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Arnold Schoenberg : Notes, Sets, Forms.

Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
Series: Music In The Twentieth Century
ISBN13: 9780521106924

With a preface, editorial method, and bibliography. 20 plates. Music examples. First paperback edition of Milstein's innovative analysis of Schoenberg's twelve-tone music.

$40.99 $36.90

Quartett Für Zwei Violinen, Viola und Violoncello Op. 7.

Publisher: Verlag Dreililien

The first edition of Schoenberg's first string quartet. Pocket score.

$12.00 $6.00

Kammerkonzert / edited by Douglas Jarman.

Publisher: Universal Edition
Series: Berg, Alban - Saemtliche Werke
, Ser. I/5/1

Berg composed his Chamber Concerto between 1923 and 1925. He dedicated the work to Schoenberg; his piece has the same number of instrumentalists as Schoenberg's Chamber Concerto.

$370.00 $185.00

Stück Für Violine und Klavier = Piece For Violin and Piano.

Publisher: Belmont Music

This work by the young Schoenberg was probably composed around 1893-94, and demonstrates his willingness to explore new harmonic and structural spaces within traditional models. With an introduction by Iris Pfeiffer, Archivist of the Arnold Schoenberg Center.

$10.00 $9.00

Preliminary Exercises In Counterpoint / edited by Leonard Stein.

Publisher: Belmont Music

Reprint of Stein's edition of Schoenberg's counterpoint book, which he began while teaching at UCLA in 1936. Schoenberg's direct and methodical treatment of species counterpoint makes this a highly useful volume. With a foreword by Stein.

$20.00 $18.00

Friede Auf Erden = Peace On Earth, Op. 13 / edited by Therese Muxeneder.

Publisher: Arnold Schoenberg Center
ISBN13: 9783902012203

Schoenberg composed this a cappella work on a text by C. F. Meyer, for a 1907 choral competition. This edition includes facsimiles of Schoenberg's written copy and fair copy of the music. With commentary in German and English.

$59.60 $48.50

Laterne : For Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Violoncello and Piano.

Publisher: C. F. Peters

Text by Albert Giraud (Otto Hartleben). English translation by C.E. Cooper. Commissioned by the Schoenberg Institute for the "Pierrot Project", conceived by Leonard Stein, Director of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute.

$24.00 $21.60

Kammersymphonie, Op. 9 : Für 15 Soloinstrumente (1906/1912).

Publisher: Universal Edition
Series: Universal Edition New Study Score Series
ISBN13: 9783702471651

A study-sized reprint of one the 1922 edition of one of Schoenberg's most important works. Includes a new preface by Ekie Fess, in German, English and French. Schoenberg's performance notes are also included. Duration ca. 22 minutes.

$60.00 $53.00

Waltzes : For String Orchestra.

Publisher: Belmont Music

A collection of ten tonal, relatively easy waltzes composed by Schoenberg. No information is provided regarding the dates of composition of these short pieces.

$20.00 $18.00

Lied (Ohne Worte), From Serenade, Op. 24 : For Violin and Piano / arranged by Randa Kirshbaum.

Publisher: Wilhelm Hansen
ISBN13: 9788759837023

In one movement. With a note by the arranger. This transcription of Schoenberg's movement for ensemble was suggested by the violinist Rolf Schulte.

$15.99 $14.40

Musikalische Schriften und Dichtungen, Band 1.

Publisher: Universal Edition
Series: Berg, Alban - Saemtliche Werke
, Ser. III/1

Subtitle: Analysen musikalischer Werke von Arnold Schoenberg / vorgelegt von Rudolf Stephan und Regina Busch. Numerous music examples, 4 facsimile plates, large foldout Thementafel.

$220.00 $110.00

Verklärte Nacht : Sextett Für Zwei Violinen, Zwei Violen und Zwei Violoncelli, Op. 4.

Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN13: 9780486445373

Schoenberg's important early work of 1899 is reprinted here from the early edition by Verlag Dreililien. Also includes an English translation by Stanley Appelbaum of the poem by Richard Dehmel which inspired Schoenberg, and a glossary of German terms found in the score.

$6.95 $3.48

A Survivor From Warsaw, Op. 46.

Publisher: Laaber-Verlag
Series: Meisterwerke Der Musik Im Faksimile
, Band 29
ISBN13: 9783890077789

…work for narrator, men's chorus and orchestra. This edition also includes facsimiles of Schoenberg's table of 12-tone rows for the music, sketches, and correspondance with Sergei Koussevitsky, who commissioned the work. With a preface by Nuria Schoenberg Nono and introduction by Therese Muxeneder.

$221.80 $199.60
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