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Techniques Of Flute Playing

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Techniques Of Flute Playing, Vol. 1.

Publisher: Baerenreiter
Series: Techniques Of...
ISBN13: 9783761815953

This book, in both English and German, discusses extended technique, vibrato, air sounds, circular breathing, trills, glissando, microtonality, non-traditional notation, and more. With an introduction, examples and diagrams.


Techniques of Flute Playing, Vol. 2 : Piccolo, Alto and Bass Flute.

Publisher: Baerenreiter
Series: Techniques Of...
ISBN13: 9783761817889

This bilingual book in German and English discusses special effects and extended techniques for the extended flute family. Includes percussive effects, singing and playing, multiphonics, microtonality and more. With an introduction, appendices of fingerings and music examples.


Senanque : For Solo Flute (1993) - With Use Of Pars-Pro-Toto Playing Technique.

Publisher: Zimmermann Frankfurt

Pars-pro-Toto-Playing refers to Mazur's techniques for playing on only parts of the flute. This piece was inspired by a stay at a Cistercian monastery of the same name. With a preface and extensive performance notes in German and English.


Pro Musica Nova - Studies For Playing Contemporary Music : For Flute / Ed. by Aurele Nicolet.

Publisher: Pro Musica Nova

Studies and examples in extended techniques for flute, including music by Donatoni, Holliger, Denissow, and others. Studien Zum Spielen Neuer Musik : For Flute / edited by A. Nicolet.


I Used To Play Flute : An Innovative Method For Adults Returning To Play.

Publisher: Carl Fischer
ISBN13: 9780825872778

With an introduction. Includes reviews and exercises regarding music theory, scales, technique and overtones. Also features several short pieces by a variety of composers, in classical and popular styles. The CD-ROM contains MP3 files and printable piano accompaniments.


Shadow Play : For Flute and Clarinet In A (2015).

Publisher: Univ. York Music Press

…charts. Premiered by Simon Desorgher and Philip Edwards in London, November 2015. The title refers to the manner in which the two instruments interact with each other. A challenging work with many extended techniques. Duration ca. 12 minutes. Print on demand - please allow an additional 2-4 weeks.


Technique For Contemporary Flute Music : For Players and Composers.

Publisher: Schott Japan
ISBN13: 9784890662500

With foreword by Toru Takemitsu. Chapters on multiphonics and multiphonic trills, flutter-tonguing, whistle tones, portamento, harmonics, quarter tones and much more. Much useful information and performance guides for playing 20th century music on the instrument.

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Exploring Jazz Flute : An Introduction To Jazz Harmony, Technique and Improvisation.

Publisher: Schott
ISBN13: 9781847610843

With an introduction, biographies and index. A few black & white photos. Discussion and exercises introduce the flutist to jazz forms, chords, scales and progressions, as well as a variety of styles and tone colors. The CD includes play-along tracks and MP3 files.


The New Flute : Workbook and DVD.

Publisher: Universal Edition
ISBN13: 9783702471668

This book explores special techniques for flute, such as beatboxing, singing and playing at the same time, bisbigliando, whistles, glissando, and more. Includes music examples as well as discussion in both English and German. The DVD contains further materials to print out. With a preface.


Native American Flute : Understanding The Gift / Third Edition.

Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN13: 9780974048635

This guide to playing the Native American flute includes discussion of technique, as well as exercises and tunes for practice. With a preface, introduction, glossary and index.


Fl/Vln 2 : For Flute and Violin (2011).

Publisher: Nicholas Deyoe

A work in two parts. With program notes. Dedicated to Reiko Manabe. The two parts may be played as individual pieces or as one piece. The music uses many extended techniques. Of advanced difficulty. Total duration ca. 10 minutes.


Kunst Des Flötenspiels der Natürliche Weg.

Publisher: Gustav Bosse Verlag
ISBN13: 9783764926861

This German-language book on playing the flute discusses body exercises, posture, technique and more. With a preface, bibliography, music examples, illustrations and a CD of audio examples.


76 Graded Studies For Flute, Book 2 / edited by Paul Harris and Sally Adams.

Publisher: Faber Music
ISBN13: 9780571514311

…Berr, Demnitz and many others. This book contains exercises 55 to 76, with the earlier pieces to be found in Book 1. The pieces are selected from the historical repertoire to present playing challenges and new techniques in a specific musical context, arranged in progressive order of difficulty.


The Aspiring Flutist's Practice Companion.

Publisher: Carolyn Nussbaum Flute Co.

This book contains motivational tips, practice games, and exercises to help flutists improve various aspects of playing and techniques. With an introduction. Black & white photos.


Zwischen Den Beiden Kammern : For Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Violin, Cello and Piano (2013).

Publisher: Edition-S

In four movements, played without pause. With performance notes in Danish and English. A complex and challenging work, which calls for many extended techniques. Duration ca. 10 minutes.


Zwischen Den Beiden Kammern : For Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Violin, Cello and Piano (2013).

Publisher: Edition-S

In four movements, played without pause. With performance notes in Danish and English. A complex and challenging work, which calls for many extended techniques. Duration ca. 10 minutes. This parts set includes a separate piano part.


Falling : For Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Percussion, Piano and Pre-Recorded Audio.

Publisher: Plurabelle Music

With program and performance notes. Dedicated to Kevin Noe and PNME. Commissioned by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at BYU. The work is based on a poem by James Dickey. The music features a variety of extended techniques. A second keyboardist plays the pre-recorded audio.


Voi (Rex) : Pour Voix, 6 Instruments Et Dispositif Electronique.

Publisher: Billaudot

This work, which sets texts of Lin Delpierre, is scored for medium voice, flute, clarinet, violin, percussion, piano and electronics. A very challenging work calling for extended technique and careful ensemble playing. With performance notes. Duration ca. 23 minutes.

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