 1956 A -- Piano Piece 1956 B -- Intersection 3 -- Instruments 1. Artists include Feldman, Cornelius Cardew, David Tudor, and others.


Music Of Morton Feldman.

Publisher: Greenwood Press
Series: Contributions To The Study Of Music And Dance
ISBN13: 9780313298035

Also in series: Profiles of American composers. DeLio is joined by 6 contributors, including John Cage, & 3 essays by Feldman himself. Music ex., works list, biblio., discography, index. The first comprehensive study of Feldman's work. Also available in paper, Excelsior Publ., 0935016163,$24.95


Estetica Musicale Di Morton Feldman.

Publisher: Ricordi
Series: Le Sfere
, Vol. 48
ISBN13: 9788875928537

This look at the music of Feldman approaches his work in chronological order. With a preface by Luigi Pestalozza, introduction, works list, bibliography, music examples, and color plates. Co-published by LIM; LIM ISBN is 978-88-7096-516-2.


The Graph Music of Morton Feldman.

Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
Series: Music Since 1900
ISBN13: 9781107521414

This book studies the scores produced by Feldman in the 1950s and 1960s, which used imprecise notation on graph paper. Cline examines the ideology, organization and history of these scores. With an introduction, two appendices, bibliography, and index. Figures.


Stations - To Morton Feldman : For Solo Piano (1988).

Publisher: Frog Peak Music

In one movement. With program notes. Dedicated to Michael Campbell. Premiered in New York, January 1988. The music reflects Feldman's interest in quiet, sparse events.


Musique De Morton Feldman Ou le Temps En Liberte.

Publisher: Harmattan
ISBN13: 9782296000483

This study of the works of Feldman takes particular interest in the ways in which time seems suspended in the music. With an introduction, appendices, bibliography, discography, indices, eight tables and three figures.


Der Morton Feldman In Meinem Leben : Für Instrumentalensemble (1987).

Publisher: Neue Musik Verlag
ISBN13: 9783733304430

In one movement. With a biographical note in German. This quiet tribute to the composer Feldman is scored for viola, guitar, English horn, contrabass, percussion, and piano. Of advanced difficulty.


Morton Feldman : The Viola In My Life (1970-71).

Publisher: Pfau Verlag
Series: Fragmen
, Band 11
ISBN13: 9783930735365

An analytical study with 30 figures and music examples.


Composing Ambiguity : The Early Music Of Morton Feldman.

Publisher: Ashgate
ISBN13: 9781409451648

This book examines the musical language of Feldman as it developed in the 1950s, a time during which he explored areas of graphic notation and indeterminacy. With a bibliography and index. Figures. Two tables.


Morton Feldman In My Life : For Alto Flute, Violin, Marimba and Piano (1994).

Publisher: Musikverlag Eckart Rahn

This four-movement work takes its cue from Feldman in terms of soft dynamics, slow tempi and long tones. While the individual parts are not terribly difficult, a fine sense of ensemble is needed.


Alabama Song : arranged For Ensemble and Voice Ad Lib. by Morton Feldman (1984).

Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702430023

Feldman prepared this arrangement for the East Thirteenth Street band, but they never performed or recorded it. The instrumentation is two saxophones, trumpet, trombone, marimba, piano and bass with optional voice. With a preface by Howard Kanovitz. Duration ca. 7 minutes.


Stations II - To Morton Feldman : For Two Pianos (2007).

Publisher: Frog Peak Music

In one movement. With program notes. This is a two-piano version of a work originally composed for solo piano. The music is quiet and atmospheric.


Give My Regards To Eighth Street : Collected Writings Of Morton Feldman / edited by B. H. Friedman.

Publisher: Exact Change
ISBN13: 9781878972316

Afterword by Frank O' Hara. Feldman's writings are not only about his own music, but about the entire New York School of painters, poets and composers who coalesced in the 1950s, including his friends Jackson Pollock, Philip Guston, Mark Rothko, Frank O'Hara and John Cage.


Webern, Wolpe and Feldman / Aleck Karis, Piano. [CD]

Publisher: Bridge Records

Contents: Form / Stefan Wolpe -- Piano / Morton Feldman -- Form IV, Broken Sequences / Wolpe -- Variations, Op. 27 / Anton Webern -- Palais de Mari / Feldman.


From Morton To Tom : For Guitar and Piano (1995).

Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Composed for guitarist Tom Baker, and inspired by the music and thought of Morton Feldman. The one-movement piece is indeterminate with respect to rhythm and tempo, within some guidelines. With program and performance notes.


The Mortimer Trap. [CD]

Publisher: Black Truffle Records

This electronica disc is a single track based on Morton Feldman's For Bunita Marcus.


We Like Salangan Swallows. [CD]

Publisher: New World Records

Morton Feldman: Chorus and Instruments -- Will Ogdon: Three Statements -- Morton Feldman: Voices & Instruments 2 -- Pauline Oliveros: Sound Patterns -- Warren Burt: Elegy -- Morton Feldman: Voices and Instruments 1 -- Earle Brown: Small Pieces For Large Chorus -- Robert Carl: The City -- Morton


Besides Feldman. [CD]

Publisher: Col Legno Records

This disc was recorded live at the 2010 Wien Modern Festival. The musicians present their own unique homage to Morton Feldman. Rosemarie Heggen, double bass; Hilary Jeffery, trombone; Pamelia Kursten, theremin; and Patrick Pulsinger, modular synthesizer.


Sounding The Fragility Of Line : For Violin Alone (1988).

Publisher: Frog Peak Music

Dedicated to Morton Feldman. A graphic score with one line of pitch material. Includes performance instructions. Printed from manuscript.

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