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Renaissance Guitar

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Renaissance Duos (Easy) : For Alto Recorder (Or Soprano Rec, Oboe, Violin) & Guitar Or 2 Guitars.

Publisher: Heinrichshofen

Contains 25 duets arranged from works by Francis Cutting, Cesare Negri, Emanuel Adriaenssen, Joachim van den Hove, Francisque Caroubel and many anonymous pieces. Edited and with preface by Burkhard Blady.


Renaissance Guitar : Solos, Duets and Songs by 16th Century Composers.

Publisher: Amsco Publications
Series: Frederick Noad Guitar Anthology
ISBN13: 9780825618130

With photos, sketches, music examples, facsimile. Contains selections for guitar, lute, vihuela, the bandore and lyra-viol. With notes on the music for each instrument, form & style of performance. Music by A. Le Roy, J. Dowland, Luis Milan, A. Holborne, R Johnson and many others.


Tablatures De Guiteme / Michael Craddock, Renaissance Guitar. [CD]

Publisher: Cantus Records

Craddock performs music for guitar by renaissance composers Guillaume de Morlaye; Adrian Le Roy; and Gregor Brayssing.


Renaissance Music For Guitar / arranged by Allan Alexander.

Publisher: Adg Productions
ISBN13: 9781882146611

A collection of 38 pieces, arranged for guitar. Includes music by Neusidler, Praetorius, Farnaby, Attaingnant, Dowland, Susato, and more. With introductory notes and a CD of perfomances.


Three Renaissance Micropieces : For Solo Guitar.

Publisher: Doberman-Yppan
ISBN13: 9782897960254

In one movement. With a biographical note in French and English. Contents 1. Fantasia (after Francesco C. da Milano and Luis de Narvaez) -- 2. Melancholy Galliardette (after John Dowland) -- 3. Variations on Lady Hunsdon's Puffe (after John Dowland. Of advanced difficulty.


Renaissance Music For Guitar, Volume 2 : Including Ancient Music From Ireland and Scotland.

Publisher: Adg Productions
ISBN13: 9781882146840

A collection of 32 pieces arranged for guitar by Alexander. Includes music by de la Halle, Machaut, Carolan, Dowland, Lasso, and more. Includes notes on each piece and a CD of performances.


50 Renaissance Solos For Classical Guitar / arranged by Mark Phillips.

Publisher: Cherry Lane Music
ISBN13: 9781575608358

Arrangements in standard notation and tablature of music by 21 Renaissance composers, such as Thomas Campian, Francis Cutting, John Dowland, Orlando Gibbons, Michael Praetorius and others. Includes a CD of performances by Doug Boduch.


Anthology of Spanish Renaissance Music : For Guitar / transcribed by Paolo Cherici.

Publisher: Ut Orpheus Ed.
Series: Chitarra

This volume contains transcriptions for modern guitar of works originally composed for vihuela de mano. Includes music by Milan, Narvaez, Mudarra, Valderrabano, Pisador, Fuenllana, Daca, and Ortiz. With a preface in Italian and English. Facsimile plates.


Easy Renaissance Music : For Guitar / transcribed and edited by Miklos Mosoczi.

Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest

A collection of thirty pieces, most of which were originally composed for lute or keyboard. Includes selections by Heckel, Friderici, Holborne, Hassler, Susato, Caroso, Neusidler, and others.


Renaissance Music For Two Guitars / Selected And Transcribed By Erzsebet Nagy.

Publisher: Editio Musica Budapest

This volume includes twenty-three selections by Fuhrmann, Gastoldi, Gervais, Friderici, Dowland, Morley and others. The duets are transcriptions of madrigals and songs with lute accompaniment. With a foreword in English, German, French and Hungarian.


Easy Renaissance Pieces : For Classical Guitar / compiled and edited by Jerry Willard.

Publisher: Music Sales
ISBN13: 9780825637575

61 pieces by composers such as Robert Ballard, John Dowland, Luis Milan, Francis Cutting, and many others. An introduction includes information on the Renaissance performing style. The pieces are presented in standard notation and tablature. The CD includes performances by Willard.


Three Renaissance Pieces : For Harpsichord and Guitar / arranged by Gilbert Biberian.

Publisher: Cadenza Music

Contents: 1. Ayre in Alman form / by John Ward -- 2. Fantasia / by Orlando Gibbons -- 3. A Division / anonymous. Dedicated to Magdalena van Zeller. This arrangements were created in 1968.


Renaissance Italienne : 6 Pièces Pour Guitare / edited by Marc Bataini.

Publisher: Lemoine

Six anonymous pieces from the Renaissance: Aria -- Danza -- Bianco fiore -- Gagliarda -- Se io m'accorgo ben mio d'un altro amante -- Saltarello. With a preface in French.


Renaissance Popular Music For Lute : For Guitar / arranged by Brian Jeffery.

Publisher: Tecla Editions

Contents: The English Hunt's Up / by John Whitfield -- Dargesson (anon) -- Packington's Pound (anon) -- The Sick Tune (anon) -- A Port / by Rorie Dall (Scottish, traditional in style) -- I serve a worthy lady (anon, Scottish, traditional in style).


Cantiga's Renaissance : Festival Favorites For All Instruments With Guitar Chords.

Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN13: 9780786644322

A compilation of songs, dance music and instrumental pieces from Renaissance times, all which are part of the repertoire of the musical group Cantiga. With performance notes, an index, and an afterword.


Counterpoint For Guitar : With Improvisation In The Renaissance Style and Study In Motivic…

Publisher: Berben Edizioni

...metamorphosis. Italian and English texts. A guitarist, compose and improviser, Bogdanovic has developed a style which is the synthesis of classical, jazz and ethnic music.


The Guitar and Its Music : From The Renaissance To The Classical Era.

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Series: Oxford Early Music Series
ISBN13: 9780198167136

Tyler discusses the guitars and repertoire of Renaissance Spain, France, England, Italy and other countries, with special emphasis on the Spanish Guitar. Sparks details the origins of the Classical Guitar from 1750 to 1800. With a bibliography, index, black & white photos and facsimile plates.


A Treasure Chest of Duos - Original Works From The Renaissance To The Modern Era : For 2 Guitars.

Publisher: Schott

Edited by Martin Hagel. This volume contains 30 pieces originally composed for guitar duet. Includes music by Francesco da Milano, Ferdinando Carulli, Mauro Giuliani, Fernando Sor, Francisco Tarrega, Olivier Mayran de Chamisso, and more. With a preface in German and English.


Galicia : Celtic and Renaissance Music From Spain. [CD]

Publisher: Oak Leaf Records

A collection of traditional songs from Spain, as well as music by Gaspar Sanz, Luis Navarez and others. With Allison Hampton, Celtic harp; Linn Barnes, guitar; Joseph Cunliffe, winds; Steve Bloom, percussion; and Tim Anderson, cello.

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