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Motetten, I. Teil : Gelegenheitsmotetten und Psalmvertonungen.

Publisher: Möseler Verlag
Series: Senfl, Ludwig - Saemtliche Werke
, Band III

Edited by Walter Gerstenberg. Contains 14 motets, most in 4 parts, some in 6 parts. With a foreword and critical commentary in German and facsimile plates.

$58.80 $43.00

Ludwig Senfl : Zwischen Memoria, Markt und Musenkult.

Publisher: Amadeus Verlag
ISBN13: 9783905075212

This book examines the figure of Renaissance composer Senfl as he was considered during his lifetime and remembered soon after his death. The author looks at writings, prints of his works, and more. With plates.

$25.90 $21.00

Psalmi Selecti : Psalmmotetten Deutscher Komponisten der Generatin Ludwig Senfls.

Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
Series: Erbe Deutscher Musik
, Band 119

Edited by Christian Meyer. Contains 25 moteets and masses by Johannes Galliculus, Leonhard Paminger, Martin Wolf, Johann Heugel, Laurentius Lemlin, Paul Wuest and many others. With critical commentary and alphabetical listing of composers.

$165.60 $112.12

2 Lieder : Für 5 Singstimmen Oder Instrumente / edited by Bernard Thomas.

Publisher: Pan Verlag
Series: Bibliothek Alter Musik

The lieder in this volume are: Ich soll und muss ein Bulen haben; and Es taget vor dem Walde. They were originally published in different collections. With notes in German.


O God, I Call Upon Thee : For Treble, Treble, Tenor and Bass Violas Da Gamba.

Publisher: Peter H. Adams

In one movement. With an introduction and biographical note. A transcription for viols of a work originally written for choir. Duration ca. 4 minutes.


Luther's Laute / Franz Vitzthum, Countertenor. [CD]

Publisher: Christophorus Records

Music by Martin Luther, who was a lute player, as well as works by Ludwig Senfl and Josquin Deprez. With Julian Behr, lute.


2 Marien-Motetten.

Publisher: Möseler Verlag
Series: Das Chorwerk
, No. 62


Intermediate Consorts In Five Parts : For Trtrttb/Trtrtbb Viols / Ed. & arr. by Patrice Connelly.

Publisher: Saraband Music

Contents: Ich soll und muss ein Bulen Haben / Ludwig Senfl -- Bransle de Monirande / Francisque Caroubel -- Volta / Michael Praetorius -- Pavan / Thomas Weelkes -- Almain (The Choise) / Anthony Holborne -- Salvator Mundi / Thomas Tallis -- Pavan / William Byrd -- Padouana / Johann Hermann Schein --…


Ich Stuend An Einem Morgen : German Songs For Tenor Of The 16th Century / Marcel Beekman, Tenor. [CD]

Publisher: Globe Records

Beekman performs with the Brisk Recorder Quartet Amsterdam. 26 songs by Senfl, Isaac, Dietrich and others.


Petitiones Cordis. [CD]

Publisher: Ramée

Schola Stralsundensis performs music by Josquin, Isaac, Senfl, Arcadelt, Stolzer, and others.


Di Guerra E Di Pace. [CD]

Publisher: Glossa Records

The ensemble La Pifarescha performs music by Renaissance composers such as Josquin, Willaert, Susato, Senfl, Isaac, and many more.


Musik In Zürich, 1500-1900. [CD]

Publisher: Guild Records

This disc features music from the holdings of the Central Library in Zurich, including works by Ludwig Senfl, Johannes Schmidlin, Anton Liste, Wilhelm Baumgartner and more. Various artists.


Werke Von Komponisten Des 16. Und 17. Jahrhunderts.

Publisher: Mueller & Schade
Series: Schweizer Orgelmusik
, Vol. 9

Includes music by Hans Kotter, Ludwig Senfl, Fridolin Sicher, Gregor Meyer, Clemens Hör, Christopher Leibfried and George Wiezel. With a preface and biographical notes in German.


Luther's Wedding Day. [CD]

Publisher: Challenge Classics

Instrumental and vocal music from the time of Martin Luther. Composers include Isaac, Josquin, Senfl, and others. Katharina Bäuml conducts Capella de la Torre.


Handschrift Des Jodocus Schalreuter, Vierter Teil : Abteilung V und VI.

Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
Series: Erbe Deutscher Musik
, Band 116b

Edited by Martin Just and Bettina Schwemer. Another volume of music from this manuscript, held in the Ratsschulbibliothek Zwickau. Includes reponsoriums and antiphons by Stoltzer, Senfl, Finck and others. With a critical commenary for Volumes 115(a-b) and 116(a-b).

$248.40 $168.22

Fortuna Desperata : 36 Settings Of An Italian Song / edited by Honey Meconi.

Publisher: A-R Editions
Series: Recent Researches In The Music Of The Middle Ages
, Vol. 37
ISBN13: 9780895794772

Fortuna desperata was the most popular Italian song of the 15th century, and the tune was used often as a cantus firmus. This edition presents settings by composers including Isaac, Senfl, and others. With an introduction, facsimile plates, and critical report.


Handschrifte Es Jodocus Schalreuter, Erster Teil : Abteilung 1 / ed. Martin Just & Bettina Schwemer.

Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
Series: Erbe Deutscher Musik
, Band 115a

This volume contains the first 44 motets found in the manuscript held in the Ratsschulbibliothek Zwickau (Mus. Ms. 73). Composers include Thomas Stoltzer, Claude de Sermisy, Ludwig Senfl, Wilhelm Breitengraser, Clemens non Papa and others. With a foreword and facsimile plates.

$248.40 $168.22

Handschrift Des Jodocus Schalreuter, Zweiter Teil : Abteilung II und III.

Publisher: Breitkopf & Haertel
Series: Erbe Deutscher Musik
, Band 115b

Edited by Martin Just and Bettina Schwemer. The second volume of works from this manuscript, which is held in the Ratsschulbibliothek Zwickau. Includes 31 polyphonic sacred works by composers such as Jacht von Mantua, Valentin Rab, Ludwig Senfl, Cristobal de Morales and others.

$220.80 $149.50

Die Tonarten In Mehrstimmigen Messen von Ockeghem Bis Palestrina.

Publisher: Florian Noetzel / Ars Musica
ISBN13: 9783795909642

A study of key and tonal structure in masses from throughout the Renaissance, including works by Ockeghem, Josquin, Senfl, Willaert, Clemens Non Papa, Rore, Merulo, Gallus, Lasso, and Palestrina. One volume contains textual analysis, while the other contains the complete music for the works that are…


Stabat Mater Dolorosa [A 5] / transcribed and edited by Nigel Davison.

Publisher: Antico Edition

…regina, Miserere mei deus, Inviolata integra et casta es, Stabat mater dolorosa and De profundis clamavi. The collection was edited by Ludwig Senfl, court composer to the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, and its authoritative readings probably reflect the practice of the imperial court chapel.…


The Art of The King's Singers.

Publisher: Hal Leonard
Series: King's Singer's Choral Series
ISBN13: 9781540019875

…/ Heinrich Schütz -- Dessus Le Marche d'Arras / Lasso -- All Meine Herzgedanken / Johannes Brahms -- Die Nacht / Franz Schubert -- Baisez-Moi / Josquin des Prez -- Rest / Ralph Vaughan Williams -- Fas G'läut zu Speyer / Ludwig Senfl. With a foreword, notes on the pieces, and pronunciation guide.

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