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How Nashville Became Music City, U. S. A. : 50 Years Of Music Row.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN13: 9780634098062

A history of music in Nashville, from before the days of the Grand Ol' Opry to Elvis to Bowen to the present. With an introduction, cast of characters, index, black & white photos, and a CD of ten songs.


I Believe In Music : Life Experiences and Thoughts On The Future Of Electronic Music…

Publisher: Hal Leonard
ISBN13: 9780634037832

By the Founder of the Roland Corporation. Co-written with Robert Olsen. This autobiography by one of the pioneers of modern electronic instruments coincides with the 30th anniversary of Roland. With a bibliography and black & white photos.


Doppler Effect : For Flute, Bassoon and Harp / Revised Version (2004).

Publisher: Kenter Canyon Music

A version of a work by Albert for flute, viola and harp. A minor-second theme is surrounded by music suggesting the busy streets of Italy. With a program note. Duration ca. 6 minutes.


The Music Industries : From Conception To Consumption.

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN13: 9780230291485

This book examines the process of the music industry, and the relationship between artists managers and music companies. The author also looks at the concepts which have changed and stayed the same over the decades. With an introduction, notes, bibliography and index.


Sound Media : From Live Journalism To Music Recording.

Publisher: Routledge
ISBN13: 9780415391139

The author presents a reverse history of music recording and soundscapes from the present day back to the invention of the gramophone and phonograph. The CD contains 365 examples from Edith Piaf to Sara Cox. With references, index and figures.


Sound Media : From Live Journalism To Music Recording.

Publisher: Routledge
ISBN13: 9780415391146

The author presents a reverse history of music recording and soundscapes from the present day back to the invention of the gramophone and phonograph. The CD contains 365 examples from Edith Piaf to Sara Cox. With references, index and figures.


Economic Analysis Of Music Copyright : Income, Media and Performances.

Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN13: 9781441963178

A detailed study of performance royalty income data in the current music industry. The first part of the book acts as an introduction to the economic factors involved in royalty payments. The second part is an applied econometrics section which provides in-depth analysis and modeling of income data.…


2000s : Ten Years Of Popular Sheet Music Bestsellers.

Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company
ISBN13: 9780739065334

41 songs from the first decade of the 21st century, including music recorded by Green Day, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Gnarls Barkley, Michael Buble, Katy Perry, Nickelback, The Shins, Bruce Springsteen, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Josh Groban and others. Contents: 21 guns -- All…


How To Get Your Music In Film & TV.

Publisher: Schirmer Books
ISBN13: 9780825673214

Jay presents a step-by-step guide to making your music known to film and TV markets, presenting yourself, making deals, and more. He discusses this from an international eye, with information on Europe and Australia as well as the U.S. With a resource list and index.


Chieftains : The Authorized Biography.

Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN13: 9780306809224

Music and show business journalist John Glatt has collected exclusive and intensive interviews with all the band's members, their families, friends and colleagues in order to present the lives of the Chieftains from 1960 Ireland to the day, and how they represented Irish Music. Disc, bibl, index.


Roundelay : For 4 Guitars and Cello.

Publisher: Doberman-Yppan
ISBN13: 9782895038368

In one movement. With a biographical note. Dedicated to Vicky Walker, Gerald Garcia, and EGYE. The music is lively and busy. Of moderate to advanced difficulty.


Music From Planet Earth : A Soundway Collection. [CD]

Publisher: Soundway Records

Ibibio Sound Machine / Let's Dance -- Batida / Luxo -- Pinch / Are You Coming With Us (Feat. Yemi) -- The Busy Twist / Floor Excitement Vip -- Fantasma / Safety Belt (Feat. Josiahwise Is The Serpentwithfeet) -- Drumtalk / Airbourne -- Meridian Brothers / Guaracha U.F.O -- Weird Together / Gban Gban…


Complete Singer Songwriter : A Troubadour's Guide To Writing, Performing, Recording and Business.

Publisher: Backbeat Books
ISBN13: 9780879307691

The author draws on interviews with artists such as Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon, as well as inside information from managers, producers and others. With an introduction, index and black & white photos.


Orpheus In The Marketplace : Jacopo Peri and The Economy Of Late Renaissance Florence.

Publisher: Harvard Univ. Press
ISBN13: 9780674724648

The authors draw upon recently discovered account books of the composer Peri (1561-1633) to help paint a picture of the business of music and the general economy of renaissance Italy. With a preface, list of works cited, and index. Four appendices. Four figures. One graph. Three maps. Several…


Echo and Reverb : Fabricating Space In Popular Music Recording, 1900-1960.

Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
ISBN13: 9780819567949

The author details the use of acoustic effects in early 20th century popular recordings, and how these effects were used to create sonic landscapes. With an introduction, notes, bibliography, discography and index.


Mr. Trumpet : The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumph Of Bunny Berigan.

Publisher: Scarecrow Press
Series: Studies In Jazz
, No. 64
ISBN13: 9780810881525

Berigan (1908-1942) was a tragic an important figure during the Swing Era in New York City. He was highly involved in the business of music, and this biography connects the artistic and commercial aspects of jazz during the 1930s and 1940s. With an introduction and indices. Six appendices. Black &…


Music Production : For Producers, Composers, Arrangers and Students - Second Edition.

Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN13: 9780810882010

The second edition of Zager's guide to the recording and producing of music includes expanded and updated sections on music supervisors and contracts, as well as discussion of new production techniques. With a preface, introduction, chronology, bibliography, and index.


House Of Novello : The Practice and Policy Of A Victorian Music Publisher, 1829-1866.

Publisher: Ashgate
Series: Music In Nineteenth-Century Britain
ISBN13: 9780754600886

This book examines the rise of the Novello publishing company in the mid- 19th century, and the socio-economic forces which shaped it during that time. With an introduction, bibliography, index, music examples, plates and tables.


The Death and Life Of The Music Industry In The Digital Age.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publications
ISBN13: 9781623560010

This book studies the changes in the music industry in the internet age, and how the industry has created innovative responses to the possible threats that the internet brings. With an appendix, bibliography, and index. Five tables.


Music For Hire: A Study Of Professional Musicians In Washington (1877-1900).

Publisher: Pendragon Press
Series: Sociology And Social History Of Music
, No. 6
ISBN13: 9780918728661

The detailed income ledger of a white professional musician for the indicated 23 years offered leads to the institutions & occasions for which he & the members of his group performed. The finding is that music played an unexpectedly important role in the life of American cities a century ago.


Beyond Sound : The College and Career Guide In Music Technology.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 9780199837687

This book offers practical information about ways to study music technology and how to prepare for a career in the field. Includes information on the fields of live sound, recording, film and television, digital media, and more. With a foreword by Bobby Owsinski, appendices, notes, and index. A few…

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