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Répons : Pour Six Solistes, Dispotif Électroacoustique Et Ensemble (1981/2005).

Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702472955

In one movement. With a preface by Andrew Gerzso in English, German and French. Technical manual summary in English. Commissioned by the Südwestfunk for the Donaueschingen Music Festival. Dedicated to Alfred Schlee. This work is considered by Boulez to be a work in progress, and this edition…


Vepres Du Commun Des Vierges : 5 Repons Et Trois Antiennes Pour Orgue, Op. 31.

Publisher: Edition Kemel

This collection of eight pieces for organ was composed by Chausson in 1897. This is a facsimile of the composer's autograph.


Stabat Mater; Sept Repons De Tenebres / Carolyn Sampson, Soprano. [CD]

Publisher: Harmonia Mundi

With Cappella Amsterdam; the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir; and Estonian National Symphony Orchestra. Conducted by Daniel Reuss.


Neuf Repons Des Tenebres Du Jeudi Saint : Pour Choeur Mixte A Cappella (SATB) (2013).

Publisher: Symetrie

Contents: I. In monte Oliveti oravit ad Patrem -- II. Tristes est anima mea usque ad mortem -- III. Ecce vidimus eum non habentem speciem -- IV. Amicus meus osculi me tradidit signo -- V. Judas mercator pessimus osculo petiit Dominum -- VI. Unus ex discipulis meis tradet me hodie -- VII. Eram quasi…


Réponse Lutoslawski : For String Orchestra.

Publisher: Chester Music

Contents: 1. Resonance -- 2. Preludio -- 3. Des Traces -- 4. Warsaw Canon -- 5. Residue. Commissioned by the National Audiovisual Institute of Poland and the Mexico National Orchestra. Premiered by the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Warsaw, November 2014. The movements are played…


Réponse A l'Esprit Des Bois : Pour Baryton Et Piano.

Publisher: Editions Delatour

This song sets a poem by Victor Hugo. With brief performance notes in French and English. Of advanced difficulty.


Repons. [CD]

Publisher: Deutsche Grammophon
Series: Music Of Our Time


Répons-Graduel Justus Ut Palma : Reporduit En Fac-Similé d'Après Plus De Duex Cents Antiphonaonaies.

Publisher: Editions Herbert Lang
Series: Paleographie Musicale
, Vol. 2

Manuscripts d'Origines Diverses du IXe au XVIIe Siècle.

$100.00 $65.00

Neuf Repons, H. 111-119 : Pour Trois Dessus Et Basse Continue / Edited By Christophe Corp.

Publisher: Sinfonie D' Orphee

A complete performance set for this cycle of sacred works, including four copies of the score, and a part for bass viol. A single score for study is also available; see ML 20.


Neuf Repons, H. 111-119 : Pour Trois Dessus Et Basse Continue / Edited By Christophe Corp.

Publisher: Sinfonie D' Orphee

This cycle of pieces for three voices and continuo was composed for the Wednesday cycle of the Tenebrae service, held before Easter. This edition includes a preface in French and English. A performance set is available separately; see ML 20A.


Psaume VIII - Seigneur Ton Nom Est Magnifique : Pour Choeur A Voix Egales Et Orgue (1970).

Publisher: Billaudot

Contents: Strophe I -- Repons I -- Strophe II -- Repons II -- Strophe III -- Repons III -- Strophe IV -- Repons IV -- Strophe V -- Repons V -- Strophe VI. Commissioned by the College Lucie-Berger a Strasbourg. Premiered in October 1971. This edition contains only the choral parts; there is no organ…


Question Sans Réponse, Op. 8 : Pour Piano A Quatre Mains (2012).

Publisher: Edition Kemel

A one-movement work for two pianos. With a biographical note in French, German and English. Dedicated to Bernard Goué. Of advanced difficulty.


A Tribute To Jeanne Demessieux / Hampus Lindwall, Organ.

Publisher: Ligia Records

Contents: Te Deum -- Excerpts from Twelve Choral Preludes, Op. 7 -- Prélude et fugue en ut, Op. 13 -- Répons pour le Temps de Pâques -- Excerpts from Six Etudes, Op. 5 -- Hommage à Jeanne Demessieux. Lindwall plays the Cavaillé-Coll organ at the Church of the Madeleine and the Church of St. Esprit.


Petits Motets, Vol. 5 : Cycles, Vol. 1 / edited by C. Jane Gosine.

Publisher: Centre De Musique Baroque De Versailles
Series: Patrimoine Musical Francais, Monumentales
, I.4.5

Contents: Leçons de Ténèbres -- Fragments de Leçons, Préludes et Ritournelles -- Répons de Ténèbres. With an introduction in French and English, texts with translations, facsimile plates, and critical nots. These works date from the 1670s. This edition is based on the autograph manuscripts.


Taking Woodstock : A True Story Of A Riot, A Concert and A Life / With Tom Monte.

Publisher: Square One
ISBN13: 9780757002939

Tiber was present at the Stonewall riots, and was reponsible for finding the venue for the Woodstock festival. This is his story. With an epilogue.


Green Sneakers. [CD]

Publisher: Blue Griffin Records

This mini-opera was composed by Gordon as a reponse to the death of his partner, Jeffrey Grossi, from AIDS. Performed by baritone Jesse Blumberg and the Miami String Quartet.


Face B : 1965/1981. [CD]

Publisher: Born Bad Records

…Une Fille Et Trois Garçons -- En Vadrouille A Montpellier -- Ne Me Laisse Pas -- Film -- Sophie Pierre -- Le Manège Desenchanté -- Alentour De Lune -- Est-Ce Qu'on Peut Voler -- Il Était Tard Ce Samedi Soir -- On Imagine Le Soleil -- Je Suis Un Pingouin -- En Réponse À Votre Lettre Du 2.11.72.


Jeux (1971) : Pour Saxophone Soprano (2012).

Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702471934

With a preface in French and English. The music was originally composed for oboe. The music consists of three Tropes and nine Repons, which may be played in varying orders. Of advanced difficulty.


Arias For Mezzo-Soprano / Compiled And Edited By Robert L. Larsen.

Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc.
Series: G. Schirmer Opera Anthology
ISBN13: 9780793504015

…(Roméo et Juliette) – J. Strauss: Chacun à son got (Die Fledermaus) – Bizet: Habañera (Carmen), Seguidilla (Carmen), En vain, pour éviter les réponses amères (Carmen) – Ponchielli: Voce di donne (La Gioconda) – Saint-Saëns: Printemps qui commence (Samson et Dalila), Amour! viens aider ma faiblesse!…


Petite Suite De Concert : For Piano.

Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes

Coleridge-Taylor's Suite was comprised of four movements: Le Caprice de Nannette; Demande et Reponse; Un Sonnet d'Amour; and La Tarantelle Fretillante. This is a reprint of the 1916 edition of Hawkes & Son, New York.


Question And Answer : For Voice And Piano.

Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes

This song was adapted from the melody Demande et Reponse, which was very popular during Coleridge-Taylor's time. The English lyrics are by Arthur Stanley. Reprinted from the 1942 edition of Hawkes & Son, H. 15510. Special print edition.

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