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Opera and Drama In Eighteenth-Century London : King's Theatre, Garrick & The Business Of Performance

Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
Series: Cambridge Studies In Opera
ISBN13: 9780521800129

An exploration of the cultural and commercial life of Italian opera in late 18th century London. A detailed look at the business of opera , including finances and recruitment policies. Tables, musical examples, notes, bibliography, index, several appendices focusing on financial accounts.


How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying [2011 Cast Recording]. [CD]

Publisher: Decca Records
Series: Grammy 2012|Best Musical Theater Album

…-- Love From a Heart of Gold (2:55) -- The Executive Washroom (1:38) -- I Believe in You (3:15) -- Pirate Dance (1:39) -- I Believe in You (Reprise) (1:27) -- Brotherhood of Man (5:07) -- Finale (The Company Way - 1:00) -- Bows (2:08) -- Exit Music (3:45) -- Pirate Dance (Extended Version) (3:39).


Inventing The Business Of Opera : The Impresario and His World In Seventeenth-Century Venice.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Series: Ams Studies In Music
ISBN13: 9780195154160

This book explores the infancy of opera as a commercial venture, focusing on the theater owners and impresarios of Venice from 1637 to 1677. With a preface, appendices, glossary, bibliography, index, and a few plates and tables.


Touring Musician : A Small Business Approach To Booking Your Band On The Road.

Publisher: Watson-Guptill (Leonard)
ISBN13: 9780823084296

Educator and pianist Hal Galper has performed and toured with several jazz bands, where he has witnessed then developed booking and touring techniques for his career of band leader. This book is a tour manual for musicians and managers, with self-help checklists, worksheets, legal documents and…


Busy Bassists : Für 3 Kontrabässe (1998/99).

Publisher: Friedrich Hofmeister

Premiered in May 1999 by the double bass trio of the Philharmonische Staatsorchester Hamburg. The music in this work shows the bright and quick side of the instrument. With brief program and biographical notes in German and English.


Controversies Of The Music Industry.

Publisher: Greenwood Press
ISBN13: 9780313310942

This book examines 12 ethical problems of the music business, including drugs, racism, freedom of expression, sampling, and multinational corporations. With a foreword by Paul D. Fischer, notes on methodology, index, and black & white photos.


Promoting Your Music : The Lovin' Of The Game.

Publisher: Routledge
ISBN13: 9780415977562

The authors provide advice for those who wish to pursue a career in popular music singing and/or songwriting. Includes chapters on the music business today, current technology, creating an audience and much more. With a foreword, bibliography and index.


Complete Lord's Prayer For Every Busy Accompanist / Revised Edition.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN13: 9780793553211

This volume contains 15 versions of Malotte's setting. Includes settings in various keys for solo voice with piano and with organ; a piano solo version; an organ solo version; and three vocal duets with piano. There is no indication as to what has been revised in this edition.


Music Money and Success - 8th Edition.

Publisher: Schirmer Books
ISBN13: 9781787601383

…the Music Business. Includes info on: streaming and download royalties; music publishing contracts; recording artist contracts; new media licensing; songs in film and television; Broadway; sources of income; lawyers, managers, and agents; copyright protection; foreign country royalties; music in…


Inventing Entertainment : The Player Piano And The Origins Of The American Music Industry.

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN13: 9780742561274

A social and cultural history of the early music business, centered around the importance and popularity of the player piano. With a preface, notes, bibliography, index, and black & white photos.


Chamber Concerto : For Guitar and 10 Instruments -The Calm Bee In The Busy Hive (2009-10).

Publisher: American Composers Alliance

Contents: I. Building the Hive -- II. Songs, Dances, and Laments of the Hive. With program and performance notes. Composed for Christopher Ladd. The ensemble is scored for a second guitar, vibraphone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, cello, harp, and piano. Duration ca. 16 minutes. Custom…


Cecilia, Busy Like A Bee : For Soprano Solo and SSATB Unaccompanied.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 9780193413757

In one movement. Dedicated to Rupert Gough and The Choir of Royal Holloway. The text, which includes both Latin and English, is adapted from the Divine Office for St. Cecilia's Day.

$3.25 $2.92

Going Pro : Developing A Professional Career In The Music Industry.

Publisher: Musicians Institute Press
ISBN13: 9780793595945

Everything musicians need to know to go pro, including information about personal managers, music attorneys, business managers and booking agents, record companies, A&R, publishing, songwriting, demo tapes and press kits, self-promotion, and much more.


How To Get A Job In The Music Industry : 3rd Edition.

Publisher: Berklee Press
ISBN13: 9780876390726

The author discusses the different kinds of careers available in the music business, and talks about different strategies to getting started. The 2nd edition includes new career resources, workshops and interviews. With a foreword by Tony Brown, introduction, appendices and index.


Beatles For Sale : How Everything They Touched Turned To Gold.

Publisher: Jawbone Press
ISBN13: 9781906002091

The author tells the story of the business side of the Beatles, and how they pioneered much of how the music business operates today. With an introduction, endnotes, timeline, bibliography, index and photos.


Making Music, Make Money : An Insider's Guide To Becoming Your Own Music Publisher.

Publisher: Berklee Press
ISBN13: 9780876390078

This book shows aspiring songwriters how to publish their own music. All aspects of the business are discussed, from establishing a plan to being a salesman to copyright protection. With an introduction and index.


Music Marketing For The Diy Musician : Creating and Executing A Plan Of Attack On A Low Budget.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN13: 9781480369528

Musicians have more independence and control than ever in today's music business. This book examines various aspects of how to market your work, including creating a company, using technology, marketing plans, studying competitors, and more. With a preface, glossary, directory, and index.


In 'N' Out. [CD]

Publisher: Analekta Records

Three discs of music for busy lifestyles. Composers include Mendelssohn, Chopin, Beethoven, and others. Various artists.


Transformation und Strategieentwicklung Im Musikmarkt : Musik und Gemeinschaft In der Digitalen...

Publisher: Peter Lang
Series: New Media In Creativity, Content And Entertainment
, Vol. 1
ISBN13: 9783631613818

...Mediamorphose. This book discusses the new media and distribution methods for music in the 21st century, and the ways in which the music business is attempting to adapt. With a preface, introduction, and bibliography. 12 illustrations.


Monsters and Angels : Surviving A Career In Music.

Publisher: Manduca Music

Performer and composer Bernstein presents an account of his life which also serves as a map to the challenging world of the classical music business. With a preface and black & white photos.


Pro Guitarist's Handbook : Tips and Tools To Survive As A Working Rock Guitarist - Book and CD.

Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company
ISBN13: 9780739011249

Advice for all aspects of playing rock guitar, including finding a band, playing chords and scales, licks and solos, and the music business. With an introduction, photos, and musical examples. The CD features recordings of the examples.

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