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Odessa : For Solo Marimba.

Publisher: P M Europe

In one movement. Written for Miroslav Dimov. A fast-paced and rhythmic work involving several different complex meters. Of advanced difficulty.


The Odessa Trio : For Violin, Cello and Piano (2008).

Publisher: Composer's Own Press

A one-movement work in three parts: Memories, bitter and sweet -- Recitative and Toccata -- Toccata Exorcista. With program notes. Dedicated to the memory of Joseph Dorfman. Commissioned by the Music Teachers National Association and the Colorado Music Teachers Association.


Consequences : For String Quartet.

Publisher: Duma Music

Krasotov is a Russian composer born in Odessa, where he currently teaches at Odessa Conservatory. This quartet, premiered in 1998 by the Lumina Quartet, is a challenging work employing extended techniques.


Five Klezmer Pieces : For Clarinet and Piano / arranged by Alexis Ciesla and Bastienne Lapalud.

Publisher: Advance Music

Arrangements of five traditional Klezmer songs: Odessa Bulgar; On Sabbath Day; A Night in the Garden of Eden; Chassidic Dance; and Der heyser Bulgar. With a preface.


Five Klezmer Pieces : For Alto Saxophone And Piano / Arr. By Alexis Ciesla And Bastienne Lapalud.

Publisher: Advance Music

Arrangements of five traditional Klezmer songs: Odessa Bulgar; On Sabbath Day; A Night in the Garden of Eden; Chassidic Dance; and Der heyser Bulgar. With a preface.


Carpathian Concerto. [CD]

Publisher: Naxos

Also: Diptych -- Violin Concerto No. 7 -- Cello Concerto. With Nazary Pilatyuk, violin; and Valery Kazakov, cello. Hobart Earle conducts the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra.


2 Mélodies Klezmer : For 4 Guitars.

Publisher: Productions D'oz
ISBN13: 9782897371890

Arrangements by Meneret of two songs: Bulgar from Odessa -- Dance of Delight. With program and biographical notes in French and English. Of moderate to advanced difficulty.


For You. [CD]

Publisher: Pharaway Sounds

Contents: Tapajos -- Odessa Part 1 -- Xica -- Theme From ? -- Raindance Part 1 -- For You -- Arroz Cubano -- Raindance Part 2 -- Undiú.


Piano Sings. [CD]

Publisher: Mn Records

Sixteen tracks, including: Diary of Love; if; Franklyn; the Morrow; Jack; The Heart Asks Pleasure First; Big My Secret; Debbie; The Departure; Why; Odessa Beach; Lost and Found; The Exchange; Candlefire; All Imperfect Things; and Diary of Love (reprise).


Klezmer : For Clarinet and Piano / arranged by Bettina Ostermeier and Günter Voit.

Publisher: Baerenreiter

Arrangements of eight traditional tunes: Chava -- Fun Tashlik -- Mazel Tov -- Odessa Bulgarisch -- Shalom Aleichem -- The Happy Nigun -- Zol Shoyn Kumen Die G'ule -- Tants Istanbul. With a preface in German and English.


Dignity. [CD]

Publisher: M=maximal Records

Contents: 01. Dignity -- 02. No War -- 03. Odessa -- 04. Sweet Ahh -- 05. JB -- 06. Love -- 07. Moor -- 08. My Living Room -- 09. Hangster -- 10. Running Champion -- 11. Warm at Heart.


Parigi-Lisbona. [CD]

Publisher: Cramps Records

Contents: L'Elefante Bianco -- Megalopoli -- La Mela Di Odessa -- Lobotomia -- Presentation Concerts Lisboa -- Arbeit Macht Frei -- Cometa Rossa -- Luglio, Agosto, Settembre (Nero) -- L'Internazionale.


Kollektion 06 : Cluster (1971-1981) / compiled and Assembled by John McEntire. [CD]

Publisher: Bureau B Records

Contents: Zum Wohl -- Hollywood -- The Shade -- Für Die Katz -- Grosses Wasser (Edit) -- Oh Odessa -- 21 32 (Edit) -- Es War Einmal -- Wehrmut -- Heiße Lippen -- In Ewigkeit (Edit).


Play Klezmer! : For Trumpet / arranged by Eric J. Hovi.

Publisher: De Haske Publications
ISBN13: 9789043119368

…Long Live The Nigun (Prayer Without Words) -- Mediatsinerwalz (Waltz from the Rabbi of Mediatsin -- Nigun (Prayer Without Words) -- Odessa Bulgarish (Dances from Odessa) -- Reb Dovidls Nigun (Rabbi David's Nigun-prayer without words) -- Shlof Main Kind (Lullaby-from Abe Schwartz) -- Silberne Chasene…


Mist Over The Lake : For Clarinet and Guitar (Also For Ob, Vln, Vla, Ssax In Bb, Engl Hrn, Bsn, Vlc)

Publisher: Editions Orphee
ISBN13: 9781882612086

Composed in 1985 as part of the "Forest Pictures" suite for violin and piano. "Mist" is a musical reflection of a real and fantastic natural scene the composer had ventured upon. First performed in Odessa at the Stolyarsky Music School in 1985. Biographical sketch of composer.


Violin Globetrotters : 12 Pieces In Styles From Around The World.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 9780193369443

Contents: 1. Dublin Time -- Stoppin' Off in Louisiana -- Relaxing in Rio -- Dancing in Odessa -- Shanghai Rickshaw Ride -- Acropolis Dance -- Tango in San Telmo -- Iguazu Rapids -- Cairo Cradle Song -- Hole in my Shoe Blues -- Bulgarian Gallop -- African Jamboree. With notes on each piece. The CD…

$20.50 $18.45

Celebrando. [CD]

Publisher: Zoho Records

Contents: La Esperanza -- Slow Breeze -- Frenzelosa (Choro No. 2) -- Odessa in April -- Pa Rio -- Out of Reach -- La Puerta -- She Lives in Brazil -- Maya Roots -- Mountain Drive -- Celebrando. With Anat Cohen and Antonio Sanchez.


Klezmer : 14 Intermediate-Level Pieces Accordion.

Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702472566

…Suite -- Dobridyen -- Nakhes fun kinder -- Gas nign -- Khupe tants -- Sha, sha di shviger kumt -- Dobranotsh -- Bukusher Chusid -- Terkishers -- Odessa Bulgar -- Koilen. With a preface, notes on ornamentation, phrasing and bass staff notation, and notes on the pieces, in German, English and French.


Les Anes Rient De Marie : Exploring The World. [CD]

Publisher: Gall Records

Trad: Freylekhs Fun der Khupe -- der Esreg -- and The Angels Sing/der Shtiler Bulgar -- Odessa Bulgar -- Fun Tashlikh -- Zibnfirtsk -- Van Tol: Katla -- Musy: Les Ânes Rient De Marie -- Robinson -- Eloj -- Amalia la Rouge -- Aire De Ganagobie -- Minafra: Foua. Michel Borzkowski, saxophone; Daniele…


Eastern European Folk Tunes For Piano : 25 Traditional Pieces / arranged by Pete Rosser.

Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9781847614056

…-- Vulpiuta -- Jovano Jovanke -- Ebo Ovu Rumen Ruzu -- Goro golema -- Valle e Rexhes -- Soupa Mana -- Erinaki -- Ovdoviala Lissitchkata -- Odessa Bulgar -- Tzygansky Hopak -- Beogradjanka -- Anadolu Ciftetellisi -- Dark Eyes -- Doichovoto Horo -- Evo Banke _ Tune for Kaval -- Krivo Panagiursko…


Chasing Pianos / Valentina Lisitsa, Piano. [CD]

Publisher: Decca Records

…Frank: If -- The Diary of Anne Frank: Goodbye Moortie -- The Diary of Anne Frank: Candlefire -- The Claim: The exchange -- Man With A Movie Camera: Odessa Beach -- Gattaca: The Departure -- End of the Affair: Diary of Love -- Drowning by Numbers, film score: Sheep 'n Tides -- Carrington, film score:…


10 Years Eastblok Music. [CD]

Publisher: Eastblok Music

…Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review / Water Taxi -- Markscheider Kunst / Navsegda -- Tresmuchachos & Companeros / Tjomnaja Noch -- Lyapis Trubetskoy / Ne Byits Skotam! -- Brutto / Underdog -- Shazalakazoo / We Are The People -- Di Meschugeles / Odessa Bulgar -- Skazka Orchestra / Modest (Kommodorek Remix).


Pulsar : For Violin (2007).

Publisher: Donemus

In one movement. Premiered by Gabrielle Brunner in Odessa, April 2007. A challenging work for unaccompanied violin. Duration ca. 8 minutes.

$24.50 $22.05
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